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All songs owned by corresponding publishing company. If you make copies of any song on this website, be sure to report your usage to CCLI.
Submitted by: surferdude9375

Song: Cry Out To Jesus
Artist:  Third Day
CD:  Wherever You Are

Intro: C C/F Am7 G

Verse 1: 
C  C/F  Am7  G

Verse 2:
C  C/F  Am7  G
Gsus4  G

F  C  Am  G
F  C  Am  G
F  C  
Am  G  C

Chorus 2:
F  C  Am  G
F  C  Am  G  F

Am  G  C  F
Am  G  F

Chorus 2      2X

C  F          2X
Am   G    F   3X

       E A D G B e
C      x 3 2 0 1 0
C/F    1 x 3 0 1 3
Am7    x 0 2 0 1 0
G      3 2 0 0 0 3
Gsus4  3 2 0 0 3 3
F      1 3 3 2 1 1
Am     x 0 2 2 1 0

Comments about this tab

worshipgod12 - 2005-10-24

Hey man, I suggestion you should put the chords and the lyics with it \

jay-bo - 2005-10-26

It would be cool, but they aren't allowed.Great song tho..!!!

GuitarMaster87 - 2005-11-18

close......... really it is. some of the chords are a touch off. but not enough to make a huge difference in the music. good luck.

church-clown40 - 2005-12-10

yeah worshipgod12, theres a copyright thing or something that if you put the words it would be illegal or something. so this website doesnt allow you to put the chords and the words. nice tab man. its not perfect but its real close.

i_live_4_him - 2005-12-20

I'm confused. Everyone says that you can't put lyrics to the tabs in here. That's sad because sites that have Rock tabs have lyrics. Matalica raised such a fuss about Naptster having their songs for downloads but I've never heard anything about them bucking on tab sights. The sad thing is that music like that is allowed to have their lyrics printed with the tabs. But contemporary Christian music denies us lyrics about the praise of God and Jesus. I thought that was what is was all about. "Spreading the word of God". I don't see why the artists would get upset about the lyrics being posted with their tabs. If they did, Well,, What are they in it for? Not Spreading the Gospel of Christ. Just wanted to express my opinion on this. Anyone else feel this way?

jesusfreak936 - 2005-12-27


LoBo3268715 - 2006-01-05

yeah lyrics should be allowed. the whole point of learning these songs is to praise God so why is this hindering us? Money everything is about money sickens me.

CARLTONGIBSON - 2006-01-13

Hello the lyrics are on the CD cover Lets Praise God that we have this type of music as an option and leave the money matters out.Copyright protection is a part of the music buisness and Third Day makes money for their music company and they tithe to their church.A hundred years or so and their lyrics will be public domain till then well get them from the CD jacket or pick them out like chords By the way this Tab seems complicated i can sing and play this song a lot easier

Gplayer4God - 2006-01-19

Great tab.
Peace of Christ,

Kalnbach - 2006-01-30

It's not about them NOT wanting to spread the gospel of Christ. These people work very hard to do what God has called them to do, and as you probably know the music industry is extremely difficult to "make it" in, particularly this genre. Some of what these groups do to make money to provide for their families is the sale of their song books and sheet music. I doubt mettalica needs the sale of sheet music to make a living. I'm not trying to take anything away from "Third Day" but I think we should take a different perspective on this thing and look at how we can support them in their effort to do what we certainly cannot. Buy their CD and get the lyrics. Its a whole lot more fun to sit down with your guitar and figure all that stuff out anyway.

i_live_4_him - 2006-02-03

I'm sorry for the "Political debate" that I started. All I was trying to get across is that putting the lyrics with the chords just makes things eaiser. I'm not accusing anyone of "Making a proffit off of God". Besides, You ARE NOT taking anything away from the artist by putting the lyrics. If getting the lyrics wasn't supposed to be free, Then they would charge a monthly fee to listen to your radio. That's how I learn alot of the lyrics. Again. I'm sorry !!!!! Besides, I get all my lyrics from . They post all lyrics with their tabs. What was that about copyright infringment? I thought so.

i_love_njrotc - 2006-02-10

C'mon y'all, let's remember that this is all about Jesus... let's not get mean about it. "Love others as you love yourself", to quote Him.

i_live_4_him - 2006-02-11

AMEN!!!!!!! That's my point exactly. Praise him, Love him and spread his word, but keep the price tags off of it.

dmo1 - 2006-02-16

Thanks for the chords! Some Chritian musicians (I.E. Todd Agnew) post chords for their songs on their sites as well, but Third Day most definitely does not.

PICKINforJESUS - 2006-02-27

i dont mean to make waves, but i completely agree w/ ilive4him. putting lyrics on the internet will not take away from third day. whoever said that bout them living off the money they get off cd's is right; however, if God gives you talent then you dont need to worry about makin enough money. its about much more than that, God's not going to let true Christians spreading Christ starve or die. "Lean not on your own understanding", lean on God, He'll provide more than enough for you. If you chase after God then He WILL PROVIDE for YOU what you need and all of the desires of your heart,(as paraphrased from the New Testament). All any Christian artist should worry about is the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ, if they are losing money b/c so many are taking the lyrics of the internet, then they should be filled w/ joy. Its not yours nor mine nor third day's money, its all Gods and if you lose moo-lah at the expense of sum 1 taking your lyrics off the internet and possibly being touched by it or sharing it with others to be touched by it, then it shouldnt make a difference. Copyright infringements,laws,etc. will pass away but won souls and Gods glory through music will not. Open Your Eyes.
all for Him,

PICKINforJESUS - 2006-02-27

also, whoever said that we need to respect those little copyright things, this is for you. If you let little copyright establishments keep you from spreading Jesus then just how do you expect to win souls for Him. Those in other countries disobey serious laws that mean death but we worry about violating a small copyright statement, God bless those martyrs in other countries and may he open the eyes of those blinded by Satan here in America. I say this all out of love for God, you, and all others who disagree, agree, or read this input. I take no harsh tone while saying this. God bless you all.
all for Him,

PICKINforJESUS - 2006-02-27

oh, great tab man keep up the good work and may God bless your talent.
all for Him,

CARLTONGIBSON - 2006-03-04

wow i really love this cd i saw third day new years in pigeon forge they had us give up our burdens to the Lord before jamming this song
Proverbs 21:2

Pikn4God - 2006-03-21

I am new to this website, and a reborn Christian who is trying to learn to play the guitar and play some Christian music for our Savior. Where on the site does it talk about copyrights for music. By law, as long as you tell who the author is there should be a clause stated on here saying that whatever we put on here for the songs are for personal educational purposes. As long as we do not make it our own, so to say, it is legal.

Are Christian musicians honestly as arrogant as some of the other rock, rap, and other genres. We as Christians are supposed to be more humble than this towards each other.

This is my first post and I hope this does not upset people. I just want to know where it says on here that lyrics can not be put on here.


Tuckypie - 2006-03-25

Well guys i think that it doesnt really matter because you can just go to the bands website and match the lyrics to the chords its no hassle and all the sites have discography ne objections?

Basshammer2000 - 2006-04-07

If God didn't want lyrics here he didn't put them, God controls all things and it was his choice not to put them on here, Im not saying that we don't have control over anything just that God made this choice, we should respect it, God made the choice for you to look at this right now, you may just start talking about this but this isn't our choice, let the people who run the site make the choice, a choice God projects through them. EVERYTHING happens because God lets it remember that

travisholtzclaw - 2006-05-02

Dude it is a slow song just right the words down.

jguitar08 - 2006-05-02


Kazan22 - 2006-05-16

you guys do realize that the copyright is on all tabs and not just christian music. It's because some bands started complaining and you know the government, in order to stop a few people complaining they need to make a law that affects it completely. those sites that have the lyrics are technically breaking the law. most of the tabs with lyrics were already on the site and they have too many tabs to change every single tab and get rid of the lyrics. and to those who need lyrics, what I do is just play the song on my computer and play along, it's not hard to hear what chord goes where.

Nigh - 2006-05-28

Just a couple of things to add here. 1. The King James version of the bible in not under copywrite laws. If you want to spread the gospel use it, not Third Day or any other artist. 2. It's not always the artists decision. It's the labels decision. Most of these artists give up rites to their songs to their lables. While the band may be Christians, the label isn't always. 3. You do realize that some of these "Christian artists" aren't really Christians at all don't you? There only need be ONE that sees their copywrited material on this site, and the law-dogs will shut down this site. Overnight. Gone. This site is a blessing. Let us render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's and obey the laws of the land. Find your lyrics the old fasioned way...listen to the song and write them down.
God bless,

mpschmitt - 2006-06-04

Hey y'all I think I've found a slightly better sounding combination for the verse:
C --> Fmaj7 --> F (finger it like below) --> G

Fmaj7 looks like this:

And then the Chorus goes:
F --> C --> Am -->G

mpschmitt - 2006-06-04

Sorry, forgot to show how I'm playing F -->

unforeseen - 2006-06-05

Fmaj7 is incorrect, it should be C/F. the notes used are C,E and G with an F in the bass...
Fmaj7 has F, C, E, A in it, as you can see, the G has changed to an A thus the chord is not exact:)

hurleyman16 - 2006-07-27

hey man great tab i was just wonderin how the c/f fingering goes in other words which fingers go on which strings i am fingering it like this

index finger 1/middle finger 2/ ring finger 3 /pinky 4


kayatikRocker - 2006-08-23

I may be wrong on this one, and I probably am...but I play the C/F like this:


it is very simple to jump to after you play the C...just drop your ring finger (or pinkey) to the string below it and voila...and it doesn't sound TOO bassy (which you won't get out of me cuz Im' a bassist) but it flows AMAZINGLY well with the song....

and about the copyrights thing...

if you write the chords and lyrics together, and put the copyright thing in there before you submit it then there shouldn't be any problems, as long as you give no hints at all that it's your own, anyways, God Bless guys!

seth_crusader1 - 2006-09-01

Meh, this copyright thing doesn't really matter to me. I'm in I guess what you would call a Top 40 Christian rock band and we play Third Day, Kutless, Matt Redman, etc. But we never worry about copyright because it's impossible to put a barrier on praising God just because someone came up with those lyrics first. We just ignore them really.

GeorgiagurlB15 - 2006-09-02

This is really cool! I played it with the song and everything went smoothly! Great job! God bless!

forgivensinner - 2006-09-25

I don't believe that any artist really gives a rip if you use their music or lyrics to sing the praises of Jesus Christ, you can even share that knowledge as long as it's done properly. The administrators of these sites try very hard to keep these sites open for those that use it, but they are at odds with the publishing and record companies who have paid money to copyright, publish and sell this knowledge to the public in the form of sheet music. If you like coming to this site and finding songs worked up for you and for free, then the least you could do is some of the work yourself. If you think the publishing companies think that this site is so miniscule that they won't shut it down, then go to OLGA(On Line Guitar Archives, a site similar to this). It's currently shut down and in the courts AGAIN.
God bless all of you, especially those of you that have the gift to transcribe a song into something that even I can play, and are willing to share it.

threegs - 2006-11-01

Since we have turned this into a forum on copyrights, let us not forget who recieves the royalties and where the money goes. The artists are not the only ones who see the money, but, in all likelyhood, they see just a small portion of it. Take a look at the inside of a CD and you will see plenty of "behind the scenes" people . Not to mention all the cost that goes with recording and touring. Yeah, the label picks up the cost but if the revenue from sales is not what was expected, the label may drop the artist ( OK, not too likely that Third Day would be dropped, but I hope you get the picture.)Now for whats left you need to pay the songwriter. Take whats left and now you can bring that home. Got a family? Cha-ching there goes more. The point of this is that God has given this responsibility of leading the church in song to these artists as a way to provide for their family and the families of the people associated with their music. Copyrights are there to keep others from profiting from their music. If you think you need to steal (songs, sheet music etc.) for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to go forward, then you have a very low understanding of the God that we serve. Learn to play, but learn the right way and God will bless you and your playing. Sermons play for the heart of God !!!

gigemhilo99 - 2006-11-06

guys, seriously - to think that the artists have any control over this issue is insane. do you realize that churches who project words to songs are by law supposed to report the fact that they did that, so that the entity who owns the rights to that song receives a royalty? do you realize that if an " artist "covers" a song they are supposed to report that so that the one who owns the rights of that song receives a royalty? im not saying this to say its wrong, just pointing out that as christians we are called to follow the law, no matter how dumb we think it is. that is all this site is doing is following the law. and by following it, we are living the christian life and we are also supporting those who are in the ministry of christian music. that is why we dont copy a recording of music for distribution, nor the expression of that music written out on paper (aka sheet music).

oh, and by the way. christian artists arent rich. they have families to think about. they have equipment to buy. they have travel expenses. they have to save for retirement just like you and me. they pay taxes too. so if you need to see words and chords, do them a favor and pony up for the sheet music. you might just help buy a diaper or something.

thirdayfan - 2007-01-08

Honestly guys, I understand both sides of the story. But I have to say..... How hard would it have been for you to just go find the lyrics youself and match the chords to them?? How about listening to the song and for the very basic chord changes?? I think it would save a lot of time and arguing if you could maybe consider that.Just a suggestion...

eeyoreluvr911 - 2007-01-21

hey i think you need to put the lyrics and chords together too.

the_jefer - 2007-01-26

I only read the first few comments.

You know, there are hurting people out there who don't know to "Cry Out To Jesus". And proper tabs/lyrics will likely not heal their marriages, pay their rent, or help them overcome an addiction.

If you can't play it by ear, I have a one word solution for you - "accapella"

wendykn - 2007-02-14

Wow guys - this is my first time looking at this sight and am amazed at the discussion on putting lyrics and tabs together - yes I think it would be very helpful, but yes I do see that if it is the law then we need to obey it. From my perspective all I want to do is find music so I can practice and see how God is going to use it in the future - I am mostly a pianist but can play chords on the guitar and read tabs. I can also hear well enough to know when to put the chords in. Bottom line is although I like a good debate as much as the next person, I felt a bit discouraged - all I want to do is practice worship music and praise the Lord. I also was wondering if anyone knew of any other sites that are good. One thing I do know though, is that no matter how much this crazy world throws at us (and it seems it is getting crazier by the minute) we can't stop praising and loving our Lord!

Chemdawg - 2008-07-04

I'm new to the site, so forgive my ignorance, isnt this where you post about the tab?

Which I just printed out and are working on now. Get that to you soon. Thank you for taking the time to get it out there.

passinthru1 - 2011-01-23

words to the song are available at ultimate-guitartabs

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