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Rice, Chris - Cartoons

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Chris Rice
Cartoon Halleluja Song
Off album "Past The Edges"
Rocketown Records, 1998

This is the hidden track on Chris Rice's "Past The Edges" album (time - 
6:21).  I saw Chris preform it live at the Christian Artist's seminar, 
and the whole place laughed.  The lyrics are supposedly correct now, 
thanks to Ben Wewerka.  Thanks Ben!  (You can thank him as well at

Intro - G D C 
For the chorus part, play the chords slower.  The rest of the time it's 
like Third Eye Blind's "Semi - Charmed Life."

G                             D
I was thinking the other day, what if cartoons got saved? 
They'd start singing praise in a whole new way. (x2)

G        D          C         G          D        C
Fred and Wilma Flinstone sing "Yabba Dabba Lujah"
Scooby Doo and Shaggy sing "Scoobie Doobie Lujah"
And the Jetson's dog named Astro... "Ruh roru rah"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - "cowabunga- luja, dude"
Then there's "Kermit D Frog here... hi ho lalujah"
And that little bald guy Elmer Fudd, "How-wa-wujah"


Oh that big old moose and his freind Rocky, "Bullwinkle-lujah"
And our favorite bear named Yogi, "Hey Boo boo boy luja"
Then there's all those little blue guys.. and they'd sing
     "Tra la la la la la, la la laleluja."
How about Beavis and that other guy?  *buzz*


There's a point to this loony tune, I'm not an Animaniac
There's a lot of praisin' to do and cartoons weren't made for that
It's our job, so let's sing Halleluja.

Let's sing Halleluja (Halleluja) x4

It's pretty easy, just those three chords.
Any questions, comments, or free pizza coupons, please email me at

Comments about this tab

hollywood1488 - 2005-10-02

Cool. Never seen a TAB for this before.

cool christian - 2005-10-03

i saw this and I was expecting something hard lol I was way wrong now all i got to do is get the beat down its pretty quick anyway see you guys later

stratman7901 - 2005-10-30

this is a really cool song. i think it puts everything into a kids point of veiw.

Rabbadaba do ya


rockout - 2006-10-03

this is great! i love this song. i would like to see it in tabs though.

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