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"completely known"
album: "you were at the time for love"
don chaffer
copyright 1994 donald w. chaffer
tabbed by jaafar
8-27-98 21:03

capo 3

  G        C       D      Em      F
320033  x32010  xx0232  022000  133211

the intro is a basic G-D-C which is repeated. when the G chord is played,
he hammers the A string.  when the D is played, he hammers the G.  when
the C is played, he hammers the D string.  you have to listen to it to get
the feel for it.  once you listen to it once or so, you should get it.

G  D  C  G  C  D

G           D                     C
andy never had a father who was anywhere near by
G                    D
and when he was and andy asked him things, 
he couldn't get him to comply.
G                  D                         C
so andy taught himself the things that he thought 

he might ought to know.
G                              D
and when he talks about the winter time, 
                C                     G-D-C
he says, "i understand the snow."
G                D
andy left his small hometown,
went to college and he majored in art history.
G                   D                   C
now he lives in a canvas world as a docent in a gallery.
G                D                    C
andy speaks aesthetically, he can quantify the beautiful.
G            D      
but he can hardly feel inside,
so he just does what's dutiful.


ooooooh (12 x's)
G   Em   D   F   C   D

G   Em   D   F   C   D

F   C    G


july's tendency's to freeze, whenever she's confronted
she's borne so many losses 
that her senses have been blunted
she learned about death and dying, 
when she was only 6 years old
since then everyone she meets, seems a little cold.
she's tried to change herself by being a good lover
but everytime she finds someone good, 
he leaves her cause he says she smothers
and she lost count a year ago
when she was living in west virginia
the last one never even told her it was over
in fact, as he left he said "i got a ring i'm gonna send ya."



G  D  Em  C  G  D  Em  C

and i used to bathe in tears at night 
         C                     G      D     
cause i felt like i was on my own
    Em                         C
i used to think that i would never
           G             D
be completely known
Em                                 C              G     D
i used to hold on tightly to the sorrows that i owed
but they were all i knew

they had run me thru and they left me...

G---0-/-0-/-0--------     2 X'S
          G    D
all alone
Em                                 C                  G   D
i used to pray every day that God would mend what's torn
now i see the only way is to die...



to die...
         G      D      Em    C    G    D    
and be reborn, yeah...
G                    D     Em              C
and i have finally found a way to live
   D                      G     D    C  
in the presence of the Lord

**play the intro again.  fades til end.**

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