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Blindside - Nerve

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Artist: Blindside
Title: Nerve
Disk: Self-Entitled
Tabbed By: Luke Pederson (

Notes: This is slightly better then the previous tab up here.  I'm in no way
an expert guitarist, but this is as close as I've come to the CD.  It's in
"Dropped D" tuning. 

To accomplish this, for all u who don't know (cuz I didn't at first), put 
your finger on the seventh fret of the low E, and play that and the A string 
right below it and tune the low E until the E and the A sound the same with 
the E string on the 7th fret.  It makes it a low D.  *whew*  Another issue
is right-handed palm muting.  If you want to know how to do that, email me
and i'll be happy to let ya know.

^ = Palm Mute (right hand)  i.e. 5^5^5 means strum 3x, the first two are
                                 palm muted, last is open.  Not that if
                                 Muted strums don't have a ^ next to them,
                                 lift the palm mute (just for the muted
                                 strum, though)
x = Mute

= = Lift the string up, but not all the way.  As if you were doing a mute,
    but don't strum it.  It stops the note.

/ = Slide

:: = Pick the three highest strings (G B E. No other strings are played) on 
     an upstrum (starting with high E moving to the G) at the same time you 
     pull your finger away from all strings, so that the strum sounds half-
     muted and half phreakish feedback high shrilley stuff.  Cool technique,
     used only once in the song. :)

Okay, here's the song:

G |-------------555------------555------------555------------5^5^5----------|
D |--2-3-7--3-2-555-2-3-7--3-2-555-2-3-7--3-2-555-2-3-7--3-2-5^5^5----------|
A |--2-3-7--3-2-333-2-3-7--3-2-333-2-3-7--3-2-333-2-3-7--3-2-3^3^3----------|
D |--2-3-7--3-2-----2-3-7--3-2-----2-3-7--3-2-----2-3-7--3-2----------------|

The above part will be refered to from here on as "Intro"

Play that 3x, then move on to this with the chorus:

G |-----5-5-5-------x----5-5-5---7-7-8-----------|
D |--2^-5-5-5--2^2^-x-2^-5-5-5---7-7-8-2^-2^-2^--|
A |--2^-3-3-3--2^2^-x-2^-3-3-3---5-5-6-2^-2^-2^--|
D |--2^--------2^2^-x-2^---------------2^-2^-2^--|
                 Play this 7x
             For future reference, 
             the above section will 
             be called "Chorus" ... 
             just coz.

The bass does it's thing for about 8 seconds, then...

G |--5^5^5-----------555-------------555------------555-------------5^5^5---|
D |--5^5^5--3-7--3-2-555--2-3-7--3-2-555-2-3-7--3-2-555-2^2^3-7-3-2-5^5^5---|
A |--3^3^3--3-7--3-2-333--2-3-7--3-2-333-2-3-7--3-2-555-2^2^3-7-3-2-3^3^3---|
D |---------3-7--3-2------2-3-7--3-2-----2-3-7--3-2-----2^2^3-7-3-2---------|

Then play the part "Chorus" 4x (not 4x7 times, just 4 times).  Then play...

G |-------------------------------------------------------------|
D |--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-x-x--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-1--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-7--|
A |--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-x-x--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-1--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-7--|
D |--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-x-x--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-1--2-x-5=5-x-3/4-3-7--|
                                     Play this 4x

At this point, a wierd effect kicks in, and the pitch kinda changes, but
during this, you can play the chords they are playing.  It will match perfect,
it just won't sound exactly like what they're playing:

G |-----------------------------------------------------------------|
D |--2-2-22--5-5-55--3-3-33--7-7-77--2-2-22--5-5-55-3-3-33--2-2-22--|
A |--2-2-22--5-5-55--3-3-33--7-7-77--2-2-22--5-5-55-3-3-33--2-2-22--|
D |--2-2-22--5-5-55--3-3-33--7-7-77--2-2-22--5-5-55-3-3-33--2-2-22--|

Then the bridge w/ "I'm not ashamed..."

G |--77-----------------------77---------------77--------------|
D |--77-55-99^9^9^9^9^9^9^9^--77-55-999999999--77-55-999^9^9^--|
A |--55-55-99^9^9^9^9^9^9^9^--55-55-999999999--55-55-999^9^9^--|
D |-----55-99^9^9^9^9^9^9^9^-----55-999999999-----55-999^9^9^--|
               |                     |
            Play 4x               Play 3x

Play the part "Intro" once (1x) then play this:

G |-------------555------------555------------555---------x-::--|
D |--2-3-7--3-2-555-2-3-7--3-2-555-2-3-7--3-2-555-2-3-7---x-::--|
A |--2-3-7--3-2-333-2-3-7--3-2-333-2-3-7--3-2-333-2-3-7---x-::--|
D |--2-3-7--3-2-----2-3-7--3-2--------------------2-3-7---x-::--|

If there's any symbols I used that you don't understand, see the top of this
thing for all explinations.  Any questions, comments, and stuff like that?
Email me at or IM me at DragKnt, or ICQ me at 
ICQ # 15707796.  Thanks to Eric Exley for the first tab that I based most of
the more intricate stuff in here off of (he wrote the other Nerve tab).

Comments about this tab

Bobsnox - 2004-07-14

This looks wrong. The other way is more correct cause all the song on Blindside's first cd are in standard tunning.

guitarwick - 2004-08-27

to Bobsnox you can play the songs in standard tunning and in drop d its just easier to play in drop d

sorefingers - 2005-08-24

Sure, it's easier, but most of the users on this site are looking for the correct version, not the easy way out.

akaukal - 2006-04-03

it doesnt really matter about the tuning it just doesnt sound right

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