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Submitted by: drewguy

Artist- Thousand Foot Krutch
Album- The Art Of Breaking
Song- Breathe You In

***This is the acoustic version of the song***


Intro: G  D  C2  Em  D

Verses: G  D  C2  Em  D

Pre-chorus: F#  G  G  D  Em  C2

Chorus: G  D  Em  C2

Bridge: A  C  G  D

**Listen to the song to figure out timings and strum pattern.
Its really easy and it totally rocks. I love this song.***

Comments about this tab

tjyork89 - 2005-08-16

thanx so much for putting this song on. this is an awesome song and i've been for someone to put this on.
i think the only messup on here is between the F# and G, and there should be a C in between them. other than that, it sounds beautiful.
to one krutch fan to another, god bless!

drewguy - 2005-08-16

ya i think you're right. thats the one part in the song that i wasnt sure on. i was playing a C at first too but i wasnt sure. so thanks

ApostlePhilip - 2005-08-17

Very nice. Though I'm not exactly sure what a C2 is... is it


drewguy - 2005-08-18

a C2 is


drewguy - 2005-08-18

not wait thats not right, sorry take that chord and move it up a fret so that your middle finger (2) is on the 3rd fret

kutlesstrongtwr - 2005-08-24

apostle philip--a c2 is just how you have it down! good job on this tab I love this song so much, really gives glory to the Lord!


punkrawker0427 - 2005-08-24

thanks man this song rocks

drumbum411 - 2005-08-27

a c2 is like this

g3n3s|s - 2005-09-05

lol, guys guys guys.. there are soooo many ways to play different chords.. so u all could be right :-) guitar repeats it's self to an extent

JesusFreak10 - 2005-09-09

ok i'm still trying to figure out all this capo stuff... lol.. if i put the capo no the 3rd fret like it says.. do i keep the same finger positions as like a regular G chord.. just using the capo as like the "nut"? or do i have to change my fingering? confusing enough? haha so like.. what i'm saying is.. if the capoes on the 3rd fret.. do i play like..
is it like that or am i totally off.. if someone could please explain.. it would be greatly apprecitated! oh and i already looked the the lesson on capo on this site.. and it made no sense.. sooo yeah haha please help!
~peace out~ and God Bless

j3susfreak - 2005-09-20

yah its basically just having the nut moved up strings... so u play the same chords...just makes it up a key or 2... so play normally...good luck!!!:P

canteendave - 2005-09-22

I'm pretty sure the "A" named in the Bridge is actually "Am". that's
e 0
B 1
G 2
D 2
A 0
E x

JustifiedbyHim - 2005-11-25

I love this song!!! I say it is like the best song in the world. I played this at my band Justified's last (and 1st) concert. Good job on the tab, but I know there are a couple of wrong chords.

Capo: 3


Bm, C2, G, D, Am, C2

And the bridge is:

Am, C2, G, D, 2x

Am, C2, C2

Anyway, there it is.

dancebreather - 2006-09-28

:) This IS an awesome song. Would another way to play the chorus be (if in a different key)
Capo 1
Bm D
Bm on? idk..I'm all new to this! lol

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