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Submitted by: HolyBlood8

Relient K
Be My Escape (Acoustic Version)
pathetic EP
Gotee/Capitol Records

----------------------------Chord Charts--------------------------
  A         D        F#m       Em        Bm

--5--     --5--     --9--     --7--     --2--
--5--     --6--     --9--     --7--     --2--
--6--     --6--     --9--     --9--     --4--
--7--     --6--     -11--     --9--     --4--
--7--     --5--     -11--     --7--     --2--
--5--     --x--     --9--     --x--     --x--



Guitar 1

e--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-
B-10-    --9-     -10-    --9-    --9-
G-11-(x4)-11-(x7) -11-(x4)-11-(x3)--9-(x3)
D-11-    -11-     -11-    -11-    -11-
A--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-
E--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-

Guitar 2


e--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-    -------------------
B-10-    --9-     -10-    --9-    --9-    -------------------
G-11-(x4)-11-(x7) -11-(x4)-11-(x3)--9-(x3)-7777777777777777--
D-11-    -11-     -11-    -11-    -11-    -7777777777777777--
A--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-    -5555555555555555--
E--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-    -------------------

Verse 1

A D F#m Em A D (x2)


F#m D A Em (x3)

Bm D Em 


A Em D Em (x3)

F#m Em D Em 

Verse 2 

A D F#m Em A D (x2)

Pre-Chorus 2

F#m D A Em (x3)

Bm D Em 

Guitar 2 solo


A Em D Em (x3)

F#m Em D Em 

e--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-
B-10-    --9-     -10-    --9-    --9-
G-11-(x2)-11-(x3) -11-(x2)-11-(x2)--9-(x2)
D-11-    -11-     -11-    -11-    -11-
A--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-
E--9-    --9-     --9-    --9-    --9-

Pre Chorus

F#m D A Em (x3)

Bm D Em 


A Em D Em (x3)

F#m Em D Em 

Then there's the piano outro so that's it 


Comments about this tab

NAME~DAVID - 2006-01-02

thx man i have an Acoustic and it sounds difernt from the others i have there cd and it a grate song thx

HolyBlood8 - 2006-01-03

there was a typo on the album it's the Apathetic EP

garyp - 2006-01-12

if you listen to the song closer, unlike the album version, i believe there is a capo used on the 2nd fret for the chords in the verses pre- and chourses
of course this doesn't change the intro because you fret all of those strings and the capo is ineffective there.
the chords w/ the capo would be a=g d=cadd9 em=dm f#m=em bm=am

HolyBlood8 - 2006-01-16

the capo one is pretty close

mattrox - 2006-01-17

this is off topic but what does the EP stand for in apathetic EP mean its in a lot of cds but i have no idea what it means thanx great tab too

raised4praise - 2006-01-21

I've been wondering what EP means too and I found it on the internet; it means Extended Play (That is it's an Extended Play to Mmhmm)

Worship kid - 2006-01-27

also LP means long play record which means that it is a full record(like 10 songs) Ep usually implies a shorter record.

vocyasir - 2006-02-08

if you want to play is on capo I think that you should try it on the 2nd fred
i guess than:
A=G D=C F#m=Em Em=Dm Bm=Am
great tab ;)

vocyasir - 2006-02-08

sorry it ws already posted :)

neonboy - 2006-02-08

wow great tab and thanks i really wanted to learn it. God bless

BrokenStrings - 2006-02-10

Actually The E minor isan E major, Em doesnt exist in the key of A

Down In Flames - 2006-02-11

broken strings is right

FCC_GUITAR - 2006-02-23

ya broken strings its deffinately and E major chord not and Em :D

ytckevin - 2006-02-26

the x79977 chord is not the minor anyway, the Em on the seventh would be x79987

RockinfotheRock - 2006-03-18

You forgot in the beginning the 2nd guitar not only plays G 7 but then it
D 7
A 5
plays D 4 after. Just listen for it.
A 4
E 2

God Bless,

doey - 2006-04-10

Dude the intro is played with a mandolin

rddc05 - 2006-06-05

I'm not a musician, just mess around with acoustic guitar, but it seems like the fingering given for F#m is actually C#m.

So, I'm not sure if I should play the fingering given or the F#m, any hints or am I totally missing something?

CRNoland90 - 2006-07-05

Does anyone know the tab for the mandolin intro?

RockinfotheRock - 2006-07-17

dude... it's not played with a mandolin... it's played with a classical guitar.

freak4thejc - 2006-07-22

actually it is played with a it is...
6 6 6 6 6
9 9 9 9 7
7 6 7 6 6
6 6 6 6 6

Kabuki - 2006-08-08

Yeah the Mandolin is cool

Hesmyescape92 - 2006-11-16

pretty good tab. rk is amazing! Saw em at purple door this summer. One minor suggestion- consider playing Dm for intro and at the cord change just lift up your index finger and put it back on accordingly.


Hesmyescape92 - 2006-11-20

Dm is


So You do play the D string

skillet-freak - 2006-11-25

Thanx for ur tab, it was more accurate than others I tried. (oh and name of the cd is Apethetic Ep

skateforchrist - 2007-01-18

u guyz are

mttjklly - 2007-02-18

Can anybody please tell me how to play the piano outro... I can play the acoustic version but i would love to have the music for the piano outro... Please respond.. Thank You and God Bless You!

Switchfoot_ - 2007-03-31

Hey Rockinfortherock, just wanted you to know, it is played with a mandolin.

RockinfotheRock - 2007-05-11

I know... that was apparent a while back. Thanks for pitching in Captain Obvious. I hope you feel important now.

rordack - 2008-04-14

Hey man. thanx 4hte tab:) i really enjoyed it. i have been lookin 4 this song 4 a while now so thanx a bunch! God bless!

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