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Submitted by: Addone

Artist/song: Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
Album: Flyleaf (2005)
Tabbed by: Adwin "Addone" Lam
Tuning: Dropped-D

*First tab submitted, hope you have fun.*

Intro / verse1 (distorted bass):

D----------------------------   X6 ?   (Sometimes the slide to 9 isnt played)

End of verse 1 (same as above, but barred):


Pre-chorus / Chorus:

D-8---5---8---5---          (And then intro comes back in)

Verse 2 and 3:
Guitar doesn't play.
Bass sounds like a variation of the intro.

For the tempo and number of times you strum each chord, listen to the song.
Flyleaf rocks, their full-length CD came out in October. 
Their site is:

Have fun!  : )

Comments about this tab

JESUSFReaK301 - 2006-02-27

I haven't really listened to this song much, but it kinda doesn't sound christian, but i'm not gonna judge, that's god's job. I don't know anything about this band, but i don't think the song sounds christian...

skanigit - 2006-04-01

Your concern is merited, Jesus Freak, but I have the album and they are a Christian band. Also, the song "I'm so sick" IS Christian when you consider the depravity of mankind.

Plus, they're playing CreationFest West this year.

btw, nice tab

Guitar323k13l - 2006-04-19

hey this is definitely a christian song and a christian band, christian music can be hard rock like this band. if you have ever heard of a band called project 86 or disciple or mortification. those are all hard core bands that are totally on fire for God. project 86's vocalist even stopped in the middle of a show to say that God was the reason they were at that show, not any of the producers, not the place that hosted the concert, and not even themselves. im not tryin to be rude or mean which i know that a message like this in text might come across as, im just tellin you that a band like this can be christian and actually will be more effective in spreading the word of God because this is what kids will actually listen to.

Breezy - 2006-05-01

could someone put this song in chords cause I can't read tabs =/ please and thank you

Just saying fer the Jesus Freak person...
Flyleaf is totally Christian...think about it this way...only true christian bands play at the spirit west coast and stuff, well they're playing with them and they sell their music in strictly christian music stores...this proves their christian...

punkeroo22 - 2006-05-28

Hey I normally dont comment on this kind of thing, but I kinda know the band personally, and I gotta stand up for my friends and fellow christians. I've known them since before they were flyleaf, when they were an up and coming band out of belton,tx. called passerby. These kids are some of the most humble, spirit filled, not doing it for the fame and glory, people you will ever meet. I'm not trying to come off as rude and sound like ooo i'm better than everyone but I know what i'm talking about. So just a piece of advice for the future, unless you know who some one is dont judge them by the style of music they play or by what you may interpret their lyrics to be. Get to know THEM and who they ARE before you JUDGE whether or not they are CHRISTIAN. God Bless.

oatmeal415 - 2006-06-02

hey you guys are sweet like said before christian music doesnt have to be soft and full of melody like worship in church some kids just cant worship that way and also this gets out to all the non christian people that listen to this kind of music have you guys heard of underoath they are so amazing and they go on warped tour taste of chaos and there a christian band that converts many of non christians. any who thanks for the sweet tab and god bless

childofGod7 - 2006-06-16

WOw you guiys are right on!!! I have to admit that when i first heard thisd song on MTV i thought " o just another rock/ounk/depressed/emo band" but i listened to da lyrics and i was like this is not your everyday mainstream rock....but you guys are totally roght this can be more usefull in spreading the word of God. Like today my friends (who aren't really Christian) love this band nd i thought mabey this will influence them. I like this band. O yeah and good tab :)

T_Conticelli - 2006-07-08

Alright, first of all, the only thing you got absolutely correct was the Chorus. If any would like a very good tab of this song, then you can check out As for the music debate, I am really glad to see people stand up for this music, because where I am from, many believe that it is just a bunch of noise, and full of corruption. I love bands such as Demon Hunter, UnderOath, Flyleaf, and many many others. So, thanks for you guys standing up for this music, and it's purpose.

Dani_Boy - 2006-08-08

Pretty good, but the bass riff starts doing variations at the 3rd time around. I don't think that the 9 fretted chord is really right. Good job on the chorus.

Cheese_Monkey - 2006-08-21

There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Flyleaf is a christian band! and this song is no different, just look at the lyrics of the chorus. she's talking about how the ways of the world are 'infecting' her lifestyle, and realizes that its a really bad thing! just because the style of the song is harder, doesn't say anything about the band exept that's the kind of music they like to play!

monkeysmile - 2006-09-01

Flyleafs a great band, read and/orlisten to interviews and i think they sound like a solid christian group.

JesusFreak78239 - 2006-10-02

Flyleaf is a great band and they are definitely Christian. If you listen to the lyrics they are about how messed up the world is, which is definitely a Christian message, because if the world were not messed up, then Christ wouldn't have hung on that cross for us. By the way, please don't think that I say this with spite, because this may sound spiteful, but rather I say this with love. God bless.

Bredders - 2006-11-02

LOL...everyone gets on everybody elses case. Music is so powerful on the mind.

3rd Bassman - 2006-12-27

wow i think this might set a record for most comments not pertaining to the tab lol... flyleaf is a christian band, but like that one guy said about having their music strictly sold in chiristian stores aint true, and that necessarily isnt a good way to decide if a band is christian or not... peace

Rkchic[k] - 2007-04-16

i haven't read all the comments, so you're probably all tired of ragging on jesusfreak.
but, where the band plays isn't what makes them a christian band.
check out what relient k is doing...and look at how many more fans they're getting and witnessing to.
what makes them christian is-not only the fact that they aren't belting out obscene words-is the power, energy, and the total idea of, hey, i was upset once, but now i've changed. and i'm sick of bearing the guilt...and living in it.
but...this is a tabbing site.
nice job.

i love flyleaf, and was supposed to see them at acquire the fire...but not anymore.

sac346 - 2007-05-17

no offense guys, but two people standing up for flyleaf would have been enough...

InsaneBaser - 2008-01-21

well, I am no expert or anything, i've only been playing the bass for just under 2 years about now, but from what i can hear, it sounds like you've tabbed pretty much the basic gist of what he actually plays. It sounds to me that what he actually plays is sorta just is a variation of what he feels like playing. i tried playing along with what you tabbed, and the notes are right....just seems like one time is different than another rather than a perfect pattern....just thought i'd add my thoughts on that.

InsaneBaser - 2008-01-21

*forgot to add, it only sounds like that when he's in a solo, course when everyone plays together it's the same, otherwise it would kinda sound junky if he played different than if he played his own thing when it's meant to be together : )

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