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Submitted by: KutlessRocks842

Album: Chronicles of Narnia
Artist: Kutless
Song: More Than it seems

This is the new Kutless song and it's awsome

GTR 1(acoustic) Standerd with capo 2
GTR 2 Drop B = B F# B E G# C#

Intro: violen

Verse 1: GTR 1 acoustic only

E A B A x3 then theres a bit of piano
E A B A x3 " " " " " "

Chorus GTR 2

B -44--6777--222-000-44-22
F#-44--6777--222-000-44-22 x2
B -44--6777--222-000-44-22

Post chorus: gtr 1  E A B A x2

Verse 2: 

E A B A x3 then piano

Chorus: gtr 2


B --444-222-000
F#--444-222-000 x3
B --444-222-000

Chorus: there is no gtr for the first part then gtr comes in then repeats till 
        the end of the song.

You'll have to figue out the rhythem a bit more.       

Thats it. I don't think that it's 100% but it should give you a good idea on how 
it goes. please rate/comment

God Bless!!!!

Comments about this tab

kyleschump - 2005-12-14

Your right, its a good start. Is it just me or does it seem more minor then the chords here?

KutlessRocks842 - 2005-12-15

i was doing a little revision and the verse chords in drop B are:

F# D A E

swobj - 2006-02-14

Well i tried the gtr 1 part, and i tried playing it with the song it just doesnt fit with it... So i took what you had and listened for a while and it seems to go like this.

Capo 2
Standard tuning

Verse: C#m A E B x3

Verse 2: C#m A E B x3 Last time end with F#m

Chorus 1: C#m A B(Hold) A E B (Listen for chord changes)

Verse 3: C#m A E B x3 Last time end with F#m

Chorus 2: C#m A B(Hold) A E B (Listen for chord changes)

Bridge: C#m A Bx3 Last time end with D(The regular note sounds ok, but the power chord sounds better)

Chorus: C#m A B(Hold) A E B (Listen for chord changes)

*Note* On the chorus, I couldnt tell if it changed note so I held B and it sounded fine. Feel free to comment this.

You can contact me at
God Bless~

tej434 - 2006-03-27

In the verses I'm having a hard time hearing where they change chords...Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

strongtower22 - 2006-09-07

Ok everyone I found the correct sheet music, capo 1st frett

Dm Bb F C, sounds perfect

rapids36 - 2006-10-16

l like strongtower's the best so far but it isn't perfect so others keep trying.

boredman555 - 2006-12-23

here be my two cents...

Eb tuning

x = Palm Mute
Acoustic = Regular Chords
Electric = Power Chords, Distorted
I do not have strumming patterns on here.

Verse 1 (Acoustic):
Em C G2 D
eb-0-----0-----3-----2- (3 times) -0------------ (repeat entire verse)
Bb-0-----1-----3-----3- -1------------
Gb-0-----0-----0-----2- -0----------0-
Db-2-----2-----0-----0- -2--------4---
Ab-2-----3-----2------- -3------5-----
Eb-0-----------3------- --------------

Chorus (Electric):
E F# G D C G G A B

E F# G D C G

Verse 2 (Acoustic):
Em C G2 D
eb-0-----0-----3-----2- (3 times) -0------------ (2 times)
Bb-0-----1-----3-----3- -1------------
Gb-0-----0-----0-----2- -0----------0-
Db-2-----2-----0-----0- -2--------4---
Ab-2-----3-----2------- -3------5-----
Eb-0-----------3------- --------------

Chorus (Electric):
Refer to Chorus above.

Bridge (Electric):
E x x D x x C Bb
Gb---------7---7-7-5- (3 times) -3-
Db-2---2-2-7---7-7-5- -3-
Ab-2---2-2-5---5-5-3- -1-
Eb-0---0-0----------- ---

Chorus (Do not play first line first time, then Electric after):
Refer to Chorus above. (2 times)

End (Electric):
E F# G D E F# G D C

I am not 100% completely sure about the last part of the first line of the chorus, but that is as close as I could get. I know it is either what I have written, or it goes to D from G, or it stays on G. I know there is another electric guitar behind what I have written out, but there is so much stuff going on it is hard to hear it enough to tell what exactly is being played. I am sure about the verses, though, they were pretty simple.

Great song, great band, and God bless you all.


boredman555 - 2006-12-23

woops, my chord names and palm mute symbols got moved to wrong places... hopefully you understand what I was trying to say. :)

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