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Waterdeep - I'm Afraid I'm Not Supposed to Be Like This

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"I'm Afraid I'm Not Supposed To Be Like This" by Waterdeep
From "Sink or Swim" and "Live at the New Earth"
Written by Lori Chaffer in the Fall of 1996
Copyright  1997 Hey Ruth Music (BMI)
Transcribed by

Drop-tuned 3 half-steps from standard (C# instead of E).  It's picked, 
not strummed.  Let it be known that I highly recommend just playing 
this song standard-tuned in Em.

Drop-tuning that much can cause permanent damage to your guitar, in 
addition to making strings more likely to break.  Guitars are designed 
to constantly have a certain amount of string tension.  Too much or too 
little tension, especially for extended periods, can warp the neck of 
the guitar.  Usually heavier gauge strings are use for a "slack-tuned" 
guitar such as this, so that the string tension is closer to what it 
would be standard-tuned with your normal strings.  But an additional 
warning, if you put on strings that are too large, you can also damage 
the nut ("zeroth fret") of your guitar.  (I broke a piece of the nut 
off of a nice guitar once, simply by putting on medium gauge strings; 
the low E string was too large for the groove in the nut.)  So again, I 
highly recommend simply playing this song in E instead of retuning to C 
sharp.  You have been warned.  Proceed at your own risk.

07998x  Em (C#m if you drop-tune, etc.)
79900x  B?
07998x  Em
07998x  Em
79900x  B?
07998x  Em

VERSE 1 ("well i'm afraid that..."):
07998x  Em
79900x  B?
07998x  Em
07998x  Em
79900x  B?
07998x  Em
x0222x  A
x2xxxx  /B
x32010  C



CHORUS ("i have been seated..."):
3x000x  G
2x000x  G/F#
0x200x  Em
x0221x  Am
x2424x  B7
3x000x  G
2x000x  G/F#
0x200x  Em
x32010  C
x21202  B7 (note different fingering)


Transcribed 10/22/1999 by
More tab available at


well i'm afraid that i'm not supposed to be like this 
like i was born in a land where no serpent hissed 
and i have waited a long time for Your kiss 

well i have felt that they'd all take offense at me 
and so a fence i have built to protect the seed 
but all the bricks will secure its mortality 

i have been seated in circles and stood in disgrace 
at the noted intention to be in place 
and i have seen that one man saved the human race 
but it took His life and it took His faith 

i have risen from ashes and fed on flames 
but even so i still fear i have played a game 
and it seems no one else is as sick and depraved 

i have risen from ashes and fed on flames 
but even so i still fear i have played a game 
and it seems no one else is as sick and depraved 

i have heard that i'm not supposed to be this way 
and still the stones that are lifted fall down to stay 
but i keep doubting and think one will strike my face 

He's been promising me something more than pain 
where the cost is grace and my loss is gain 
and i have chosen because there is no other way 
i either wallow in shame or humble myself and be saved 
and be saved

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