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Submitted by: Dani_Boy

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Song: Bounce
Album: Phenomenon
Tuning: Drop D

Hi guys, this is the song where TFK rocks the partay. lol Sweet, sweet song.
This song is pretty easy to play, and it is still so good. Rhythm Guitar uses
distortion while Lead Guitar has a brighter, more hollow sound. Enjoy!

/ = Slide up
h = Hammer on
P.M. or ... = Palm Muting

  Intro: Rhythm Guitar (Low presence)
P.M.                         ..

P.M.                       ..

  Verse: Lead Guitar

  Verse/Pre-Chorus: Rhythm Guitar

  Chorus: Rhythm Guitar
P.M.                         ..


Chorus x2

  Bridge: Rhythm Guitar (Part 1, Breaking the mold)
P.M.                . .  .. .  .                        .

P.M.                . .  .. .  .

  Bridge: Lead Guitar (Part 1, Breaking the mold)
                                         Skip this second time |--|

  Bridge: Lead Guitar (Part 2, Shaking up the dust)

  Bridge: Rhythm Guitar (Part 2, Shaking up the dust, plays soft and clean)

  Bridge: Rhythm Guitar (Part 3, Bounce!!!)
G|----------|   |-----|
D|--2--203--|   |--2--|
A|--2--203--|x4 |--2--|x4 (Listen to hear when to play each section)
D|--2--203--|   |--2--|

  Bridge: Lead Guitar (Part 3, Bounce!!!)

  Fourth Chorus: Rhythm Guitar (Different ending, final chord very muted off)
P.M.                         ..


  Chorus/Outro: Lead Guitar

Okay, I'm a little bit unsure about the final chord for the Lead Guitar in
third part of the bridge (Bounce!!!), it sounds pretty good to me, but if
you find something better, please tell me. TFK ROCKS!!!
God Bless,

Comments about this tab

SHARK - 2006-04-24

this song tells u what TFK is all about and its great!!!

ice_wiz - 2006-04-26

No, Phenomenon tells you what TFK is all about. Letting everyone know "you move to this Phenomenon".

SHARK - 2006-04-26

maybe that to but this song says: its tfk we rock the partay and stuff like that.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-27

Haha, I think Rawkfist together with This Is A Call tells you exactly what TFK's all about. But you're right both of you, so stop argueing :)

ice_wiz - 2006-04-27

Okay, it's not like were argueing... Besides TFK is about so much just listen to Set It Off.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-27

Yup, I know you're not argueing, I'm just kidding :) TFK is about everything, important and uplifting things. At the same time it's just a big fat hard rawking party! I think that's what I like about them most besides the awesome music. They can be really serious and mature, at the same time they can let go of everything and just get the party started.

SHARK - 2006-04-28

yeah some songs have meaning some are for exciting the crowdsuch as rawkfist!
I think phenomenon is about standing out as a christian.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-28

Sure is, especially in the bridge of Phenomenon.

SHARK - 2006-04-29

by the way even if we were arguing...ice_wiz started it!hehehe.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-29

haha lol

ice_wiz - 2006-04-29

Hey I'm a hockey player... All they do is fight.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-29

haha, lol again

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-04

My tab dropped some in rating. It's fine with me, I just think it would be nice with some input so I can improve the tab. Thanks.

SHARK - 2006-05-05

one thing I love about tfk is they never do that nasty sounding kind of scream that some rock bands do(I hate that).

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-05

Sometimes I like the sreaming. Like Pillar, Staple, Blindside and stuff like that. But I love melodic stuff. And I agree, it's nice that TFK doesn't do that, it just doesn't fit them. They rap and sing really good instead.

SHARK - 2006-05-05

thats o.k. with me if u like the screaming every one has different taste but I dont like realy heavy stuff like pillar much .

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-06

I usually prefer stuff like TFK though, screaming can be fun, but it's not my favorite thing really.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-06

I really like screaming like blindside, pillar, Kids in the way (wish they would almost scream all the time).
Oh ya, if you really want to know how to play this song go to . It is a tab book with "Bounce" in it.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-06

That's probably great, but it feels a bit expensive. I think my version sounds really good, but I would prefer it perfect, so if it isn't please tell me what mistakes you find. Ya'll know I'm a perfectionist, can't get rid of that :)

ice_wiz - 2006-05-07

It is expensive the shipping to Sweden might be alot too. I went to a Christian bookstore on Friday and looked at their tab books nothing I really want. Anyway the just got some posters in and I found one of TFK. It's the picture of them on a billboard in the CD booklet of Phenomenon.

zero91 - 2006-05-07

one of the best things about tfk is there sweeet guitar solo's and slamin riff's! i think screamo is good as long as it is watered down w/ other stuff. kinda like kids in the way , subseven, and emery. in my opinion thats why they rock!

zero91 - 2006-05-07

speaking of kids in the way, i cant wait till there new cd comes out!theres also a re-release of apperitions of melody w/ 2 new songs and a dvd w/ the "we are", "pheonix with a heartache", and "apperitions of melody" music videos!

i'm so stoked!

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-08

Some bands put out tab books of thier own music it would be cool if tfk put one
out but I guess u wouldnt have much fun tabbing the song then!

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-09

Yeah it would still be fun. I wouldn't buy the tab book you see :)

ice_wiz - 2006-05-09

I'd buy it then tell you how good of a tabber you are.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-09

thanks :)

ice_wiz - 2006-08-14

Those palm muted F#s in the intro/chorus are notes, not chords. So it would just be the "E" string muted on the fourth fret.

Dani_Boy - 2006-08-22

You could very well be right about that, ice. But I'm positive that the hammer-ons that follow are more than one-stringed. Thanks for the input :)

ice_wiz - 2006-08-28

I saw a bit of the book, so that's why it should sound right.

ice_wiz - 2006-09-02

Never mind, my mistake.

DiscipleRawks - 2007-12-07

i think in the bridge lead guitar part 2 goes like this

think the rest's great though!

DiscipleRawks - 2007-12-07

^sorry it messed my thing up
like this

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