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Submitted by: PoeticDisciple

United We Stand
"Came to My Rescue"
This Is Exactly how they Play It
I will br posting all others songs exactly how United plays it.

Standard Tuning   " - " means 4 beats

Intro, Verse#1, Verse#2, And Chorus are all the same chords

C - G - Am - F - (2x)

Verse 1 & 2:
C - G - Am - F - (2x)

Chorus 1:
C - G - Am - F - (3x) Three Times

Chorus 2:
C - G - Am - F - (2x)

Instrumental & Bridge:
Am - - C - -
Am - - F - G - F -

Bridge 2 - **(A Reprise) I like to call it "A Repraise" 
Am - - C - -
Am - - F - -

Comments about this tab

JcRockstar11 - 2006-04-13

yea just to clear it up the song name is Came To The Rescue i know that the lyrics say Came To My Rescue but if you look at the song title on the cd it's Came To The Rescue, yea everything in this tab looks right exept for the insturmental & Bridge part it is the same the whole time it is A C A F the whole time


captian - 2006-04-18

spot on

ttownguitarist - 2006-07-14

Great tab, just wanted to say a few things. There's a "G/B" slash chord instead of the 2nd "G" in the first verse, and all the "G"s in the chorus likewise. Also, on the "In my life be lifted high" part they play these chords:

Am G/B C G/B

Am G F

Just listed for the changes as they're not always on the top of the beat :)

wowbertmz024 - 2006-07-26

I agree with the ttownguitarist dude!

mmggppmgp - 2006-08-07

sumthing to mess with cuz i thought this is one of the best bridges or part or what have you in the song... its kinda like shout unto God...

[play this twice]



then it gets intense...
I tried to be as note per note as possible... i probably mistyped a lot of things, but I hope this helps cause this part is awesome.


mmggppmgp - 2006-08-07

im sorry... but i noticed that the spacing is inconsistent... so please listen to the cd for the timing...

Crosseyed252 - 2006-10-13

If you play bass...


I realize there are no timings in here, but if you just try to play it with the cd a few times, you should be able to pick it up pretty quick with that.

Crosseyed252 - 2006-10-13

Sorry I forgot to mention: that bass part ^^ is for the bridge when everything builds up.

gsus_freak_01 - 2006-12-06

great tab. this is an awesome praise and worship song, not all songs need to be jump around songs that make you feel good. This song is convicting and true.

consumed4God32 - 2008-03-01

thats right....We have to take the time of worship to be changed in his presence!

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