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Submitted by: relient nelson

Song: The One Thing I Have Left
Artist: Hawk Nelson
Cd: Smile, It's the End of the World
copyright 2006
Tabber- Relient Hawk
This is my first time tabbing a song.  So it might be kind of confusing.  But
it's really close to what they play. It is in drop d with every string tuned 
down a half-step, so the low-D becomes a c#.  If you are having trouble finding
the tuning, listen to the song so if you play the three low strings unfretted, 
it sounds like what they play.  Rate, correct, and enjoy!

A--12 4x-15 4x-10 4x-14 4x
   *     *     *     *

G------------------------------------------- \
D--12-12--12-12-10-10--15-15--10-10-7-10-12   riff 1
A--12-12--12-12-10-10--15-15--10-10-7-10-12  /

A--12 4x-10 4x-14 4x-15
   *     *     *     *

play riff 1



A--8 8x-10 8x-12 8x-10 6x-10-8 8x-10 8x-12-12-12--10-10-10--15-15-15--10--10
                                       K    <
then repeat the chorus until you get to the K, and then play riff 1

Verse 2

no guitar for the first line

play riff 1 

B-------------------------------------------------- this part is not exact
G-------------------------------------------------- itis hard to hear, if you 
D--14-14-------12-12-------17-17-------12-12------- know it, please correct me

play riff 1

play the thing above again ( if you want to get really exact, loop the thing
above and harmonize it with higher notes)

play riff 1

play prechorus

play chorus until the K again and then the song gets heavy (and the fun begins)

B--3-3-333-3-3---- 3x

riff 2                               riff 3

E-----------------                   E-----------
B-----------------                   B-----------
G-----------------                   G-----------
D--0-0-000-0-0-8-7  repeat this      D--0-0-3-5-3-2
A--0-0-000-0-0-8-7  three times      A--0-0-3-5-3-2
D--0-0-000-0-0-8-7                   D--0-0-3-5-3-2

repeat riff 2 and then riff three

B---------3 slide up to a 13

B---------3 slide up to a 14

B---------3 slide up to a 15

play riff 3

D--0-0--0-0-0--0-0-0------10-10-10   repeat 3x  

D--0-0-3-5-3-2-0-0-3-5-3-2 slide up--10-
A--0-0-3-5-3-2-0-0-3-5-3-2 slide up--10 12x really fast
D--0-0-3-5-3-2-0-0-3-5-3-2 slide up--10-  

   *  *  *  *

                                             Whew!  That was fun (and hard)

Comments about this tab

RockStarPhil24 - 2006-04-17

Awesome tab, man! I missed the whole drop-tuned aspect of it, so I've got the same song tabbed in standard tuning with powerchords. They both sound pretty much the same.

relient nelson - 2006-04-17

Hey thanks! I signed the tab wrong, my screen name is actually, relient nelson.
But, yah. I'm gonna start working on "Is Forevor Enough" pretty soon.

relient nelson - 2006-04-17

The only part where you really need the drop-d tuning is at the end.

Relient Nelson aka Relient Hawk

l And1 l - 2006-04-17

This tab is relly accurate thanks relient nelson!

Hawk_Nelson89 - 2006-04-17

Just to let you know i kno somone who talked to jonathon of Hawk Nelson and he said that all there songs are played in drop c# tuning........but i dunno if its true

simmonds - 2006-04-17

thnx man God bless

relient nelson - 2006-04-17

hey, hawknelson 89. on the cd "Letters to the President", they played all of their songs in drop c#, but on their new cd, a few of the songs are in an even lower tuning. It's either drop c, or drop c minor.

Relient Nelson

Hawk_Nelson89 - 2006-04-17

I hope someone tabs the solo to Zero, and a full tab of Something On My Mind.

akaukal - 2006-04-18

ok this isn't right cause it is supposed to be in drop C# tuning. in the bridge, yer a little too high on the 0 chord. it is open but it's in drop C#. trust me on this i have consulted 12 people with this and played the song for them and this tab. they were all excellent players but they said the same thing i just did about the tuning. nice try though.

akaukal - 2006-04-18

srry about the last comment wrong song, wrong band! sorry about that! it's a great tab.

Mr.Pibb - 2006-04-18

this is an awesomly cool tab and I can tell relient nelson did a lot of work.Try it for your self and again this is a great tab.

relient nelson - 2006-04-18

hey no problem aukukal( or however you spell it).

Thanks for the compliment, Pibb

relient nelson - 2006-04-18

okay, one other thing. For all the people saying this song is supposed to be played in drop c#, i kno it is. I wrote it that way. Just read my intro to the song and it explains everything . I just didn't type

i just wrote it in the tab like this


why? because i'm lazy. Sorry if I caused any confusion, and i hope this clears
everything up.

relient nelson - 2006-04-22

okay, guys. Like two people have rated my tab a zero for accuracy in the last two days. It was at a four this morning, and then one person voted, and now it's a 3.5. My tab is not a zero for accuracy. Come on, rate it honestly please.

RockStarPhil24 - 2006-04-23

I rated your tab a 5, but I just happened to notice something. I finally tuned my guitar down to drop-D the way it's supposed to be and tried playing the song with this tab. Frankly, I think you've got it played way to high... shouldn't it be down lower or something? I haven't really explored it but it seems off to me.

Also, if you watch the music video on, it appears he plays standard powerchords (E3 A5 D5) instead of these (E3 A3 D3 [I'm not sure exactly what they're called])

akaukal - 2006-04-24

dude, he just said it was drop C#, not drop D he just labeled it differently.

relient nelson - 2006-04-24

Rockstar, I've watched the music video too, and you never really get a chance to see what he plays. But maybe they do play power chords in the verses instead of bar chords. But I think it's way easier to play bar chords. You can play it however you want, and thanks for the rating.

simmonds - 2006-04-26

Nice man BUT RKStarPhl24's was neater nice tab though

relient nelson - 2006-04-26

Neater? dude, his tab was in standard tuning. Hawk plays their songs in drop c#. His might be "neater" but mine is more accurate.

RockStarPhil24 - 2006-04-29

True that, Nelson - I've tried to catch it but it's really fast. It just seems like his hand positioning is a little weird for playing bar chords. Your tab definately works - you've hit the right notes - but it just seems like the real thing sounds lower, and heavier. I dunno, I could be wrong.

I drop-tuned my guitar (finally) so I'll play around with it and see what I can come up with.

relient nelson - 2006-04-29

alright. rockstar. try drop tuning it lower and lower until it sounds like it does at the end of the song when you play open, and that's the tuning it's supposed to be in.

RockStarPhil24 - 2006-04-30

Calm down bro, it's not that big of a deal. Your tab works just fine - I'm only saying there may be two ways to play it. (bar chords and regular powerchords.)

relient nelson - 2006-05-01

Hey, I'm not yelling. Maybe it looked like I was. But I wasn't. I have no problem with you playing power chords. If that works for you, cool.

relient nelson - 2006-05-01

I understand what you're talking about now. I thought you meant you where having trouble finding the tuning. I see what you mean. They might be power chords.

rockNforchrist - 2006-05-01

How long does it usually take for a tab to get posted?

relient nelson - 2006-05-02

It depends on what artist's song you are posting. This tab was up in one day, but I've submitted two more Halk Nelson songs since then, and neither of them are up yet. It all depends on the artists administrator.

rockNforchrist - 2006-05-02

Okay because I submitted a complete tab for Letters to the President about a week ago and its not up yet.

collegerocker17 - 2006-05-03

It took 6 months for one of my tabs to be put up, once. It's just best not to worry about it, and consider it a treat when it is up :)


relient nelson - 2006-05-07

Wow... maybe the adminastrator for that artist died or something. just joking

relient nelson - 2006-05-07

I spelled administrator wrong didn't I.

rockNforchrist - 2006-05-08

I hope it doesn't take that long.

rockNforchrist - 2006-05-18

I just realized that it might sound better if you play that riff in verse 2
a string higher but thats just me. And I feel stupid but how do you do a pick slide? I cant get it to sound right.

relient nelson - 2006-05-19

I think it's easier to play the riff in the string I have it, cause then you're not jumping around so much.
There aren't any pick slides in this song. The slides at the end are just finger slides, slide your left hand up to the next note.

rockNforchrist - 2006-05-21

I know theres not any pick slides in this song, I was just wondering.

=-JaVa-= - 2006-05-22

i used drop C# and the song sounds great... great tab

relient nelson - 2006-05-23

Thnx Java.

JC_Rocker - 2006-05-28

Hey, I just bought the cd 2day and it’s awesome!!! Now I’m gonna have my little whinge and complain about how no good bands ever come to Australia… So if any of you guy’s know anyone from any good bands like falling up/project86/relient k/hawk nelson/TFK , could you please try and hint to them that all the aussie’s are missing out, and would luv to see/hear them live… That’s about it… By the way, u did a great job on the tab

relient nelson - 2006-05-30

Thanks. I have a friend who has a friend who knows like everyone in christian music, but that's it.

heisouronlyhope - 2006-06-10

good tab dave dude a couple of my friends saw the guitarist from hawk nelson in a bathroom they said hi be he didnt talk to them. It was after the show so I think he was leaving

relient nelson - 2006-06-10

thanks, Hudson :) thats awesome that they met the guitarist.

Adam K - 2006-08-06

B---------3 slide up to a 13

B---------3 slide up to a 14

B---------3 slide up to a 15

They don't slide up to anything they just bend, and there are two notes played at the same time. It's on my tab.

chickentenders - 2006-09-02

what's with the stars dude ?

rockNforchrist - 2006-09-08

I got to talk to all of the guys in HN after a show the sunday before last and the guitarist said they play in drop Db. I just wanted to clear that up 'cause I know theres a lot of going back and forth over what they play in.

relient nelson - 2006-09-10

drop db is the same as drop c#, its just a different way to say it.

sac346 - 2006-10-11

Yea, I tried playing it in drop d and it works untill the end of the song. I'll get a good one out soon.

boneflip - 2006-11-06

this tab rocks ti is kinda confusing but it rocks i rock we all rock. .......Dude

5isakoolnumber - 2006-11-29

great tab but u got lazy and wrote it wrong in the tab but i dant care
its great God bless

CDBongo - 2007-01-07

This tab is great, heisouronlyhope has a really good tab too, but I probably like this one better because its easier to play (they both sound practically identical, except he uses strings 345 more and you use strings 456)
I actually use a bit of both tabs but thats irrelavant

Id like to know how you harmonize the riff in the second verse? I dont know anything about advance music theory so Id need someone to tab that part out for me. If someone finds this out that would be awesome.

It sounds good if you just play the notes, but It would be really cool if the harmony was there too!

Thanks to all the tabbers who have spend time to make this tab!

Te eF Kay - 2007-02-18

definatly drop c# tuning dude.
nice Tab!

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