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Submitted by: jimmypfost

Thousand Foot Krutch
By: jimmypfost

I know this song has a lot of versions on here.  I had a lot of trouble figuring
out the song with them, so I decided to do my own.  It's not 100%, but very 

Drop D tuning.  Only going to tab the last 3 strings.  Oh and please play this
along with the song before you rate. :)


Verse:  :05-:27 


I know all the other tabs have 5h7, but these are the same notes and I find it 
easier to cover the strings and scratch when I play these notes. Also you can
either play this twice, or if you listen closely on the Phenomenon CD, the 2nd
time around I think it's played like this:

D--0h2--xxxx...    Listen close, it's there.

Chorus:  :27-:49
                                              |   play fast  |
A--2-2-0--0-0-0-7-7-7-7--7--2-2-0--0-0-0-7-7-7-10-10-10-10-10   x2

Note:  You can play the high chords if you like, just exchange the 2's and 0's
for 14's and 12's, respectively.

Post chorus:   :49-1:16



Verse  1:16-1:38
Chorus  1:38-2:00
Post Chorus  2:00-2:28

Bridge/Solo: 2:28-2:55


The solo I think is just doing this, but it sounds like there is more.
D-----------        Play around with it, you'll get it.
D--5p2-5p2...and so on.

Ending:  2:55-3:03

h=hammer on
p=pull off
On the x's, scratch all 5 strings.

As always listen to the CD for timing and such.
Like I said, play along with it or follow it with your eyes
while the song is playing before you rate.  I think it's pretty close.


Comments about this tab

SSj Guitarist - 2005-08-17

Well I think you got the scratching right, but maybe that's about it. The chorus has two different pitches in it, and everything else just looks nasty.

jimmypfost - 2005-08-18

How do you figure? Did you play along with this tab, and listen? Of course it's not perfect with timing. It's not going to be, sit down and play the song along with it and listen. What's so wrong about it?

jimmypfost - 2005-08-18

About the two different pitches, did you see the "Note" under the chorus?

jroo1212 - 2005-08-20

finally a good and complete tab of this song....nice job

jimmypfost - 2005-08-20

I take back the 12h14 in the verse. It has to be 5h7 on the A (5th) string. If you listen on the Phenomenon CD carefully, you'll hear natural harmonics during the scratching parts on the first go round of the verse. While scratching your pinky falls over top of the 7th fret bar to make those natural harmonic sounds. BUT, on the 2nd go round of the verse, you don't hear those harmonics, that's b/c it drops down to 0h2 that I explain right under the verse part above. Listen carefully, you'll hear it.

TFKRockHit - 2005-08-21

Dont know what that SSj guy is talking about....looks and sounds like a perfect tab to me....

SSj Guitarist - 2005-08-21

Well, the biggest thing is that the solo is wrong. it's 5p2 4p2 repeat. and on all three strings. The 12h14 in the verse doesn't sound as nice as the 5/7 powerchord, plus I find that way much more easier to scratch. the strings, and get the occasional harmonic that are in the actual song. because they're right around that area of the fret board. The chorus goes like this:



Just even try that once with the song, I guarentee you its' right, watch the music video, the guitar clearly plays the chorus at two different octaves.

And you know, you guys are real fine upstanding christains too eh? I know you gave my tab a bad rating because I gave this one a not so good rating. I can't believe you'd stoop to something like that, I was being honest, and you were going off spite. It's a great world we live in when Christians act just as petty as the sinful hell bound people who don't care in this world...I'm really disappointed with you all

Registered User - 2005-08-21

I came to this tab 'cause of it's high rating and all see, but after reading SSj Guitarist's last post, I went and checked out his tab, blew me away! This tab here is nice, but it looks kinda like a beginners tab, not a tab beginner, but a guitar beginner, no offence. 12h14 in the verse? it's like SSJ said, it's the same notes sure, but the 5/7 power chord sounds awhole lot better, and that's where Jamie K plays it. And I don't know about you, but how the guitarist in the band plays a song, that's how I like to play it.

jimmypfost - 2005-08-21

one word, wow.

Registered User - 2005-08-21

Wow what?

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