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Submitted by: |)rink)v(tn|)ew

by TFK
album is Phenomenon
Yeah I is getting ridiculous but im just putting in my opinion on the i have put together what i have seen, played it and now tabing it...and 
my band plays it this way, (i lead vocals and play guitar) and  this is the 
best way...I think

so drop D

played by one guitar but there is some lead stuff so its cool to play with
rythm guitar and a lead but if you want, just play with one like they do in

"thro up your rwakfist..."

   (for these "x"s, play random harmonics on the tiny strings, mainly  roundthe
     7th and 9th)
a--5h7xxxx5h7xxxxxx(so on)


(still the verse,)
a--0h2xxxx0h2xxxxxx(no harmonics on this part)


~chorus #1~(0:26/27)


~verse again~
(same as above but at(1:04) he uses a shutter effect, so do what eva you want...
unless you have shutter effects...lucky you)

(after the 2nd verse theres the "post-chorus" again then the chorus again but this 
time its different...checkit out, this might not be how they do this, but i like 
this 2nd chorus cuz it sounds like theres more to it so it kinda makes it sound
better in a show so, again do what you like)

~chorus #2~(1:17)

then post-chorus my homies, its time for the fun part!

~at 1:44~

      "that is the sound when the rock hits!"

now my fav part!
d--7252-7252-72527252- i know it looks hard but its really kwite simple...listen close...
stretch your pinky to the 7th fret, hit it w/a down stroke then w/ your index,
upstoke on the 2nd fret...thendownstroke w/your ring finger on the fifth. see?

only up stroke while hitting the 2nd fret...practice practice practice plus a 
bit more will get you throo these awesome songs! please rate this to see how
it looks and please and a comment to give corrections or just hnits about the
song or about TFK in"I freakin love TFK!!!"

ok then have fun!

and remember
   Party like a rockst*r!

Comments about this tab

|)rink)v(tn|)ew - 2006-07-02

uh it looks like it got a bit screwed up in there,sorry about that. hold on

|)rink)v(tn|)ew - 2006-07-02

~at 1:44~


well im sorry if thats confusing...its kinnda confusing to myself but try it out and tell what yuo think.

|)rink)v(tn|)ew - 2006-07-02

i want to redo the solo here so its ezier to read
of course the "p" means pull-off so try that...i wish i could video myself playing so one can understand it better...? so anyway, (the "2"s on the "a" string are optional but i think youd like how it sounds again, dont get frustrated, just keep at it...i've just gotten this song down perfectly becuz i spent two full hours just playing this song over and over fingers be came much looser and more corrdinated, corronated, feel my so just keep practicing
tell me if you like this tab or not

tl_guitarnut - 2006-07-05

Great first tab, I'll give it a 5, it looks pretty good, but there are just so many tabs of this song already on the site.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-07-05

oh yae almost fogot, "I freakin' love TFK"!!!!!

Dani_Boy - 2006-07-06

I don't know how to say this really... Good job on a first tab! I liked your solo, the idea of playing the 2nd fret on the A string as well didn't really occur to me before, it's kinda cool. I still think son't think they play on the A string though. I believe he stretches between the 2nd and the seventh as you said, then he strikes the 7th fret and does pull-off to 2nd, hammer-on to 5th and finally pull-off to 2nd.

Pretty good tab, but you made pretty many mistakes. I want to encourage you, (not discourage you) but I'm afraid I'll have to give you a 3. I hope you don't get angry at me.

This is how I rate:
0 is the worst tab you've ever seen.
1 is terrible.
2 has something good maybe, but it has loads of mistakes.
3 is very good, but with a number of mistakes or maybe some part that's pretty off.
4 is very good, with some mistakes, but pretty near perfect.
5 is basically perfect, maybe a few tiny mistakes that don't really matter.

So I'm giving you a 3 and your rating will drop from 5 to 4. Again, keep tabbing and keep it up! It's hard to make perfect tabs, and yours is not bad. Sorry that I had to give you a 3.

|)rink)v(tn|)ew - 2006-07-07

oh hey dawg, thank you for giving me what you thot it was, thats what i want. i want to know what ppl think...and thanx...i tabbed the stranger solo but it hasn't come up yet. i feel really good with it, it's a good start anyway. thanx again guys!

Dani_Boy - 2006-07-11

Ur welcome, I'll check out the solo when it comes. I've just recently sent in another Rawkfist tab myself, since I found some cool details to the song that nobody's seemed to have noticed yet. So you can check that one out if you want to, and then you tell me exactly what you think, because I like honesty too. :)

akaukal - 2006-07-11

I think I won't be able to handle another Rawkfist tab. But I might even take a go at it myself. I'm getting sick of it though.

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