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Submitted by: DaGeek

Stained Glass Masquerade  by Casting Crowns
Written by Mark Hall
Copyright 2005 SWECS Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing), 
Club Zoo Music

Capo 4th fret (Though it sounds okay without a capo)

First of, I'm submitting this tab because I think it sounds as bit more accurate
than the current one that's up, but that may just be me. 

Second, I'm not sure what the technical name for it is, so I'm just going to be
calling the second D that I use, D2. 
If anyone can tell me the correct name, please do.
Fingerings I used are as follows:

D: 2320XX  A: 02220X  E: 001220  D2: 0320XX  F#m: 222442
   e    E     e    E     e    E      e    E       e    E


D A E D2*


          D                       A

               E                     D2

         D                       A

               E                     F#m

          D                       A
               E                     D2
          D                       A

               E                     D2


D A E D2

D A E D2

Pre-chorus that shows up right after second verse:

D A E D2

Pretty much anything else that has no words is D A E D2, as far as I can tell. 
By the way, all chords are  relative to the capo, or if you don't use it,
they should work pretty well. This song is pretty simple chord-wise, and 
it's a REALLY great song from the new Casting Crowns album. 
It's my all time favorite song :). Hope you all enjoy this tab! 

By the way, thank you Zombie x7 for your earlier submission that got me started!

This was tabbed on an acoustic, so I can't get all of those cool electric 
effects in there ;). Once I get an electric, I'll work on that stuff for you 

Comments about this tab

EnderWinner - 2006-08-23

0320XX is a D suspended chord. Dsus or whatnot. And everything's relative to capo, right?

Connslvr - 2008-03-20 seems to be a pretty good way to figure out what chords are what. works too but there's no way to search for a chord by showing which frets are played on each string. Playing on the second fret of the D string would make that an Asus4 actually, but the way it currently is, it's a D5 chord when playing just the D, G and B strings.

ragabor17 - 2008-09-01

Hi there!
First of, THANKS a lot for putting it here, I just love this song as it is!:)
That specific chord you were talking about (0320xx) is actually D2, as you play the second note (which is E, based on D), instead of the third, that is F#. If you'd play 03220x, that'd be A4. But in some cases - such as the intro and all the instrumental parts - I'd rather play Dmaj7 (2220xx).
Just for the record: Dsus is D4 and D at the end, which is 3320xx and than 2320xx. And D5 is 5320xx, as you play the fifth note which is A, based on D.
God bless all!:)

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