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Submitted by: curt02k1

"Here Is Our King"
The David Crowder Band
From Passion 2005 How Great Is Our God

OK, this is going to sound complicated but here it goes...for a lot of other 
songs Crowder does, he tunes his guitar down a 1/2 step and then capoes it.
So, since Crowder capoes this song on the third fret, it should be played on
the second fret in standard tuning. Unless of course you want to go to the 
trouble of tuning it down a half step, then you would play it capo 3.

Intro (actually is the chorus but oh well)
G  G/B  C2 (2x)

G/B  C2 (throughout)

Intro to Chorus
G/B  C2 (2x)

G  G/B  C2 (4x)

Em7  D/F#  C2
Em7  D/F#  C2

That should be pretty close. Post any comments or corrections that you have. 
I realize that there are probably other ways to play the other guitars c
considering that there are three guitarists in the band. But this is the one 
that Crowder plays so please rate it based on that.

Comments about this tab

austinapalooza - 2005-07-14

Excellent work Christian

HB20 - 2005-09-06

hey can you put the words with the cords i'm havin trouble puttin them together! great job on the tab! also what's the strummin...i'm pretty new at guitar and i'm havin trouble with that too! thanks again!

issxmrxk1m - 2005-09-08

u think i can get this with the lyrics, if u want to u can send it to mai email

kingwoodtrail - 2005-10-04

this is just how my church band plays it almost chord for chord. the exception is with the capo. i play with it on the 1st fret.

curt02k1 - 2005-10-05

i just wanted to add that if you are playing along w/ the cd then you should play it capo II but if you want it to sound like the passion version then you should probably play it 3rd fret to make it sound perfect...thanks for the comments so far-christian

jsimps116 - 2005-10-16

hey everything looks pretty good, but the bridge is actually:

Em D/F# G
Am G/B C

i know this for a fact because i heard the words out of david crowder's mouth in the new song cafe at anyway, great tab

jsimps116 - 2005-10-16

oh, and prechorus is C-D

thesean19 - 2005-10-28

does anybody know what kind of guitar david crowder uses?

JohnM - 2005-10-28

Lyrics can't be posted, and don't ask for them, it's illegal. (alas)

Haugs34 - 2005-11-17

I know that in the past Crowder has played a Chet Atkins, I know that he has since upgraded to a Chet that is specialized for him and I believe it is called a Crowdster.

Han of Boe - 2005-12-14

The actual tabs are on the david crowder band website...FYI
hann of boe

jbran413 - 2006-03-01

hey, if you could, plz send the cords and lyrics to me to my eamil address. ty.


Nigh - 2006-07-09

Ok, I'm new. How do you play C2? And what is the theory of the added 2 so I know for all chords? THanks.

been4givon - 2006-07-31

Hey, the guitar crowder is using is called the "crowdster," however it is not a specialized chet atkins, it's actually very different. It's made by guitar luthier tom anderson of anderson guitars. You can read about all of the specs and how to order by going to Infact, the entire band has started using anderson guitars for live performances. For the acoustic sound they use the crowdster and the electrics are called the "atom." (which is not in relation to their collision album, even though the guitar was used for all of the primary recordings.)

guitarplayer101 - 2006-08-07

Hey, Christian. Good job of explaining the whole tuning/capo thing. I try to tell people and they don't understand. The way our band plays the bridge is
Em7 D/F# G and then the second time when he says "finally" go Am G/B C and strum until chorus. Sounds good when we play it.

what_ever - 2006-08-19

C2 is:
e 3 (or 0)
B 3
G 0
D 2
A 3
E x

As for the theory... where you would normally play 1 (C) on the B string, in a C2 chord there is a 3 (D).
I'm horrible at explaining stuff, hope you understand what I'm trying to say here.... :)

Nigh - 2006-08-23

Bekoz ov Bernar - 2007-02-03

im sorry but i just dont get how to finger G/B... please help

cwolf - 2007-02-09

For G/B you just need to mute the low G in the regular G chord. However, it will not sound very pronounced unless you are playing along with a bass. If you are playing by yourself and have a G chord right before a G/B, try muting the B in the G chord (and then, as I mentioned, mute the low G for the G/B). That seems to make it stick out a little more for me.

Angelsrule022 - 2007-10-17

here is a link to the chords and lyrics enjoy

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