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Audio Adrenaline - Walk On Water

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| Walk On Water                                    |
| by: Audio Adrenaline                             |
| CD: Bloom                                        |
| from: (Dan Szpak)                 |
| edited by: (Brian Kurtyka) |
| copyright: Forefront Communications              |

Capo 2nd Fret

G G G G G/F# D

C                     G                   C                        G
Simon Peter won't you put those nets down, follow Me I'll lead you out of this town
C                   G                          C                    G
to a place where no boat has ever been, I will make you a fisher of men.

INTRO (x2)

C                       G     C                        G
Jesus walked out on the water, said take courage it is Me
C                 G                          C                     G
Peter trusted and wanted to go farther so he stepped out on to the sea,
        C                 G
yeah he stepped on to the sea.

     Am      G/B     C                    G
If I keep my eyes on Jesus, I can walk on water.
     Am      G/B     C                  G
If I keep my eyes on Him, I can walk on water.

INTRO (x2)


C                  G                  C                     G
Just like Peter, I want to go farther, tread on the sea and walk on water.
C                       G                C                       G
Step where He steps and go where He goes, side by side where the sea billows roll.
C              G                    C          G
I'll be alright when the wind comes, be alright when the waves come crashing,
C              G            C                   G
I'm not afraid, no, no, for this is my Father's world

     Am      G/B     C                    G
If I keep my eyes on Jesus, I can walk on water.
     Am      G/B     C                  G
If I keep my eyes on Him, I can walk on water.

INTRO (To Fade)

Comments about this tab

Tim1 - 2005-03-23

The song seems right, but the AM sounds some what out of place.

BlackAttack1287 - 2005-04-04

I'm a newb, but that intro doesn't sound right to me. I play it:

D -0-0-0-0------------------
A --------4-0---0-0-0-0-----
E ----------------------4-0-

katie K. - 2005-04-11


BlackAttack1287 - 2005-04-11

Hey, sorry, I just realized my intro up above doesn't work on capo 2, if indeed that's how the song is played.

quiescence - 2005-04-15

Katie K.
Slash chords (C/B, G/F#, G/B) are a voicing of a chord with the second letter the name of the note in the bass.
C/B - x22010
G/F#- 220003
G/B - x20003

Or let the bass voice the bass note if you are playing with one.

katie k - 2005-04-16

thanks!! :)

josh777 - 2006-03-27

hey black attack the notes are right but to be a good guitarist u need to learn how to make it easy on your self play the intro like this
play it like that its much easier next time you tab get on my guitar playing level!!!!!!!!!in christ talk to u l8er

wjr1991 - 2008-02-10

The thing is that the intro is played similar to a power chord, although with regular shapes... so I play the top two notes of C, C/B, G, and D/F# (which sound closer, in my opinion...) so it looks like

(Capo on 2)

Which is pretty easy once you get it down...

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