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Title: Rainy Day Assembly
Artist: Phantasmic
Album: Fluffy vs. Phantasmic
Author: Tess Wiley
Copyright: 1996 flying tart records
Tabbed by Kirk Bozeman (

Riff 1

Riff 2
|--1h2-----4-----4----| x2

NOTE: --> = slide to next chord quickly

Riff 1
      I can't keep these things inside
Riff 1
      I'm much too loud for that
Riff 1                          Riff 1
      My strength in front of weakness I'll set aside for

Bsus/E-->Asus/E-->E    (3x)

Riff 2
      You sit there while I speak
Riff 2
      Just staring at the floor
Riff 2                          Riff 2
      This rainy day assembly
         Asus            Asus/A-->Bsus/B
Is going nowhere in this forum
   C#msus     F#sus
of human apathy
Asus/A           Bsus/B
Tell me what you really think of me

Bsus/E-->Asus/E-->E (x3)
Bsus/E-->Asus/E   Bsus/E

Riff 2
      I'll help you make your mind
Riff 2
        On how it's going to be
Riff 2                                  Riff 2
      We'll aggravate this silence with empty words and
Asus       Asus/A      -->Bsus/B
Cower into secret rage
C#msus         F#sus
Too scared to ever be
Asus/A          Bsus/B
Aware of what you really think of me

|--8h9--8h9--9--|       x2

  Asus/A-->Bsus/B-->Esus/B    Bsus/B      C#msus-->Bsus/B
I find  -  it   -   harder to live with myself
      Asus/A-->Bsus/B-->Esus/B    Bsus/B   Asus/A-->Bsus/B
Every time  -  you   -  tear - me down
   Asus/A-->Bsus/B-->Esus/B         Bsus/B    C#msus-->Bsus/B
It works  - its   -  way through my circle of friends and
Asus/A-->Bsus/B-->Esus/B   Bsus/B
Knocks - me   -   to - the ground and
Asus            Asus/A  --->Bsus/B
Looking at your display
   C#msus      F#sus
Of social bigamy
   Asus/A             Bsus/B
Be honest what are you really thinkin'
      Asus/A                   Bsus/B
And I want to hear it straight from your mouth
C#msus         Bsus/B  F#sus
I'll find out eventually
Asus/A           Bsus/B
Tell me what you really think of me

Bsus/E  Asus/E  E (x4)

|--0--0--0--0----0---0---0--0---|      |--0--0--0----|
|--0--0--0--0----0---0---0--0---|      |--0--0--0----|
|--6--8--9--6----13--11--8--11--| x3   |--6--8--8h9--|
|--7--7--7--7----14--9---9--9---|      |--7--9--9----|
|--7--7--7--7----14--9---9--9---|      |--7--0--0----|
|--0--0--0--0----0---0---0--0---|      |--0--0--0----|

Chords: (In order of appearance.)
Bsus/E: 099800
Asus/E: 077600
E:              022100
Asus:           002200
Asus/A: 577600
C#msus: 9,11,11,9,0,0 (thumb on bottom E)
F#sus:  244300
Bsus/B: 799800
Esus/B: 779900

P. S. This was originally recorded with Sixpence None The Richer; Tess
Wiley - vocals & guitar, J.J. Plasencio - bass, Dale Baker - drums, Matt
Slocum - acoustic guitar.  Leigh was nowhere to be found.  By the way,
print this out in a pixel-wide font or else you will probably not be able
to read it.

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