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Submitted by: Dani_Boy

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Song: Rawkfist
Album: Phenomenon
Tuning: Drop D

Time to Rock! I figured you just couldn't throw up your rawkfist high enough
with the other tabs of this song, so I tabbed it myself. Yes, I know this will
be version number nine, I still think we need a better and more complete
version of it. I love Rawkfist!!! I think I dare to bet that this is one of
TFK's best and most simple songs ever. Not very deep lyrics perhaps, it's just
one big hard rawking party!

This song uses two guitars, like all the TFK songs do. The Lead Guitar plays
only in the verses and in the "solo". I don't know if it really is a solo, but
that's what people keep calling it so I'll go with that. The Rhythm Guitar
uses distortion all the way through and the Lead Guitar has a brighter, less
distorted sound. 

/ = Slide up (Slide from note to note or slide into)
h = Hammer on
p = Pull off
x = Scratching, mute strings with your fret hand to get a cool "dead" sound
b = Bend strings slightly
P.M. or ... = Palm Muting
^ = Marks where Lead Guitar plays E7#9 chord during the solo part.

  Intro: Rhythm Guitar (The hardest part lol)

  Verse 1: Rhythm Guitar (Part 1)


  (Part 2)


  Verse 1: Lead Guitar (Natural harmonics, plays only at part 1's scratchings)

Plays only at part 1's scratchings, listen to hear when to play the different
sections. It's important that you play natural harmonics and not real tones!

  Chorus: Rhythm Guitar (Let chords ring)

  Post-Chorus: Rhythm Guitar (That wonderful little riff)

In the video (Not the cd version) they add the entire bridge section here so
that the bridge is played after each post-chorus. On this bridge before the
second verse they skip the last four scratchings. Just watch and listen to
the video to hear what I mean.

  Verse 2: Rhythm Guitar (Part 1)
D|-----xxxx---xxxxxxxx---xxxx---xxxxxxxx| You can play with verse 1 chords
A|--5h7xxxx5h7xxxxxxxx5h7xxxx5h7xxxxxxxx| if you want, but it sounds like
D|-----xxxx---xxxxxxxx---xxxx---xxxxxxxx| they could be using hammer ons

                               |--------| Some effect is added here
  (Part 2)


  Verse 2: Lead Guitar (Natural harmonics, plays only at part 1's scratchings)



  Bridge: Rhythm Guitar


A|--2--2--|x4  (Same as intro, listen to hear when to play)

  Solo and Outro: Rhythm Guitar
                                            ^      ^          ^      ^

            ^      ^          ^      ^

  Solo: Lead Guitar (Plays E7#9 chord at all the markings)
G|--7--| I don't know if the base note is actually played because it sounds
D|--6--| kinda bright. They might skip it, or they put the "weight" of the
A|-(7)-| chord on the brighter string. I put the base note inside brackets.

To clear things up a bit, I just wanted to tell you that all the extra notes
that makes the tonality of the chorus is played by the Bass Guitar. The
electric stuff pretty much follows the vocals and is no harder than what I've
tabbed. I've seen many strange chorus versions, but just listen for the
distortion, I'm pretty sure I've tabbed it right.

Peace to to you all, TFK ROCKS!!!
God bless,

Comments about this tab

SHARK - 2006-04-19

VERY NICE!there are some parts that need correcting.I suppose u havent seen the music video?verse1 is the same as verse2 and jamie plays some chord like this first thing in the chorus:
LOVE the lead guitar!!!

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-19

I have seen the video, but I haven't been watching it all to closely. Maybe I should study it more carefully, thanks for the tip. But I can't hear any thing like that chord in the song, (at least the cd version) only what I've tabbed. I think you're right about that the verses are the same though. BUT, verse 1 starts with a slide into to the 7 fretted chord, in the second one he starts with the 5 fretted chord. Just another little detail. :)

Thanks, SHARK! I really want to try to make my tabs perfect, that's my goal. So I'll need all the corrections I can get where I make things wrong. When I'm done with Phenomenon I'm gonna make this one big fat tab with all the songs in it, that will be fun. So I hope I can erase as many mistakes as possible until then.

SHARK - 2006-04-19

I agree that chord doesnt seem to fit(maybe I should have mentioned that before).

SHARK - 2006-04-19

I play the solo like this:|-5p2-4p2--52-42-|

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-20

It does not look like he's playing a straight powerchord, anyways. I was thinking he could be playing it an octave higher, but it really sounds like it is the 2 fretted E5 chord I tabbed. HELP, TFK PUZZLES ME! The chords he's playing in video does LOOK cooler, but it really doesn't seam to fit at all.

SHARK, I think I'll have to disagree with your solo. It's higher than that. Sure, you can play that if you want to, but try playing it together with the song. It just doesn't fit. Thanks for the tip, but I'm not changing my solo, I think it sounds fine as it is.

You are right about the Rhythm Guitar in the verses. It's the same. Except that it skips the first chord in verse 1 and just slides into the second chord. Just look at my tab, you'll know what I mean.

In the bridge part where Trevor sings a bit softer (Wow, he can actually do that! lol) with "That's the sound..." the Rhythm Guitar plays upstrokes. It sounds a tiny bit better, but it's no big deal.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-20

I so wish they had a function on CGR where you can go in and edit your own tabs. I'd like to write these changes in it.

SHARK - 2006-04-20

it seems to be the way they play the solo in the video(Itake every thinng off the video cause im not good enough to tab stuff yet)

SHARK - 2006-04-20

by the way what are natuaral harmonics

SHARK - 2006-04-20


SHARK - 2006-04-20

is some effect added to the lead or is that naturual harmonics?

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-21

Natural Harmonics is a technique. No effects, it's a technique by your fretting hand. It takes a while to master, but it's really fun because it gives you these brighter tones that sound awesomely clean and natural. I guess that's what the name comes from, but I haven't studied the name so don't blame me if I'm wrong. :)

To do a natural harmonic, you place a left hand finger (Preferably your index finger/bar/pointer finger, it's the same finger only different names) right over the indicated fret, pick the note and then do a slight pull off. What I mean with "over" is that you shouldn't touch the fret board. Actually, you should only barely touch the string.

You should not hold it over the fret area where you normally fret to sound a certain note (like in chords), but over the actual metal bar that we call a fret. This is very important, if you hold it over the fret area you won't get any harmonic.

So when it says 7 on the G string, it means that you touch the string gently right over the metal bar between fret 7 and fret 8. When you've plucked the note, gentle pull off your finger to give the note full power. If you do it right you'll get a beautiful, bright tone to the note that you can't get from ordinary notes.

Natural harmonics works better at some places, because natural harmonics comes from deviding the string length. Fret 5, 7 and 12 work the best, they are pretty easy to play harmonics with. Fret 3 and nine are okay too. You can play them almost anywhere, but they'll sound better at some places compared to other. They work just as good on all strings.

There are lot's of lessons on the net that probably explain Natural Harmonics better and easier than I do, but if you wan't me to explain something else or if you wonder anything, just tell me.

The perfect example of Natural Harmonics is the intro to the song Colors by Crossfade. They are not a christian band, so you won't find them here, but do a google search for them and watch the video. They have really good lyrics to that song by the way. :)

SHARK - 2006-04-22

so u basicly lightly touch the string over the fret bar like ure muting it strike the string with the pick and then pull off?

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-22

Yeah, basically, but it takes some practise. Start trying at the 12th, 7th and 5th fret.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-22

I learned by seeing somebody doing it, and then he told me how to do it. I can imagine it might be a bit hard to learn without seeing anybody do it, but I'm sure you'll manage :)

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-22

By the way, I've always wondered... How do TFK do when they play live? I mean in the videos for both Move and Rawkfist Trevor only sings, then they've got one guy one Rhythm Guitar, one on Bass Guitar and one on Drums. They are 4 persons, you can see that. So where is the Lead Guitarist? If you listen carefully they've got Lead Guitar in every single song.

SHARK - 2006-04-22

didnt you know trevor plays the guitar.

SHARK - 2006-04-23

I just finished tabbing this please take a look.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-23

Your first comment: Yeah I've heard things in that direction, but that must mean he plays the rhythm guitar live, and the other guitarist plays Lead instead of Rhythm like he does in the videos. Trevor's gotta be pretty good and confident if he can handle playing the rhythm guitar and singing at the same time. I find some parts of some songs really hard to sing and play to at the same time.

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-23

Your second comment: What have you just finished tabbing? I'd love to take a look, I just don't know what you're talking about.

SHARK - 2006-04-24

I tabbed this song Rawkfist I also tabbed unbelieveable not that it would be much use to you.

ice_wiz - 2006-04-28

Very good tab, not entirely sure about the chorus but maybe it's just me. I guess it's one of those songs where the guitar doesn't exactly sound like the song. The solo is really good (maybe perfect!) so keep it up!

Dani_Boy - 2006-04-29

The chorus you say? I've got to check it out. Thanks ice_wiz

akaukal - 2006-05-01

yeah i agree with ice_wiz about the chorus.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-02



Whole thing played two times. Don't believe me? Watch the video at because you hear the guitar very clear there, atleast I do. I didn't notice the D5 chords in between before, but I dare to bet a lot that it is like this. Listen and you can pretty clearly hear a E5 chord, then an open fretted D5 chord. I know the guitar looks different, but try to judge how it sounds. Listen for the distorted stuff, the bass guitar does other things.

Now if you still think I'm wrong with the chorus, then suggest something different. I've also had my wonderings, but I'd rather judge the sound than the looks. Now watch the video at Blastro and just listen, then tell me what you think. If you got an improvement then let me know, because I can't hear anything I can change except for those extra D5 chords in the chorus.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-02

Oh, SHARK, forget what I said before that verse 1 and two are the same. In verse 1 the play small powerchords and slides, in verse 2 they play notes and hammer ons.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

akaukal - 2006-05-02

hey this is weird. It's like the same people commenting on all your tabs! We should form some kind of gang;). Haha.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-03

Yeah, I know. People aren't all that good at commenting it seems. But as you say, I've got my three loyal commenting friends. You that is, ice_wiz and SHARK. I really appreciate you all commenting the tabs and helping me in making them better. I've got like one or two comments from other people, but not much at all.

You're right, maybe we should start some little club... :)

ice_wiz - 2006-05-03

It's official the TFK commentaries club.

akaukal - 2006-05-03

Dani_Boy's leader and I'm second in command =P

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-03

Hahaha, lol I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! You're funny. But I agree, it's the TFK commentaries club! I'm definitely the Lead Tabber anyway. lol Akaukal wants to be second in command... :) If we're gonna have a second in command I want you guys to decide who that person is. I love all three of you and I could not decide such an honorable thing. :)

Honestly, I love that name! TFK Commentaries Club... I bet nobody's got that name, most people go with "Fan Club" and thing like that. Thanks a lot guys, it's really comforting as a tabber to have people who give you feedback, ideas, motivation. I owe you a lot, hehe.

TFKCC. That sounds a little strange. So full name is TFK Commentaries Club, but in short it could be KCC or something like that. "Krutch Commentaries Club" :) I like it!

ice_wiz - 2006-05-03

No, No akukual I have the most posts 215, so I'm second in command j/k

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-04

Haha, I'll let you two fight about that.

akaukal - 2006-05-04

ok ice_wiz you have more posts, but I have more tabs waiting to come through. 9 to be exact. =P

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-04

You got nine tabs? Cool, I want to see them. Does ice_wiz have tabs posted too? I know SHARK's got two tabs.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-07

I was trying to tab "Go" by TFK but I sucked so I gave up on it.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-08

Ok, yeah Go needs a better version, nice of you trying.

zero91 - 2006-05-08

i'm tabbing (trying to anyway) "the end" by kids in the way. i think i got the verses and chorus but its hard because it is like 9 minutes long. i still have the prechorus and stuff to do but hopefully i can figure them out soon.

zero91 - 2006-05-08

i cant wait to try this tab out! i will rate once i try it out. it looks good though! i love this song. i just ordered the nail dvd w/ the music video for this song! hope it comes soon!

ice_wiz - 2006-05-08

zero91-- Keep trying to do Kids in the way tabs even if there not perfect it give me an idea how to play the song. plus no one else seems to do there tabs.

zero91 - 2006-05-08

i know, there one of my favorite bands and nobody ever tabs them! i havent done much latly because i was on vacation but i will probably start back soon.

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-08

hey Dani Boy how about TFK Tabbers!he he.

ice_wiz - 2006-05-09

zero91 -- Is the End the only KITW song your doing?

zero91 - 2006-05-09

right now, yes. but when i'm done i will probably try some more. i'm not doing the solo's right now just the main stuff.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-10

Yeah, of course Te eF Kay! We're the TFK Tabbers and the TFK Commentairies Club. Hehe. Hey guys, could you try to help me get some tabs on the Phenomenon album right? There are a few where I could use some feedback on. Like this one, I Climb, New Design, Faith Love And Hapiness etc. That would be really nice, thanks.

zero91 - 2006-05-10

ice_wiz, i just submitted "even snakes have hearts" by kids in the way.i'm not shure if its come up on the site yet though. but anyway will you check it out?

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-12

Im on it!hehehe

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-12

Great, Te eF Kay! I appreciate your help. :)

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-16

I heard that right before they play the chorus they add a tone to some of the chords. They also do this in the outro.


They don't do this to all of those chords though, I'll try to find out exactly how to play it soon.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-16

I've submitted five tabs, but their not up on the site yet.

Dani_Boy - 2006-05-19

Hehe, ok. Tell me when they come and I'll check em out.

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-22

what songs r they?Id like to take a look.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-05-26

Well, so far I've tabbed Clear The Air by Bleach (Excluding the solo), More than a revolution by Eleventyseven, Break me by Seventh Day Slumber, Nothing Left to Show and It's Over by Hawk Nelson, and We've Only Just Begun, Miles and States, Move on, and Sing to Me, by Run Kid Run, I guess that's nine, none of which are on the site yet.

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-26

hmmm we have a problem cause I dont know any of those songs sorry!

Te eF Kay - 2006-05-26

the lead guitar has to have more to do with this song that should be the answer to the chourus.

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-03

I don't know if the Lead Guitar has more to do with the chorus. I can't hear the slightest trace of it. And Jamie on the video (I think it's Jamie isn't it =/ ) obviously seems to play the Rhythm Guitar, at least if you look at the rest of the song. But I don't know. I can't hear those high chords in the beginning of the chorus. (Those that didn't seem to fit) I hear 2 fretted and 0 fretted chords.

He could be playing it like this: (compare with the tab I submitted)

Everything's played twice.

I don't know really which way is more right, but on the video he plays those 0 fretted chords I replaced the 7 fretted chords with. Tell me what you guys think.

tl_guitarnut - 2006-06-03

I played it with the song and it sounded right. Great Job!

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-05

guitarnut, did you mean the correction or the entire tab?

tl_guitarnut - 2006-06-06

I meant the correction, sorry

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-12

Alright, thanks

I forgot to say that on the video he seems to take the 10 fretted chords on the A string, on the 3rd fret.

Here's a correction for the pre-solo part:

I also found out that they do a double scratch before the pre-choruses. So believe it or not, but I'm gonna do ANOTHER VERSION of this song! What will it be? Number twelve? Anyway, I'm gonna do it, so I hope it turns out perfect this time. Or atleast closer to perfect ;)

!Justinsane! - 2006-06-13

ok the lead part in the breakdown is
it sounds good when you hit the strings hard!

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-13

No, Justin, that's a little bit too bright to be the Lead Guitar chord for the breakdown/solo. But I must say it's a really cool alternative! It sounds more bright, more happy than the original chord. I like both versions.

I still believe that this is the chord though:

I put the 7 inside brackets, since I don't think they use the bass note of this E7#9 chord.

!Justinsane! - 2006-06-15

aight, real quik, im watching the video and it looks like he plays the chorus like this
try it out, watch ther video, whateva, while ur at it watch him play the breakdown, instead of "2" on the "a", he just just stretches his pinky to the
7th fret on the low "d", try this too. its eazier and sounds better. play whatever your want for the lead parts but i think "3 on the e string and "5" on theb string is what sounds best...(not "4" on the e string...sorry, mb)

Howard Banister - 2006-06-18

I don't know, none of the solo breakdowns sound right...on the video it does look like he is around the 7th fret...but i don't know...its hard to watch in concert cuz il be too bz mawshin'

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-25

I believe Justin's version looks like what he plays, but I think what they play on the video actually looks off from the song! Check this out:



This is half made from what it looks like, half made from what it sounds like. Frankly, I still think it sounds (NOT looks) like this:



I've discovered some new things to this song, I'll post them soon.

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-25

Howard, I think you're probably right, I just don't like stretching my fingers that much. I guess I'll have to learn the hard way. :) It does sound sustained, so try this hammer-on and pull-off version:


Use your pinky finger for the 7th fret, your ring finger for the 5th fret and your index finger for the 2nd fret. This does sound a lot better. Thanks for making me realize that. :)

Mic vs. Guitar - 2006-06-25

yup yup...i like to do full strokes, it sounds better when you have more distortion....speaking of which...does anyone know how i can get TFK sound? i may not be able to with my pedal...i have a boss MT-2 Metal zone...i may get mega distortion or turbo dist. next pay check but i dont know....any hints anyone?

Dani_Boy - 2006-06-28

Sorry, I don't know how to get that perfect TFK sound, but most somewhat heavy distortions work fine I think. A little more towards the darker kind of sound is nice for the equalizer. :)

ice_wiz - 2006-07-01

TFK has a really "chunky" sound. It doesn't seem to have a lot of crunch, just more of a sonic boom.

Dani_Boy - 2006-07-06

yeah, something like that.

ice_wiz - 2006-07-11

I have no clue how to adjust it on my amp, though. I think a lot if MID and BASS is what you need.

Dani_Boy - 2006-07-12

Yeah, they don't go too heavy at all on the treble, MID and BASS is what sou need, just like ice_wiz says hehe :)

akaukal - 2006-07-27

Try DOD Thrash distortion or even maybe a Digitech Grunge set for a more bass tone.

joeAnne - 2009-01-05

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