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Submitted by: jesuschic

Superchic[k] "We Live"
     This song totally rawks!

A             If this doesnt work, try it on the
D             second string. It still wont be perfect
G             though.

Chorus: F#  C#  Ab  B  Bb

Verse 2: SAME

Chorus: F#  C#  Ab  B  Bb

Verse 3: SAME

Chorus: F#  C#  Ab  B  Bb  The chorus just fades out so
                           you can continue the chords until
                          the song ends. PLEASE correct me if Im wrong.

Comments about this tab

ThoughTom - 2006-03-05

THAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guitargirl2God - 2006-03-17

the intro to the song starts like this but i dont know where to go from here...


help me out with this!

sk8brd4god - 2006-03-21

I like it a lot!

4of5Rocker - 2006-04-19

I'm not farmiliar with these chords... could someone tell me how to play
them?? by the way I love this song

jesuschic - 2006-04-23

I'll have to re-try the the intro with yours.

powerchordguy - 2006-05-04

THE Intro in this song has two guitars: the high one that starts out:

B)--7------------- something like that...

And the low one that starts out:


i really don't know the rest. but i just thought i'd point out that there are TWO parts to the intro. thanks

toothandsolid - 2006-06-16

i like it
i found the vocal tab for the chorus


it sounds really awsome on the acustic guitar

God Rocks!!

Jbuzz - 2006-08-28

Does anyone know the bass line.

Zboy4God - 2006-08-30

hay toothandsolid
super sweet tab

it sounds O on the piano 2

------------------ZBOY out---------------

singing lark - 2006-11-13

Nice! Could you send please send me the words with the chords. PLEASE!

-Singing Lark

JesusmyKing - 2006-12-03

Hey guys, dont know how the tab is cause i havent played it, but just wanted
to say that there Aflat, is probably better recognized as G#, same thing, but just clearing it up for some of the newer guitar players.
looks good though, God Bless

Sammie7 - 2006-12-30

I believe the chords are:
F#(We live) C#(We love we) G#m7(forgive) B(and never give) C#(up).
Repeat that pattern and rhythm for the rest of the chorus.
The other chords did not sound right, so I came up with this for the chorus.

Sammie7 - 2007-01-18

I believe the chords for the chorus are:
F#(We live) C#(We love we) G#m7(forgive) B(and never give) C#(up).
Repeat that pattern and rhythm for the rest of the chorus.
The other chords did not sound right, so I came up with this for the chorus.
A good resource for guitar chords is:
These are all barre chords. The numbers on the far left are the numbers of each of the strings.
The high E string is number one, number 2 is B, and so on and so forth.
The numbers under each of the chords show the fret on which the fingers rest for that particular chord.

F#: C#: G#m7: B:
1| 2 4 4 2
2| 2 6 4 4
3| 3 6 4 4
4| 4 6 4 4
5| 4 4 6 2
6| 2 4 4 2

These are the chords if anybody needed them.

KMBroom - 2007-01-20

sounds to me like its a guitar and a bass in the intro... guitar playing D#m C# G#m7 A#m (the A#may be a 7 too)the rest of the tab sounds great. good job

Sammie7 - 2007-01-23

Your awesome KMBoom. Now we have all the chords.

Nath - 2007-02-03

Sounds to me like the intro is Bass and one guitar...
I would say the tab up there ^^ for the intro is right - the lower notes being for the bass, and the higher notes being for the guitar.

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