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Written by R. Stonehill and T. Taylor
1992 Stonehillian music/Word Music/Twitchin’ Vibes etc.
Tabbed by Caleb Shoemaker
Intro: [G, C, G, C, G, C, D, G]
Verse 1
Well we worship at the shroud of Elvis                                 
                                             C                 G       
And we're waiting for that money from Ed McMahon
G                                                        C             G
And we're drinking from the Perrier fountain of youth
While we follow what the daily horoscopes saying
Taking lethal doses of MTV
Delving into pet psychiatry
Trying to treat cancer with a fruit juice cure
C                                            D
And waiting for the Beatles reunion tour

                               G            C         G
        'Cuz it's a great big stupid world
        And we're feeling kinda queasy
                       G        F
        as it turns around
                 G            C       G
        Great big stupid world
                                                   F                G  
        And we're never really sure if we're up or down
                                C                      D
        We're on a dirt clod out in space
                               C                   D
        Where it stops nobody knows
                     C                       D
        If Jesus came back today
        They'd try to book him on the Oprah Winfrey show
                                G            C         G
        'Cuz it's a great big stupid world
                               C        D-G
        Great big stupid world

Verse 2
Well we're hot on the trail of Big Foot
                                        C           G          D
And we're wearing the crystals to feel the power
G                                                C               G
We're hoping that the creatures from outer space

Come to set us free in that final hour
Trying to tell the future from the lumps on our heads
Getting melanoma from our tanning beds
Channeling Houdini with Shirley MacLaine
         C                                             D
And trying to figure out what the dolphins are saying

                   G                C         G
Well it's a Great-Big-Stupid world
C                                            D                       G
Dumb dumb da dumb dumb baby it's a stupid world
                          C         G           C
It's a great big stupid, great big stupid
G               C         D-G
Great big stupid world

Verse 3
Well we're studying the National Enquirer
                            C               G     D
Is it true Sonny Bono is the Anti-Christ
G                                            C        G
We debate if TV wrestling is really a sport
While we're testing rock 'n' roll and it's effect on mice
Bonding with our little computer screens
Getting anorexic on our Lean Cuisines
Turning plastic surgeons into millionaires
             C                             D
So everybody finally gets to look like Cher

G                       C       G
It's a great big stupid world
                                           F                G       F
And we're feeling kind of queezy as it turns around
G               C         G
Great big stupid world
                                     F                 G        F
And we're never really sure if we're up or down
          G         G        C        G
It's a great... big... stupid world
C                                           D                         G
Dumb dumb da dumb dumb baby it's a stupid world (these last two lines
Oh Baby, it’s a stupid world!
If anyone can figure out the picking pattern, send it to me.  It’s only
picked during the first couple lines of the verses.  When you hit the
solo "C", it’s all down strokes-preferably with your fingers.  When you
pick "G", pluck the low E once, then pluck only the top three
strings-E,B,G.  When you pick "C", you should only pick it for a couple
notes.  You pluck the D,A,G strings and go right into picking the "D"
chord with the top three strings.  If you’re totally confused, don’t
worry.  It’s not tough.

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