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"Heaven Is Waiting" by The Kid Brothers of St. Frank
From the album "Canticle of the Plains"
Words and music by Rich Mullins, Beaker and Mitch McVicker
Copyright  1997
Transcribed by

Tune drop-D, capo 2.  Alternately capo drop-D, which is in fact how I 
play it and tabbed it here.  The only problem is that when playing the 
6th string 2nd fret note that the capo doesn't cover, the capo sort of 
gets in the way.  (see the "Hint" about partial capoing on my tab page)

[intro/outro riff]

 ^ 1 ^ 2 ^ 3 ^ 4 ^ 1 ^ 2 ^ 3 ^ 4 ^ 1 ^ 2 ^ 3 ^ 4 ^ 1 ^ 2 ^ 3 ^ 4 ^

Chord   -  Name
E00232     D (hammer 1st and sometimes also 3rd string) ("E" represents
the open bass string)
X20033     G/B (2p0 on 1st string into A7sus)
X02030     A7sus4
X02020     A7 (hammer 2nd string)
X10020     (/A#)
X24432     Bm
X02220     A (to X02202)
320033     G
200232     D/F#
244322     F#
320033     G
200232     D/F#
022000     Em (0 on the 6th string indicates fingering the capoed fret)
320033     G
X02030     A7sus4
X02020     A7

320033     G
E00232     D (or D/F# maybe?)
320033     G
200232     D/F#
022000     Em
X02030     A7sus4
X02020     A7

320033     G
200232     D/F#
244322     F#
X24432     Bm
320033     G
200232     D/F#
022100     E
X02220     A

Transcribed 11/10/1998 by
More tab available at


[verse 1]
I don't need no woman to kiss me
I don't need no man to stand by my side
I don't need to slake my thirst with whiskey
Don't need to shuffle cards to pass the time

[verse 2]
'Cause the stars are bright and silvery
And with the drag of a long coyote's whine
My Savior's calling and I'm listening
Time to saddle up my pony and ride, 'cause

Heaven is waiting just past the horizon
Just over the mesas and across the great divide
And faith is blazing this trail that I ride on
Up the mountain I'm praying I have the strength to climb

[verse 3]
I ain't lookin' for no seven golden cities
But I know there's a fortune somewhere to find
There's a peace I hear whispering through the pinions
And a love that's taller than the ponderosa pines, and

[repeat chorus]

So don't ask for no lengthy explanations when
There ain't no reasons quite wild enough
No words could be as tender
It's greater than the fears that we imagine
More than the love that we remember
It's always just beyond the pass
And I must go, 'cause

[repeat chorus]

Heaven is waiting
Heaven is waiting

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