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Submitted by: chris_robin_24

"What If"
Words and Music By: Jadon Lavik, Lavikmusic ASCAP

If I had to pick a spot in the song I'm not 100% sure about... 
it's the D/B's in the Verses... However, I've been known 
to have completely missed the mark, so there could be tons 
wrong with what I've chorded here. Please leave a message 
and let me know what you think. 

You should be able to listen to the song and play strait 
through everything I've written up.. no turn arounds.. 
no "refer back to Chorus 1's.. Just top to bottom..

If you would like to email me... 

Thanks and Enjoy!

- Key "D" -

Verse 1:
G   D2/B   D

Verse 2:
G   D2/B   D

Chorus 1st:
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
G   A2   

D   Dmaj7   D7

Verse 3:
G   D2/B   D

Verse 4:
G   D2/B   D

Chorus 2nd:
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
G   A2

D2/B   D2   A2   G
D2/B   D2   A2   G
D2/B   A2   G
D2/B   A2   G   G-D/F#-A2

Chorus 3rd:
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
G   A2

Chorus 4th:
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
A2   Em7
G   A2   
G   A2
G   A2

D   Dmaj7   D7   G
D   Dmaj7   D7   G

[X-X-0-2-3-2] - D
[X-X-0-2-2-2] - Dmaj7
[X-X-0-2-1-2] - D7
[3-2-0-0-3-3] - G
[X-2-0-2-3-0] - D2/B
[X-0-2-2-0-0] - A2
[0-2-2-0-3-0] - Em7
[2-0-0-2-3-2] - D/F#

Comments about this tab

chris_robin_24 - 2005-07-08

I'm actually leaning toward a G/B on the verses ...
rather than the D/B ...
but who knows.. I give up..

doit4Jesus - 2005-07-11

It looks good, but here is what I have found out. (Please forgive me, I'm just now learning what tabs are -even though I've been playing for a few years.)
D for the intro. and then...

D, A, Bm, G, D
A, Bm, A, G, A, Bm, G, A, --D
If I figure out this cool tab stuff, I can show easier. Thanks

guitarpro_adam - 2005-07-15

i think at the A2 it should just be a full A it sounds better to me

Soul'd Out - 2005-07-18

I saw him in concert in June, and he capos this song on the 3rd fret. it looked like he was playing C# B E

jponbass - 2005-07-19

Nice job with the chart. I did find 2 corrections. The D2/G should be G#dim, and the chorus is F#m7 to Em7. See what you think.

chris_robin_24 - 2005-07-20

Hey thanks for the notes.. do you mind showing how you play a G#dim.. thanks!

papahoward - 2005-07-27

Hey, jponbass, I agree with the G#dim that follows the G. Here's my take on the notes that gives it the Jadon sound:


It's not the easiest chord to play, but it follows the G (barred) nicely and I think it sounds right. Actual notes are, starting with the first string:

dead [or D if you can play it]
e (open)

chris_robin_24 - 2005-07-28

Thanks all, great notes and suggestions, has helped me to be even more happy with how i'm playing this song!


mcornelio - 2005-08-07

The D2/B should be a Ddim chord. It appears to be a standard jazz progression of D-Dmaj7-D7-G-Ddim. What do you think?

e 1
B 0
G 1
D 0
A x
E x

jponbass - 2005-08-11

Glad you liked the chord suggestion. I've done alot of music arranging so a chord change like that diminished chord really stand out to me. The 4 notes in the dim. chord are G#, B, D, & F. The chord can be played barred or on the D-G-B-E stings...kind of like a 'D' chord, but with an added note. I hope that helps a little... Thanks

jponbass - 2005-08-11

I just thought of something...I hope it's not too confusing. After the 'G' chord ( barred 3rd fret ) go to the 4th fret and position like you're playing a 'C#7' but add your middle finger on the 'D' note ( A string 5th fret ). That will give you the barred diminished chord. I hope that made sense. JP

Colvin - 2005-08-24

i agree with mcornelio on the Ddim. i play the G like a barre chord but only from the D string down

jmaj - 2005-09-05

Any idea what the three chords are immediately before the bridge? There seem to be three chords (in an extra measure) between tne 2nd chorus and the bridge that are omitted? Do G-Em-A seem reasonable?

horst777 - 2005-09-07

Hi I just Think That the D2/B in the verses is a E7/D. Its almost the same Chord except on the G-string In first fret.


e A D G B E


shawnzvoice - 2005-10-05

This looks awesome, what an awesome song. Does anyone know the chords to "Saved By Grace". I am sort of shocked it's not here, what an awesome worshipful song. I am a budding guitarist (just now getting my callouses...I'm so proud of them too) Let me know about this song, I'd love to get the chords for it.

In Him,

El Jefe - 2005-11-16

I emailed him after a concert awhile back and he replied:
here's some of the chords..

d major 7
d 7
g# dim 7


those are most of the chords... maybe someone you know can help you out with the voicings..

good luck... thanks for the encouragement!!!!


I change the way I play it by adding after the D,DM7,D7,G,A2-A it sounded cool to me.
Jeff Colvin

narcosis - 2005-11-19

i dont know if this is right, but try this for the g#


chris_robin_24 - 2006-02-08

I also have an updated version I think is pretty close to perfect (if that's possible) on my website.


mlocker - 2006-02-19

try this voicing
capo 2nd fret

C Cmaj7 C7
d--2---2-2---2---2-2---5---5-5---5---5-5--- a--3---3-3---3---3-3---3---3-3---3---3-3---

F Cdim C

Em Am Em7 Am7 Em Am Fmaj7 Gsus

Am C G F Am C G F

Am G F Am G F

horst777 - 2006-03-18

Try this for G#dim 7 to me it sounds right.

E x
B x
G 7
D 6
A 5
E 7

awesome song gby'll

troymiller4 - 2006-12-18

Great place to learn chords and different voicings

Troy miller

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