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Tomlin, Chris - Wonderful Cross, The

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"The Wonderful Cross"
Chris Tomlin

Verse 2:
D  Throughout

G         D/A           G/B       D
G         D/F#          A  Asus  A
G         D/A           G/B       D
G         D/F#          A  Asus  A

Verse 2:
D Throughout

Comments about this tab

Firedup - 2004-02-11

Verse 1

curt02k1 - 2004-04-24

actually, he was right the first the first play D all through the verse until the chorus...right on, great song and great tab

njgill - 2004-08-13

Actually I agree with firedup, that the chords do change. However, the bass remains a D.

blaine9 - 2004-10-16

i agree with fired up also but the
last part of the verse is not D A D
it is D A G D
i know it has a G in there you try it at
different spots and you find the right one

vanguard_2 - 2005-02-15

D throughout is correct. Listen to the song on "The Noise We Make Album" (if you do check the lyric insert, which also happens to have the chords on it:)). He plays D throughout, but the reason it sounds different is cause he plays different Ds, i.e. D, D2, Dsus. Play around with these three and you will find that it works wonderful. The G and A don't fit with the song as Tomlin plays it. I'm about to go play this song for worship... Peace.

guitarmanjer - 2005-04-24

I agree with vanguard. The chords are well written to the song. Although myself i just discovered that you can also play the verses as D A G. Meaning that your still sticking to the original style of the song and play the chords out just look at the chording in the Noise we make CD an then try out the chords. But mind you it will be a little different to how Tomlin plays it though. Guitarmanjer!!

litaichi - 2005-04-29

I don't know about you guys but I have a pretty cheap guitar so I do agree with the D G D G format. It just doesn't sound right playing D all the way through the verse using my cheap guitar. As far as I know, Tomlin always adds a variation to what it says in the songbook. See why this guy is 'indescribable'? He just change a little here or there to make the song more interesting, so I guess even if it's D all the way, it may be different variations of D. Such a good song, isn't it?

jsoccer - 2005-08-18

Chords: D, D2, Dsus, Dmaj7, G, Asus, A

ImissDCtalk34 - 2005-10-22

This is Chris Tomlin speaking: I play different variations of D throughout the verse. I then play G D G D G D A (repeat). So let's not bicker and argue about who killed who. This is a joyous occasion. PEACE!

stephen_sloas - 2005-10-31

Yes... It is D the whole Time. You start out with your index finger and your ring finger. Then you hammer on the middle finger, then your pinky to form Dsus4 (I think that's what it is called)

Guitarman_4576 - 2006-02-01

here is a verson that i play it. D2 C2
at the first times of it

Forever_Yours - 2006-02-17

Ummm guys... the reason there is a base D is because as far as I know it is played in drop D.

Then you put your finger on the G string and start on the seventh fret and slide starting at 7th like this...

7, 9, 11, 9, 11, 12, 11, 9, 11

Rinse and repeat...

At least that's how he gets the bass in there as far as I know. That's how we play it. Plus it makes a really sweet intro.

redheadednerd - 2006-05-09

This is how I play it. It's D in the verses, just play around with the high E like this:
D D2 Dsus
D D2
D D2 Dsus D
D D2
Then the chorus is:
G D/F# (3x)

chords are (from top string to bottom):
D xx0232
D2 xx0230
Dsus xx0233
G 320033
D/F# 200232 (the F# needs to be in there for the bass, use thumb if it helps)
A2 002200

have fun and God bless.

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