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Submitted by: Dani_Boy

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Song: Supafly
Album: Set It Off (The first album)
Tuning: Drop D

Neat song. I've got to tell you a pretty funny thing. A friend of mine let one
of his friends listen to this song. That friend loved hip-hop music but he
didn't like heavy rock/metal. So he said it was a pretty good song while he
was listening to the verse. Then WHAM came the interlude with all the heavy
guitar and he said it nearly scared him to death. So that's a fun little trick
you can play if you've got any hip-hop loving friends. :)

I'm not too sure about how much the Lead Guitar is actually used in this song.
So where I've written "Either Guitar" you can just choose which one you want.

/ = Slide up
\ = Slide down
x = Scratching
* = Natural Harmonics, placed before the harmonic fret (example: *5)
h = Hammer on
P.M: or ... = Palm Muting
(note) = A note that I don't know if it's there or if it's just a delay effect
> = Shows that you sould keep playing that note along with the chord. I did
    this thing in the bridge, it would get too messy otherwise.

No guitar in intro.

  Verse 1: Either Guitar (Slight delay, let the notes ring a lot)

  Interlude: Rhythm Guitar (Heavy distortion)

  Verse 2: Either Guitar (Same sound as verse 1)

  Chorus 1 and 2: Rhythm Guitar


Let final chord ring

  Verse 3: Rhythm Guitar (Not as distorted, wah wah sound)
D|--------------xx-------|    (Rocks pedal backwards a few times, during the
A|--3h45--5--5--xx-------|x11  first times riff is played. Otherwise pedal is
D|----------------*3-*3--|     rocked foward.)


  Verse 3: Lead Guitar (Hollow wah wah sound, Listen to hear when to play)

  Bridge: Rhythm Guitar



P.M.                                                ......... . . . . . . .

  Chorus 3 and 4: Rhythm Guitar


Let final chord ring into chorus 5, which is then only vocals.

There. Done. The only part I'm not sure about is the Lead Guitar in the third
verse. So please check that out and please tell me if you find any mistakes. I
would be glad if you commented it anyway, just tell me what you think. This
has gotta be one of the best songs on the album. TFK ROCKS!!!
God Bless,

Comments about this tab

akaukal - 2006-05-03

hey this is pretty awesome! the other tab of this was missing so much of it but you got everything!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-03

Yup, you just gotta love this song. I wanted to be able to play it well, and as always I want to get my tabs as good as possible, so I tabbed it all down. I just love jamming the chorus, it's got such punch!

akaukal - 2006-05-04

yeah this is a really good one. I submitted my tab for When in Doubt so when it comes on you need to check it out!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-04

Alright, nice! Then I can access all your other tabs from there. You said in a comment at my Rawkfist tab that you had like 9 tabs coming up, nice. Have you tabbed anư thing else than TFK? So far I've only got TFK songs on the site, but I've submitted a Superchic[k] song that I'm waiting for. The admin for the band hasn't been online for two weeks...

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-04

Ok, I got your PM. I'll check out all your tabs for ya! :)

akaukal - 2006-05-04

I've also got an FM Static song, a Hawk Nelson song, and quite a few Krystal Meyers tabs that should be coming soon. I'm going to submit a Kids in the Way tab soon hopefully. I already have 1 Kids in the Way tab.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-05

Actually I've never heard any of those bands :( But isn't it so that Trevor's been involved with FM Static? I've even heard stuff about him being the Lead Singer for FM Static

akaukal - 2006-05-05

No I don't think he's the lead singer, but man, they sound EXACTLY the same.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-06

Haha, I better check them out in other words.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-07

He is the lead singer of FM Static also, I think Joel or Steve one of them is in the band too.

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-07

yeah steve is in there to and I dont know who but trevors got brothers in hawk nelson he even appears in there music video of california!

akaukal - 2006-05-08

whoah, you guys are right about Trevor being the lead singer! CRAZY! Haha I guess he got tired of only having one band lol.

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-08

Im not telling u to get back onto it or anything Dani_Boy but u havent finished
phenomenon album yet.I guess ure lovin set it off then(he he he)!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-09

I'm loving everything!!!! There's too much good music out there! lol I guess that's a good problem. Yeah, you're right. I've only got Last Words left, so why am I waiting? I'll get to it.

Since I'm gonna make a full album tab I need to get all the songs as near perfect as possible. So if you could help me with the songs like Faith, Love and Happiness, New Design, I Climb, Rawkfist and so on I would be thankful. Those are the one's I haven't got all that high ratings on, so I'll need to fix them a bit maybe.

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-12


Te eF Kay - 2006-05-12

I gave this a five by the way.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-12


ice_wiz - 2006-05-12

You like FM Static Dani_boy? Hmmm... it just seems far to sugar coated for me personally.

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-13

the only problem I find wrong with FM Static is that every song(almost)seems
to be about a girl!

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-13

Yeah I don't like that about FM Static, but Something to Believe in is very good and all their song have a sweet beat

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-13

songs lol

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-13

I've actually never heard FM Static. So I don't know if I like them or not :P

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-14

About Te eF Kay's comment some time ago... I've started doing Last Words now, I've only got all the messy sounding verse stuff left. It's really cool, but really hard to hear, so if anyone's got any ideas on how to play the verse I'd be thankful. It's in Drop B, because that's the easiest way to play the melodic bridge part.

Te eF Kay - 2006-06-01

whos their DJ?

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-12

I don't think they have a DJ, but I know they have special effects. I wonder if they might not skip some special effects when they play live, but on albums they can easily make some effects, it's not too hard.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-06-13

yeah, they could like load them all in a computer, and play them whenever they need them

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