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Submitted by: thephillipdiffe

Artist: Chris Tomlin
Song: Everlasting God
Album: See the Morning

I saw Chris in concert in July, and the CD finally came out so now 
I think I got it figured out.

All chords relative to capo.
When he played in concert, these were the chord shapes, I will just call them
what is listed above them:
 G   C2  Em  Dsus
-3- -3- -3- -3-
-3- -3- -3- -3-
-0- -0- -0- -2-
-0- -2- -2- -0-
-2- -3- -2- -x-
-3- -x- -0- -x-
Verse: (Strength Will Rise...)
G (with the intro from [ to ])

Prechorus: (Our God...)
G   C2
G C2 Dsus Em Dsus 2x

Chorus: (You are...)
G    C2     
Em   C2

Repeat ...

Comments about this tab

m33t33 - 2006-10-10

Is the intro tab in accordance with the capo??

thephillipdiffe - 2006-10-11

Yeah, everything is relative to the capo

m33t33 - 2006-10-18

Thank you!

Bob1278 - 2006-11-05

For the intro I got this, let me know your thoughts...


countstoneula - 2006-11-13

Hey, the tab is pretty good, but the chords are sorta wrong.
Brenton Brown Wrote this song, and on his website you can click on songs - then this one, and see a video of his hand playing this song. Also, all the correct chords to this song can be found there as well (with lyrics).

countstoneula - 2006-11-13

It is pretty good of him to offer this. I do not know if it will be there forever. Also, he has many other songs posted there as well, you will be surprised how many you know by him.

krnkink7 - 2007-02-07

chris plays it on capo 1. also he doesn't start on the low E-string. he starts on the A string.

heisouronlyhope - 2007-02-22

krnkink your wrong, I just saw Chris in concert last night and it was capo 6th fret.

brndnew42 - 2007-03-13

Could someone please get the lincoln brewster solo down for me?

k thanks. I suck at life and cannot pick it out.

cat4life - 2007-03-20

the lincoln brewster solo would be nice to get ahold of... i can't find it anywhere, and i've looked everywhere...

Akde - 2007-05-08

If you actually listen to the album version of the song ... and play the first note of the above tab, in line with the first note of the song ... you will notice that it is correct. Chris Tomlin, does not just use capo 6 on stage, but on the album as well.

train your ears!
Oh and on that note, there is a very slight incorrect-ness about the above tab
it is actually:

capo 6


I am not sure about the chords because i am only just in the process of figuring the song out
The tab that was posted is definately the closest to the real thing that i have found on the net, so the corrections to be made are very minor

I'll get back to you on the chords, most likely they are correct, the Dsus4 sounds right, but i think both times he does it he pulls off to a normal D before going onto the next chord

God bless

Akde - 2007-05-08

Yeah, feel free to correct me on this but i have figured out that the chords go like this:

Riff: Strength will rise etc ...

C9 D Dsus4 pull off to D
Our God, You reign fore-----------------ver
Em D Dsus4 pull off to D
Our Hope, our strong deliv---------------erer

G C9
You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
C9 C2
You do not faint you wont grow weary

(either back to riff or back onto the G for "You're the defender of the weak" ... i'm not gonna write the rest out because it takes the same chord pattern as the first bit of the chorus

I am also well aware that brenton brown wrote this song, and i heard his version before chris tomlins version. I am not going to argue about whether this one is like brenton browns one, because he may well play it differently, all i know (as far as my ears can gather) is that tomlin plays it like this.

The way i came to figure it out in this way was to use the excellent tab provided as a starting point for my ears and then carry on from there

i suggest that a lot more people should train their ears, because there are so many tab sites that are incorrect, made by people with untrained ears
I am not saying my ears are fully trained, because they are not ... simply enough to figure this song out using that method (checking against a tab while the song is playing)

God bless

Akde - 2007-05-08

sorry, the D and Dsus is meant to be in line with the extended words ... silly text window lol made it look like it while typing but not once it had been submitted

Akde - 2007-05-08

grr and also the C9's are meant to be over the word "God"

lol the whole chord set has been shifted to one side ... u'll have to figure it out im afraid, all the chords are there but they have been shifted durign the submitting process over the the left :(

guitardudev - 2007-12-28

good job got me right in the ball bark on the intro I here a slide up to the D note after the hammer to the 2nd fret, instead of the 3 you have

davebridgewater - 2008-01-19

Brenton Brown and Ken Riley from Yfriday wrote this together.

Iv got it in two keys. Bb and G (on capo 3)

Bb D# Bb
Strength will rise as we wait upon the lord,

D# Bb D# Bb
we will wait upon the lord we will wait upon the lord (repeat)

Bb D# Bb D# F Gm F
Our God, You reign fore--ver.

Bb D# Bb D# F Gm F
Our hope, Our strong deli--verer.

Bb D# Gm
You are the everlasting God, The everlasting God you do not faint,

Bb D# Gm
You wont grow weary. You're the defender of the weak you comfort those in need

D# Bb Gm D# Gm D#
You lift us up on wings like eagles (our God)

This one is in G on Capo 3

G Gsus4 G
Strength will rise as we wait upon the lord,

Gsus4 G Gsus4 G
we will wait upon the lord we will wait upon the lord (repeat)

G C G C D Em D
Our God, You reign fore--ver.

G C G C D Em D
Our hope, Our strong deli--verer.

G C Em
You are the everlasting God, The everlasting God you do not faint,

C G C Em
You wont grow weary. You're the defender of the weak you comfort those in need

You lift us up on wings like eagles (our God)

If you want the tab for the lead guitar then let me know (the tab is from yfriday's universal album) which i tabbed but it is in yet again another key. I think its in E on the album but I will transpose it to which ever key you are playing it in.



davebridgewater - 2008-01-19

ooops the chords have moved when i pressed submit. They were meant to change over the correct word but it doesn't matter you still have the chords.

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