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Submitted by: Cheese_Monkey

Song: California
Artist: Hawk Nelson
CD: Letters to the President
Written by: Hawk Nelson

Well, the other tabs of this song on the site are good, but there's one small
thing that you missed, every song Hawk Nelson plays, their guitars are tuned in
drop C#.  i know you're probably thinking it sucks that you have to re-tune
your guitar, but as long as you have a decent tuner, it wont take long, and
it makes the song much easier to play!  well, lets have at it!




C#------5----5-----4-----5-----5-----7---  repeat once

Pre chorus:

Ab--55555555-33332222-55555555-33335555 repeat once!!
   p.m----->------->------->------>----> (palm mute)

Other Pre-Chorus thingy("whooooooaaaaaaooooo")

Gb------------- just play that chord over and over until the chorus

Chorus: (not sure about the strumming)




Well, that's the song in a nutshell!  if you have any questions comments or 
concerns, feel free to email me at make any 
corrections you need to, and please leave a comment to tell me how i did!
and a rating would be very nice! (preferably a 5!)

Keep on rockin' for Christ!

Tim AKA Cheese Monkey

Comments about this tab

Southernx3bell - 2005-09-10

can u put this in chords cuz im new to guitar and i dont know how to read tabs

j3susfreak - 2005-09-20

how the CRAPLOAD do you tune to that?!!?!?!??!

TFKmaniac92 - 2005-09-28

How do u tune to the C# tuning? I was trying to learn this song, and im just a beginner so i dont know how to tune to that. So could u help me out?

Cheese_Monkey - 2005-10-02

The C# tuning is just like this: Tune the guitar into drop D, then tune all the strings a half step down. so the high E string becomes and Eb (or D#), B becomes Bb (or A#) G becomes F# (or Gb), D becomes Db (or C#) A becomes Ab (or G# and the low E tunes to a C#.

not too complicated as long as you have a decent tuner.

whatsmyageagain - 2005-11-10

I saw them Live and asked how they tuned this song and they said
Drop D, down 1/2 step
Db,Ab,Db,Gb,B,Eb,(low to high)
This is the real intro!

by the way good job on the tab :)

reflecttheson_1 - 2005-11-22

this is awesome because i love hawk nelson!!! thanks who ever put this on

reflecttheson_1 - 2005-11-22

how do you read tabs?

Cheese_Monkey - 2005-11-24

haha for the record whatsmyageagain, drop Db and Drop C# are the same, Db and C# are the same note :P either of our intro tabs are valid, they both sound the same, i just happen to think mine is easier to play, but it's a matter of preference.

for you reflecttheson_1, you read tab by looking at the numbers that are on the string. if there is a 5 on the D string then you go to the 5th fret on the D string and then pick the note. whatever the number is that's the fret number you put your finger on. h means hammer on, p means pulloff, / mean slide, but you dont have to worry bout that yet. it takes a while to get used to, but after a couple months you just read it like it's nothing at all.

akaukal - 2006-03-29

im confused why people come onto this site if they dont know how to read tabs or tune their guitars down...

missionarygirl - 2006-04-27

Know what akaukal? Its ok if people go to this site even if they donít know what their doing. If they find a song they like with stuff in it they donít know, they will want to learn it. Iíve been coming to this site when all I knew was G C D. Since then I have learned a lot of tid-bits of info from the Ďcomments/correctionsí. I think its way cool that people can ask a question and learn more, so they can play more and share the gift that God has given them! Donít you? A BIG thank you to all those who answer us beginners questions. Thanks Again!

Cheese_Monkey - 2006-06-14

missionary girl's right, we all start somewhere. don't tell me you were born reading tabs knowing how to play every single chord, cuz you weren't. you had to learn this stuff gradually, just like they're learning now.

heisouronlyhope - 2006-08-21

its not hard to tune this just keep your guitar in this tuning while playing hawk nelson and no you cant put tab into chords for riff.

Simonpo - 2006-12-04


callingallcars - 2006-12-26


callingallcars - 2006-12-26


callingallcars - 2006-12-26


callingallcars - 2006-12-26


RB+Gravity - 2007-01-07

my guitar is in drop c# from a different song im doing and i couldnt play anything else till i looked at this song. thanks!

RB+Gravity - 2007-01-08

how many times do you play each chord in the chorus...i cant get the first two or three right...

JesusmyKing - 2007-04-21

excuse me mr. callingallcars, please dont swear on this Christian site, better yet dont swear at all. The Bible tells us not to swear. Dont believe me?? Matthew 5:34-36 But I say unto you, Swear not at all; niether by heaven; for it is God's throne: Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: niether by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King. Niether shalt though swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

Cheese_Monkey - 2007-10-11

I think that verse is refering to swearing oaths, but all the same, keep the language clean.

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