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Vengeance Rising
³You Will Be Hated²
From the Album:Released Upon the Earth
Written by Roger Martinez İ 1992 Broken Songs
Tabbed by Nathan Adam

Tuning _ step down low to high:Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,Eb

Intro Riff after 3 second Low Em pedal
|--0000000000000000-----5----6----5----3-----(6)---| (x3) to

|--0000000000000000----5----6----5-----3------6-5-3---6-5-3--| (generally straight back to 
Intro Riff)

Bridge to Solo
|--0-5-4-3---5-4-3--0---5-4-3---6--6----| (x8)

Riff under solo and ³You will be hated²


Notes to players: The ( ) chords indicate a slightly bent, sustained chord.
Listen to the album and youıll get the idea.  Sometimes the 6-5-3 triplet
at the end of the second riff goes on longer than twice. The two riffs
directly above are very close if not exact, but then grindcore often isnıt
that exact when you play at lightening speed. Play it with a groove, and
stay tight or itıll sound like garbage. Keep rocking for our Lord Jesus!!

Nation will rise against nation, earthquakes, pestilence and disease.
These are just the beginnings of sorrows.  Take heed that noon deceives
you.  Multitudes of people begin to bind in a frame of mind, they come to
hate you because you stand for the truth of Christ.  Remember the full
counsel, recall just what Christ said, Youıll be hated for my names sake,
endure to the end.  
Do not be discouraged, when they talk their rope.  By prayer seek
intersection, for they hang themselves from the gallows pole.

And you will be hated: Youıll be hated, you will be hated.  And you will
be hated: For Christıs sake hated. Unjustly hated.

Many come claiming to be Christ, furious when you call their hand.
Theyıre channels to the hell gate, leeching serpents ­ in castles of sand.
And many as check not the words get trapped into their web.  And like with
the dark black widow, looks like love but it is death.
Those who practice evil, yes, they hate the light.  And you are the
light of the world and they hate you alright.
For you know the will of God and seek His will to do.  Go now in force
strong in His might, remember two by two. (JOHN 3:20)

Just donıt forget, donıt be surprised, You will be hated By those who love
lie. Donıt take for granted the hearts towards our kind.  Messiah told us.
Weıd be despised.  

But we live, they dies

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