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Submitted by: Blazeleader

The Purest Place   C
Capo 3  for Eb

The tab on the site is OK but not accurate.

These are the chords as I could figure them out for how it is 
played on the recording.  There are several ways to play the
chords but I tried to be true to the recording.  I’ve looked for
a way to contact Nathan Nichols to get the information but I
have not been successful.  The picking pattern is thumb
picking the low E or A strings based on the chord and a
melodic pattern using the remaining strings/fingering.  

The introduction  is a theme that is repeated throughout the
song.  I play it without the low E and this is easiest. 
Hammer-on the second fret of the A string with the ring
finger, sliding up to the third fret where you form the Cmaj9
chord X32000.  The fingering drops easily to the Fmaj9 –
X03210 and repeat.  Otherwise it is a basic finger picking
pattern throughout.  Listen to the recording and try to
emulate.  The alternative for the theme which also sounds
nice is Cmaj9 – 332000  (actually 7)  Fmaj9 – 103010

I’m showing the Base inversions for the chords for the sake
of our Bass players and Piano players who might want to
use the tab.  I think they are correct.The guitar chord voicings
include these inversions where I was able.

If you are a beginner and you just want to strum the song
easily, try putting it in D where the chords will be much more
familiar.  G2- 320033  D – X00232  G - 320003  Bm7 –
X04432  Amaj9 - 002424   Dmaj7 – 000222  Gmaj7 –
320002  Gmaj9 - 3X0202   A7sus - 002030   Am7 -  002213
Capo 1 for Eb.

Chords For This Song:  Again these are my voicings for
 these chords which I felt were true to the recording.

INTRO:  Cmaj9 – X32000  Fmaj9 – X03210 ; alternative
Cmaj9 – 332000  Fmaj9 – 103010   VERSE:  F2 – 003211 
G – 320001  C/A – 002003  Am7 – 002010  Bb – 113331 
F/C – X33211  CHORUS:  C – 032010  Cmaj7/G – 332000 
Fmaj7 – X03211  C/G – 332010  Fmaj9 – 003210  
Bb – 113331  F/A – X03211  F2/A – X03211  
Cmaj7/G – 332000   Fmaj9 – 003210  BRIDGE:  
F2/A – X03211  C2/G – 332010  F2 – 003211  C/E – 032010
F/A – 003211  F/C – 033211 Gsus – 330003

I know there are many other ways to play this and I welcome
 corrections.  Thanks, Rich Wagner

The Purest Place   C 
By:Nathan and Christy Nichols) © 2004 Rocketown Music
Capo 3  for Eb

Cmaj9  Fmaj9  
Verse 1:
F2 (NO3)   G/B    C/A    Am7   
F2 (NO3)   G/B    C/A    Am7
F2 (NO3)   G/B    C/A    Am7
Bb (NO3)   F/C
     C    Cmaj7/B    Fmaj7    C/G 
     Fmaj9    Bb (NO3)    F/A 
     C    Cmaj7/B    Fmaj7    C/G 
     Fmaj9    G7sus   C/G  F2/A    
     Cmaj7/G  Fmaj9 rest
2nd chorus adds on the line:
     C/G    F2/A    Cmaj7/G    Fmaj9  rest
Verse 2:
F2/A    C2/G    F2    C/E
F2/A    C2/G    F2    C/E
F2/A    C2/G    F2    C/E
Bb    F/A    F/C
F2/A    C2/G    F2    C/E
F2/A    C2/G    F2    C/E
F2/A    C2/G    F2    C/E
Bb    F/A     Gsus 
Cmaj7/G    Fmaj9    Cmaj7/G    Fmaj9
Cmaj7/G    Fmaj9    Cmaj7/G    Fmaj9  Cmaj7/G
Fmaj9    Cmaj7/G    Fmaj9    Cmaj7/G 
Fmaj9    Cmaj7/G    Fmaj9  

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