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Submitted by: birgiro

Author/Artist: Third Day
Title: Take My Life
Album: Third Day
Transcribed by: Erv
(C)1995 Class Reunion Music/Little Man Big Man Music/gray dot songs, a
division of gray dot, inc. (ASCAP)

I think this song as in all Third Day songs has at least 2 guitar parts 
(probably more that I cnat pick out). I'll try my best to seperate them
but it can also be played very easily on one guitar I also want to thank 
Jeremy Bell ( getting me started and giving me 
some hints enjoy

beginning of first vs
riff 1
riff 2
gtr 1        gtr 2

riff 3 (C to Am walk down)

G         C         D        G
How many times have I turned away 
     C            G           D       D2   D   riff 1
The nubmer is the same as the sand on the shore
G         C           D        G
But every time You've taken me back 
    C              D          G riff 2
And now I pray You do it once more 

                       C riff 3
Please take from me my life 
Am                    B7
When I don't have the strength
   G       C       D
To give it away to You
       G               C
Please take from me my life 
Am                    B7
When I don't have the strength 
G          C           D
To give it away to You Jesus 

intro to 2nd verse gtr 2 is doing something else that I can't
pick out 
(help please)


(same as first verse)

How many times have I turned away
The number is the same as the stars in the sky 
But every time You've taken me back 
And now I pray You do it tomight

repeat Chorus

end with this tab


Chords used - low to high

G: 320033 gtr 2 uses this G: 320003
C: x32010
D: xx0232

Comments about this tab

mmggppmgp - 2005-07-28

this song is so tight... i dont think its quite in the money

mmggppmgp - 2005-07-28

i noe now i hav the live version so umm nvm..

mmggppmgp - 2005-07-28

i noe for sure though that the 1/3 in ur ending is not as full

as a slide from a C to a Dtriad(x54030)

blehman - 2006-02-04

I noticed that the TAB for this song and "Love Song" were listed here as being more than one guitar. I played those two tracks in '95 and it was just me. Mac did a scratch vocal part in the hallway of the studio as I played guitar. David Carr used to work in my music store and Tai Anderson took guitar lessons from me. I was happy to go and play when asked. The important thing is that they have shared the gospel message all over the world in a direct and positive way. Praise God.

Bob Lehman

jeremycampfan05 - 2006-03-31

hey bleman---that is soooo cool how David Carr and Tai Anderson used to work w/ you!!! I would LOVE to have that chance!!! by the way what was your music store called???-(just wondering)


jeremycampfan05 - 2006-03-31

sorry i spelled your name wrong and too---did you work w/ Mac Powell as well???
if so --- you rock!


anne-guitar - 2010-11-04

Thanks for sharing this!
Greetz from Holland,

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