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Song: "Suture"
Artist: Model Engine
Album: The Lean Years Tradition
Copyright 1997 Infernal Combustion Music

Tab by: Evan Dickens

I feel like an idiot. I ignored Black Eyed Sceva for years, picked up
this album out of complete curiosity, and found one of the most talented
Christian bands in the world (for those of you who don't know, Model
Engine used to be Black Eyed Sceva). These guys are incredible! Their
riffs are very original, and therefore a bit hard to figure out. But I'm
working on it. Here's my first effort.

As is the case for all their songs, I believe, tune the guitar down a
half step:


Now, play the chords as they're written, relative to the new tuning.
Meaning, when I say play an E, play it just like you would normally.
Technically, you'll be playing an Eb, but your hand will be in the E
formation. If you have no idea what the heck I'm saying, just play them
as they're mapped out at the bottom of this tab.
The first measure: 


And the main riff, played throughout the verses:


       Today's the  day I'll draft   my swan song

(verse 1)

Today's the day I'll draft my swan song
I'm borrowing heavy on the theme of the 51st Psalm
I'm reticent, I am ill-secured
And the bastard son in search of suture

(riff 2, all power chords)

D  C#  F#  B  D  C#  C  B

(verse 2)

Here's to reversing the pole on my aum magnate
It's attracted the worst of times I've had yet
Take back this sin disease, I don't want it
Brought my temple down, and left it haunted

(riff 2)


E        F#          G#         C#           B     A
   To be broken and have the wounds heal crooked
E              F#         G#   C#            B     A    G#    F#
   The patient remains ill       and looks it

(verse 3)


What resurrected what I had put to death
Showed me the prose but not the poetry of the flesh
When your father figure is on temporary lease
You keep your heartstrings on the short leash

Here's the chords:

E  - (022xxx)
F# - (244xxx)
G# - (466xxx)
A  - (577xxx)
B  - (799xxx)
C  - (x355xx)
C# - (x466xx)
D -  (x577xx)

You really can not try to play the song until you've really listened to
it first.

I'm sure this tab isn't totally correct. If you've got any corrections
or additions, please e-mail me. If you're a Model Engine fan and you
know how to play some of their other songs, please e-mail me. Most of
all, if you get any use out of this tab at all, please e-mail me. My
address is, and I've love to hear from you! God


Comments about this tab

papersun87 - 2005-01-30

Great song . . . great band. I think the intro/verse riff goes like this (Jeremy Post does all kinds of crazy stuff):


Like anyone's actually heard of this band and will check! :P

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