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Steve Taylor

D  /G  D  /G

    D         A            D         A2
On a Saturday night all the girls run free
        Bm      F#m        Bm       F#m
Singing "Bury me not on the lone prairie"
    D           A            D             Esus
But where do you go when you finish broken hearted?
A          F#              Bm
Back to the dust where you started.

D            G           A        F#
Jenny cut her teeth in a mid-west shack
    Bm          G           A                 F#
As a shanty-town girl on the wrong end of the tracks.
    Bm               G                A            F#
Her mama taught her everything she'd need to get along
        Bm           G                 F#sus              F#
And her Sunday School teacher taught her right and wrong.
A                           G
Raised to be respectable but born too poor
      Bm            Bm(D)            Em              F#
It was all she'd ever known but she figured there was more.
Bm               G          A            F#
When she came of age Jenny made herself a vow,
     Bm        G        F#sus       F#
"I'm gonna get out and I don't care how."
1st time only:
  Bm  G  A2  F#7
  Bm  G  A2  F#7

It appeared every autumn on the courthouse lawn
And the leaves never fell 'til the carnival was gone.
Michael was a barker for an arcade ride
With a smooth talk tongue and a wandering eye.
"Get your tickets here for the Hall -o- Mirror Maze"
If you can't get out, I know a couple' ways.
He caught Jenny's eye but her thoughts looked down.
All she wanted was a ticket going out of that town.

She cried:
Bm              G
Oh, how I wanna bury you.
Bm              G         A
Oh, bury you and run away, done away.
Bm              G        A
Oh, how I wanna bury your memory
 Bm / Em / F#
                  Why don't you let me be?
Bm / G / A2 / F#7

Bm / G / A

Michael stole a kiss first, then he whispered at last
"You're a little old fashioned so forget about your past
"These Bible Belt folks think living is a sin
"So they all start dying the day they're born again"
And there a top the Ferris wheel the colors were a blur
The morning said he loved her but she wasn't really sure.
He made her promise not to leave until he came to get her.
She promised him, but she should have known better.

Bm / G / A2 / F#
C#m / A / B / G#
C#m / A / B / C#m7 / B(D#)

     E            A7
On a train - stow away
C#m                            B
Jesus loves you still and your mama wants you home
       E        A7
But oh, bridges burn
        C#m                      B2                       G#
When you carry your shame and you think you can't return.

C#m              A
Oh, how I wanna bury you.
C#m              A         B
Oh, bury you and run away, done away.
C#m              A        B
Oh, how I wanna bury your memory
 C#m / F# / G#
    C#m          A           B                 G#m
When they found her body on a cold dog day
    C#m          A           B                 G#
It was in a cattle car, buried in the hay.
    C#m          A           B                 G#m
A note in the pocket of her calico dress said
    C#m          A           G#m
"I'm guilty as sin but I can't confess."
B2                           A2
Once you know the truth you can hide it on a shelf
    C#m          A           B                 G#m
But unless you bring it down you can't live with yourself.

    C#m          A           B2                 G#m
In her right hand Jenny held the Bible of her mother.
C#m        F#m         G#
Jenny had a pistol in the other.

Repeat intro chords and preverse

Copyright 1983 C.A. Music/Birdwing Music/Cherry Lane Music Publishing
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