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Submitted by: Dani_Boy

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Song: Unbelievable
Album: Set It Off (The first album)
Tuning: Standard (Could be Drop D, but it's easier in standard I think)

Here comes a really good and easy song. It's a main riff, a verse riff, and a
chorus riff for the Rhythm Guitar, then it's a little Lead part in the second
verse. There are a few variations between each main riff, but overall it's the
same. This is a unbelievable song and I hope my tab will be unbelievable too.
Here we go!

/ = Slide up
\ = Slide down
* = Natural Harmonics
= = Means connecting different chords with slides (Duration)
x = Scratching, Heavy muting by fret hand

  Intro: Rhythm Guitar (Clean hollow sound)

  Intro: Rhythm Guitar (Distortion from here on)

  Verse: Rhythm Guitar

Last time, skip final chord.

  Chorus 1: Rhythm Guitar "The things..."

  Main Riff 1:


Verse 2 (Same as verse 1 for Rhythm Guitar)

  Verse 2: Lead Guitar (Hollow cool sound)


  Chorus 2: Rhythm Guitar

  Main Riff 2:


No Guitar in Verse 3

  Chorus 3: Rhythm Guitar

  Main Riff 3:


God is unbelievable, isn't he? Hope this tab can bring you some joy and some
skill, but think about the lyrics of this song. God is unbelievable, that is
why we believe. TFK ROCKS!!!
God Bless,

Comments about this tab

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-13

Awsome tab, sounds good to me, keep rockin for God!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-13

I will. Thanks :)

akaukal - 2006-05-13

good job! almost all the other ones didn't make sense, but this one does

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-13

I was just wondering who the lead guitarist for TFK was. I thout I saw that his name was Jamie Amplin, but I'm not for sure.

akaukal - 2006-05-14

man this song sounds way better on the original set it off. the reissued version doesn't have the same crunch to it!

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-14

I wish I had the original, so that I could compare

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-14

hey tl_guitarnut if u see one of their videos the guy with the mohawk is jamie
but im not sure if its him or trevor is the lead guitarist.
awsome tab by the way in the rerelease the rythym guitar does scratchings while the lead takes the harmonics I think and I love the lead in the @nd verse!GREAT JOB!

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-14

I mean 2nd verse.hehehe!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-15

Thanks for the input. Now I really want the re-issue so that I can compare also. Hehe

ice_wiz - 2006-05-15

Jamie is the guitarist and I don't think Trev' does the guitars anymore. If you go to and search them up live only Jamie does the guitar work.

akaukal - 2006-05-15

Trev only does guitar on the albums, not in live performances. It says on all the liner notes of their albums. Don't know what they would do during live performance with only 1 guitar though...

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-15

Right, I think they might use some extra guitarist for the concerst or something that's not actually in the band. Just a thought, because I've also been wondering what they do about the Lead Guitar when Trevor only seems to be singing.

akaukal - 2006-05-15

I think trevor might actually play when they do live shows. The Rhythm guitar in all of TFK's songs is pretty easy to play while singing. I guess I'll find out June 17.hehehe

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-16

maybe they pick a volunteer out of the audience to play the lead so be prepared akaukal!hehehe!

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-16

Man, I wish I coulld go with you!!!!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-16

Very funny, Te eF Kay!!! Pick a member in the audience to play the Lead, haha...

I so wish I could go with you too.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-18

tj_guitarnnut-- I'll actually get to be at the same concert.

akaukal - 2006-05-19

YEAH!! June 17 CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-19

Lucky you... ;)

akaukal - 2006-05-21

I heard that the only songs they do off Set It Off are The Krutch Anthem and Puppet. I hope that isn't true...

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-22

That would be bad if it is, it's a great record

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-23

heh, yeah. I think all their albums blows all their other albums away. There are songs that make Set It Off awesome, there are songs that make Phenomenon awesome and there are songs that make The Art of Breaking awesome. You can't really separate one from the other.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-23

They will probably do songs from all the albums. Though, it will not be a full concert :( of just TFK. So we'll hafta put up with Mercy Me and Jeremy Camp. Pillar and Kutless are gonna be there too but they RAWK!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-24

Sounds like a fun mix anyway. TFK, Pillar and Kutless totally ROCK, and Mercy Me and Jeremy Camp are kinda neat too, even though they don't "rawk" at all. Wish I could be there with you guys.

akaukal - 2006-05-25

Yeah, i wish you could be there too. I'll have to look for ice_wiz. I have no idea what he looks like.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-25

This is what I look like...
Hair: Brown Medium Length
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1/2
Age: 14 (though, being as tall as I am, for my age I look more like 15-16)
I'm not "large" if you know what I mean ;).

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-25

Make sure to keep us posted on whether or not you meet each other

akaukal - 2006-05-26

Okay, ice_wiz I look like this
Hair:Dirty Blonde, medium length
Eyes:Blueish gray
Here is what I will wear
Shirt:White Polo with navy shirt underneath
Shorts:tan coloured

I'll be with a group of people, including a giant guy who's about 6'6. We're going to go to the ampitheater early at around 10:00 am and we're going to save the front seats. So you know where we'll be.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-27

Oh ya, For what I'll wear it'll probably be, some Jeans and a T-Shirt. I'm a simple man :).

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-03

Have fun, guys! Hope you find each other!

ice_wiz - 2006-06-19

Well, I went and it was awesome!! I don't think I saw akaukal, though. Unless he was that guy that looked at me strangely when I walked by.

Te eF Kay - 2006-06-23

did they sound just as good as on the cds?

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-25

Cool, what songs did they do? Did they do all the soloing? Did you see anything cool that the guitarists did? Just tell us more please... ;)

ice_wiz - 2006-06-25

Okay, here are the songs they did(in no particular order)...

Art of Breaking
Stranger-they didn't do the actual solo on the cd, they did some weird variation
This Is A Call
Breathe You In
Step To Me

So that's what they did. I wasn't near the guitarist, though, I was near Joel. From what I saw of Jamie, Dani_boy your tabs are really good. I saw quite a bit of Bounce and I saw really no difference on your tab. One thing I did pick up was the intro to Hurt it goes like this...

They only used one guitarist too.

ice_wiz - 2006-06-25

Oh ya, and for SHARK(TFK), they sounded exactly the same on the CD, except for the guitars.:P

ice_wiz - 2006-06-26

*I forgot one song, they sang Faith Love and Happiness. I picked something up too... instead of
Intro: Rhythm Guitar (Distortion through entire song)
Intro: Rhythm Guitar (Distortion through entire song)
P.M. ^^^ . . ..
. . ..

ice_wiz - 2006-06-26

Crap, it didn't work.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-06-27

sweet man, I copied and pasted it onto wordpad and it sounded great, one question though, did you rock out at the concert, I know I would have. probably a dumb question huh, but who cares.

ice_wiz - 2006-06-30

Yup, I was moshing. People were crowd surfing, and going nuts. It was really hot that day and everyone stank really bad, but no one cared. I went with my sister and my cousin, and well, they're not nearly as big as me even though we're the same age. So, when some guy came crowding surfing near us, they thought they were dead, so I just pushed away and he kept coming back, so I was pushing him all by myself for quite a bit. A couple more things, Dani_boy-- element1's intro is EXACTLY how he played it. On the bridge for "Bounce" where they do all that plucking, he doesn't move all around the neck like you have it.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-07-02

Awsome news, I just got done going to a TFK concert, it was great (My ears are still ringing). and I was right by Jamie and your tabs are great!. One thing I saw, the intro to absolute was a little different, it looked like it started on the fifth fret on the D or G string and went in went in two fret intervals up and down the fretboard, other than that your tabs were awsome!!! And yes, I did mosh a little, hehehehe.

Te eF Kay - 2006-07-10

who wouldnt mosh?!hehehe

ice_wiz - 2006-07-11

Just to let you know, I may be seeing TFK again. There is just about every Christian band you can imagine there. The concert is held for a few days, bands that will be there are...
TFK (duh)
Kids In the Way
Hawk Nelson (:P)
Falling Up
Audio A
Casting Crowns
Third Day
Day of Fire
The Afters
The Silent
The Wedding
7th Day Slumber
Sanctus Real
Jonh Rueben

The rest are nobodys.

ice_wiz - 2006-07-12

Okay, scratch that, TFK won't be there. Neither will almost all of those good bands.

On another note, I found a Puppet music video, it actually is a them too. Go to

tl_guitarnut - 2006-07-27

Sweet I'll have to check that out, my computer is too slow right now. Sorry about the concert :(

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