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Submitted by: Dani_Boy

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Song: Untitled (Get This Party Started)
Album: Set It Off (The first album)
Tuning: Drop B (B, F#, B, E, G#, C#)

This is the intro track to the very fisrt album of TFK, the one called
Set It Off. It's in drop B and so is the song after this one, Puppet. Only one
guitar plays in this intro track. Usually TFK uses two.

p = Pull off

   Trevor sings through the thing twice, then guitar comes in
E |--------------------|
B |--------------------|
B |--3p0--0--03003005--|

That's it! The whole intro track. Really easy, but I still wanted to do it
because nobody else had bothered to tab it. Guitar plays through the two last
times that Trevor sings the chorus (or whatever it is) with the riff played
4 times in each chorus. So you play 8 times in total. TFK ROCKS!!!
God Bless,

Comments about this tab

SHARK - 2006-04-26

I love this song!I love the way it goes drums then vocals come in then bass then electric guitar!

SHARK - 2006-04-26

I love this song!I love the way it goes drums then vocals come in then bass then electric guitar!

SHARK - 2006-04-26


SHARK - 2006-04-26

on my cd it sounds more like two strings being hit.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-27

Hey, SHARK! I think you are absolutely right about them playing two strings! Thanks there, buddy. You can still use this tab to play the song, play exactly the same, but play the F# string as well.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-27

This was the quickest tab I've ever done, by the way :)

SHARK - 2006-04-28


Dani_Boy - 2006-04-28

Yes, really. I mean it's so short of a song. It's the same little riff played 8 times. I heard that it was lower than Drop D, so when I tuned down to Drop B I heard it fit in perfectly. It just went kinda fast. The first tab that I have ever sent in was the intro to Move, and that took me slightly longer time than this one, especially since I wasn't as experienced with tabbing then compared to now. All the other tabs I've sent in were full songs, so of course they took longer time.

I'm only counting online tabs that I've sent in, not tabbing small riffs on paper, doing corrections and all that. But yeah, this tab took the least time to do of all the ones I've sent in. Absolute took the most time so far.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-28

Please, SHARK, could you take a look at my tab of Break The Silence for me? Some dude rated the tab with a 0, so I'd like to have your opinion about the tab. Maybe I've got loads of mistakes, but I do NOT think a 0 does it justice. Thanks.

Actually, anybody who reads this, please check out my Break The Silence tab. Tell me if I've done some terrible mistakes, or just simply tell me what you think of it.

I feel slightly discouraged right now, so some help would be nice. And oh, please don't rate the tab too high just because somebody rated it too low. Give it what you consider is justice.

akaukal - 2006-05-01

This song is actually known as The Krutch Antehm.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-01

Oh, it is? I didn't know that it was called that. Could someone tell me why that doesn't surprise me then? :) I love The Krutch Anthem! I love this song whatever name it has, but thanks for telling me. The Krutch Anthem sure is a cool name.

akaukal - 2006-05-02

yeah i love this song. Sounds way better on the Re-issue of Set it Off.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-02

It does? Okay, I've got to hear that sometime, I've only got the old album. But I like that one too! :)

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-07

I love the reissue, this is an awsome song, some other favorites of mine are "puppet" and "When in Doubt"

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-08

Yeah, they are really good. Oh, and Supafly really rocks too! The most touching song is definitely Lift It.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-09

Supafly rocks so hard and lift it has an awsome message

ice_wiz - 2006-05-11

Puppet definately is the best song on SIF

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-11

I agree that is a very sweet and rickin' song

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-11

I also like Everyone like me from the reissue

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-12

dont try to make Dani_Boy jealous tl_guitarnut he hasnt got Everyone Like Me!hehehe!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-12

HAHA, it's okay. I'll just have to get that one too sometime ;)

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-12

sorry bout that

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-13

I have never seen the original set it off album in any shops before and I would like to get that to so I could rate yuore tabs better!

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-13

I'm sure you could probably get in online

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-14

yeah maybe.

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