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Submitted by: razoredge

Daylight to break tabbed by RAZOR. This is an unreleased song that you can legally download for free off of! This is just the intro that is played by an acoustic at the beginning of the song and by an electric with the overdrive on throughout different parts of the song enjoy!!  Make sure you use drop-D tuning for this song.

---7-----------5-5--5-5--5-7--9----------5-5--5--5-5-5--- (Repeat) listen to the track 
-9---9--9--0-0-7-7--5-5--5-7-9-9--9-0-0--7-7--5--5-5-7---  to know how many times
-9---9--9--0-0-5-5--5-5--5-7-9-9--9-0-0--5-5--5--5-5-5---  Jon plays this part of the

Comments about this tab

Switchfoot_ - 2007-06-03

can you send me a link to were you download it so I can listen to it, then try your song, then rate it? Thanks!

GUITAR MASTA - 2007-09-24

wow it is really long and wide but mostly wide :B :-D

GUITAR MASTA - 2008-02-04

go soak ur head switchfoot had iy on theyre web site 2 years ago! (from razorsedge)

GUITAR MASTA - 2008-02-04

this tab was absolutly HORRIBLE!! you expect us to learn this song off of a one line tab!!!!!!!!wth is this! i could tabs this song in my sleep(copy and paste but not from urs of course b/c its horrible!!!!!!)

razoredge - 2008-02-04

Hey man don't let Guitar masta get ya down. Yep, switchfoot had it on their website a couple of years ago and I'm pretty sure it's not posted anymore. HERES A NOTE TO ALL- DONT LISTEN TO ANYTHING GUITAR MASTA SAYS... HE LISTENS TO BLACK SABBATH AND IS DEMONIC.

GUITAR MASTA - 2008-02-04

well razor listens to...........christian music i mean how out of style is that. he is a guitar noob!!and he makes cookies wile wearing an apron! how odd is that?

razoredge - 2008-02-04

Dude, if I knew how to make cookies I would be doing it right now. But trust me, I wouldn't be wearing an apron. My culinary skills dont even extend past the skill of making frozen pizza, I almost always burn it. GUITAR MASTA LIKES TO TALK ON THE PHONE FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME. I mean isn't that a little weird?

GUITAR MASTA - 2008-02-04

fones suck (i dont even know how to spell it much less how to use one) and yes ur frozen pizza skillz would be a bit more usefull if you didnt make the pizza look like scabs!!!

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