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Submitted by: xDisconnektiex

Artist: Kids in the Way
Song: Even snakes have hearts
Album: Apparitions of melody

Well I have seen other tabs for this song but it didn't sound right
so i thought i would put up my tab! i hope it sounds good to you!

/= slide up
H= Hold
HO= Hammer on
Beginning Hit F# once and let it ring.. it's just drus here.
Then it goes into the heavier part. ill give you the chords 
but you need to listen to the timing cause it's a little different.

g|---------7--444/6--------|I think you do this about 4x


g|--------9H---9-|-----6---|-----9--|Repeat about 4x(sorry im thinking of this
d|---7-------7---|---4---4-|---6--6-|without the CD but its easy to figure out

Then the intro chorus thingy
Then repeat Verse
now the bridge! YAY!!! its realy. easy just listen to the timing

   D   E      F#
d|-7----7----11-11--|Again listen to how many times it repeats.

Now For the weird solo or whatever you call it. 
But the timing is REALY weird so listen and play
along with CD and you will get it. Mmkay?


Now that thats over. Back to the chorus!
then the bridge. you know D E F# Easy
enough right? ok good! and now the outro!
very easy also.. so here it is

   D  E  F  F#
Well thats it! hopefully you understand it!
Please leave comments especially if you have
any corrections! ok? well buhbyess!

Comments about this tab

xDisconnektiex - 2006-05-25

if you have any questions IM me or e-mail me at Same for AIM! I know retarded email address. i made it up when i was nine give me a break. lol ok well thats it! pleasse leave comments and stuff k?

ice_wiz - 2006-05-25

Nice tab!! People are finally starting to tab KITW. (though, the recent ones are all Even Snakes Have Hearts ;)) This is really good "keep tabbing kids in the way" since no one else does!!

xDisconnektiex - 2006-05-25

Thanks! I just put up a tab today for 'Love' so check out that one when it gets on the site!

ice_wiz - 2006-05-26

Will do :).

akaukal - 2006-05-27

You are missing a second guitar in the second guitar in the verse. Also, the guitar you do have in the verse doesn't sound right. Nice try, I'll give it a 4.

akaukal - 2006-05-27

Edit in last post:You are missing a second guitar in the second verse.

xDisconnektiex - 2006-05-27

It Does sound right once you realy get the timing.. that is something people realy need to listen to.. as for the seciond guitar, that part was tough to figure out so you'll have figure it out on your own. well thanks anyway dearr. 4 is still a good rating. besides it was my first tab.
buhbye people!

akaukal - 2006-05-28

I think i was too generous with a 4. You're also missing second guitar in the intro/chorus and the rhythm guitar pattern in the intro/chorus changes. If i could re rate I'd give it a 3. Sorry, just it's missing a lot of stufff.

xDisconnektiex - 2006-05-28

Oh well.. it was tough for me to figure out the second guitar .. im sorry about that duude..

akaukal - 2006-05-29

don't worry about it man. i've got it in my tab of this song, so people will still have it. Keep tabbing KITW!!

xDisconnektiex - 2006-05-30

thanks dude.

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