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Submitted by: WashburnGuitar9

Artist: Switchfoot
CD: Oh! Gravity
Copywrite: 2006
Writer of Tab: WashburnGuitar9

Ok....I added the verse and octav. verse and i'm going to ad the strumming
so I'll tell what the symbols mean:
If I put this symbol < that means strum down If I put this symbol: > strum up
from High E
and I will add the chords so you know everything.....HERE YA GO!
TUNING: Drop D as in this E B G D A D
                  Dsus2                   Dsus2
G[------------------2--2-2-2---------------2--2-2-2]   INTRO
                 >  >  > < >             > >  > < >
   D          Asus4      F5       G5    
D[----0-0-0-0--2----------3-3-3-3--5]   VERSE
   >  > < < >  >      >   > < < >  >

E[        D        Asus4     Dm      Asus4
G[--------2-2-2-2---2------2-2-2-2----2]  VERSE CONTINUED  :
   >      > < < >   >   >  > < < >    >

G[-5-5-5----------5-5-5]              POST CHORUS
A[--------2-2-2----------2-2-2-3-4-5]  WAIT  PLAY X2
   < < <  < < <   < < <  < < < < < < 

D[---0-0-0--0-0-0-------0---0--0-----0--0---0] OCTAV. VERSE
   < < < <  < < <    <  <   <  <     <  <  <

G[-11-11-11---9-9-9------10-10-10----9-9-9 ] 
D[---0-0-0----0-0-0-------0-0-0------0-0-0]  OCTAVE. VERSE CONTINUED
A[-0-9-9-9----7-7-7---0---8-8-8------7-7-7]    :
   < < < <    < < <   <   < < <      < < <

Thats dirty second hands....
:= repeat
<= strum from LOW E ( or down) same thing 
>= strum from HIGH E or from the number that has to be played

thats probably confusing you.... let me put it this way... if you strum up..
you strum from the highest string that is closest to HIGH E and farthes from 
LOW E like the verse for instance.... the 324 gotta strum up 
sometimes so you'll strum for the 3 or the B string if you prefer and if you 
got to strum down ( im using verse) you'll strum the D string on fret 
know what I mean but I hope you enjoy it! BRANDON 

Comments about this tab

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-03

i know you people probably think this is wrong but print it up or save it on your computer and play it because I know it's 100% seriously i'm not lying at all!

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-04

I know people get a glance at it and think "this is T totally wrong" GIVE IT A CHANCE!

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-04

i'm on and typing write now (9:50 a'.m.) so if you wanna talk say something lol

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-04

By the way this can be played on acoustic or electric guitar whichever you have or choose to play on (i tabbed it on my acoustic, only guitar i have my name on here is the type of the brand and it is also an acoustci electric guitar....but I played this very same version on my friends electric guitar on same tuning and it sounded perfect.....just like the real song!!! It was cool) So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment and if you would like to copy it just let me know or if you'd like the version with lyrics let me know aswell i'll be more than happy to give it to you!!

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-05

I made a video playing this song and polititians and meant to live (all the ones I tabbed on here) on and its not on there yet but it should be on there at 8:30 p.m. today type in the search thing Switchfoot B.M.L
abd it'll be on there so I hope you find it accurate!

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-06

actually its not on there.....every time i try to put a video on there it says: error 504....wut do i do?

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-06

I should have the Circles tab on here by tomorrow becuase my friend, Alex, is gonna tell me it so I'll tab it on here for all of you to enjoy! And he and I played it togehter (bass and electric guitar he was base i was electric and we also had a drummer and singer drummer jake singer me and we played it for the neighbour hood) and it was 100% perect soooooo it should be on here after 8:00pm tonight or sometime tomorrow!

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-07

btw, if u do wanna here wut it sounds like then i'll email the video 2 u, so leave me ur email address and ill giv it 2 u

Switchfoot_ - 2007-05-12

Great job! not that neat, but 100% accurate! thanks!

WashburnGuitar9 - 2007-05-15

hey switchfoot....thanks.....your the first person who has put a comment on here....whats ur IM or AIM name....i'd like to talk to ya couz u look like a BIG and BIG studier of switchfoot so i'd likt to talk! TY DUDE (ty=thank you)and i know its messy but i also know it's 100% accurate! TELL UR FRIENDS!

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