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Song: Jury Selection
Artist: Lost Coin
CD: dark cload, silver lining

tabbed by Deren (

NOTES: This is by far, the BEST Lost Coin song (my fav anyway), the solos
are awesome! I’ve tried my best on this one to get it right, but the solos
are still missing pieces (cuz they’re so fast!) but most of it still sounds
correct. LOST COIN RULZ!!!


Am  C9 G F  C

INTRO: Am C9 G C9|| Am C9 hold G|| guitar 2 picks the Am and C9...

Am   C9       G    C9            Am     C9     hold G
what would you say if you saw me at bar, hanging out with a prostitute?
Am   C9      G      C9              Am      C9             hold G
What would you think? if it was on a sunday, and i was skipping sunday



F                   C
would you call me brother?
F                   G
would you call me friend?

F       C    G         F      C         G
(or) would you peirce my hands, would you hang me on a cross and leave me
F     C     G      F    C         G               F         C
to die, or would you stand in the crowd, cursing my name? what would you


b-12-13-13-13-13-13-12-13-12-13-12-13-15--repeat that a couple of times 

Then hit this...i dont know the rest of the first solo except he ends it 
with a phat bend on 15 of the e string


VERSE 2: repeat above chords for rest of song...guitar 2 use wah pedle and
power chords.

What would say? if I came into your church and trashed your bingo party?
Would it be ok? if i came into your wedding, and turned water into wine?


open your eyes and tell me
what do you see?



What would you say, if i could walk on water,
what differance would it make, if i made blind man see?


would you understand?
would you belive in me, or...


then use VERSE chords at the BRIDGE:

what would you do?
what would you do?
what would you do?

SOLO 2: this is freakin SWEET!! (but i dont know all of it...)

b-15v-15-13-12-13---first part, second part is on the top strings i dont 
know...but i got the best part of it...the walk down on the e string...

e-12p11-11p10-10p9-9p8-8p7-7p6-6p5-5p4 and so on, the rest is so fast 
that i cant figure it out, but if u havnt herd of Lost Coin, you’ll
wanna listen to em just for the solos!

anyway, use the VERSE CHORDS again to end of with this:

what would you say...
if i sang songs about such things.

sorry i couldnt tab out all of it and the whole solos, but with luck
ill get it in the future. plz email me for corrections or comments.
take care all.

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