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Submitted by: rockstar_91

"Never Alone"

The chords for this song besides the intro were wrote by Love2Fishfork 
the intro was written by me!

If you want the lyrics and the chords together e-mail

*= 2 octaves of that note

e e* f# g f#

c c* f# g f#

g g* f# g f#

d d* d/f#

Verse 1:
Em C G D/F#

Em C G D/F#

Em C G D/F#

Em C G D/F#

C Em 

C G B7

Em C

Am G B7 

Em C

Am G B7

Verse 2:
Em C G D/F#

Em C G D/F# 

Em C G D/F#

Em C G D/F#

C D Em 

C G B7




Well thats the song! UM... Like i said before if you want the lyrics and chords
together just e-mail me! or...

God Bless!

Rockout to His Voice!

Comments about this tab

rock_on79 - 2005-06-19

Where is the pre-chorus? (You told me to call/said you'd be there...)

rockstar_91 - 2005-06-19

Ha! Sorry it's the bridge!

bettsyboo 777 - 2005-07-25

can someone please explain to me how to play the piano bit in the introduction coz i dnt really get it.thanks

rockstar_91 - 2005-07-28

Okay i dont really know how to explain it but you hit the piano key E one on the low part and then one, one octave above that and then you hit E again one octave above that and in that octave play E F# E and then you continue with what i said before but you move the 2 octaves of E's down to the C and so on so your playing this

E E* E F# E
C C* E F# E
G G* E F# E
D D* D/F#

rockstar_91 - 2005-07-28

OH! ANd the * thing just means 2 octaves like i said above! GREAT IM REPEATING MYSELF but... yah!

Katze - 2005-08-07

I think that the Am is a Am2 chord. X02410 or X02500

ILoveLucy - 2005-09-16

OK this is it it goes awesome w/ the cd if you have it.
Pick these chords thill she starts singing
Em C D
Em C G D

then play softly
1 & 2 Verse:
Em C D
Em C G D
Em C D
Em C G D

1st Prechorus:

Em C G A
Em C G A

2nd verse

2nd Prechorus


2nd Prechorus ony strumming softly not struming continuously

play 1st 3 strings on Em 6x's


Play chorus lightly till end
then end on Em

brian6string - 2005-10-13

minor corrections. the "A" should be an "Am" in this key; also, note the B7 in the chorus which creates the cool dissonence there.

Intro: Em | C | G | D/F#

Em C G D/F# Piano only
Em C G D/F#
Em C G D/F#
Em C G D/F#

G Am

Em C Add strings
Am G B7
Em C
Am G Em
Whole band
(Em) | C | G | D/F# | Em | C | G | D/F#

[Pre-chorus-2] Piano & strings only
-2 measure pause-

[Chorus] Whole band



Sitaree - 2005-10-16

where do i get the words for this song?

ILoveLucy - 2005-10-26

sorry Brian no my way is correct if u play it with the cd ur intro is wrong and it's A not Am it sounds weird with Am...sorry

theophilus502 - 2005-11-21

to get the words, do a web search

rockstar_91 - 2006-01-30

Instead of answering all your guy's e-mails I'll just post the lyrics with the words hear

Em C G D/F#
I waited for you today
Em C G D/F#
But You didnít show No no no
Em C G D/F#
I needed You today
Em C G D/F#
So where did You go?
C Em
You told me to call Said Youíd be there
C G B7
And though I havenít seen You Are You still there?

Em C
I cried out with no reply
Am G B7
And I canít feel You by my side
Em C
So Iíll hold tight to what I know
Am G B7
Youíre here and Iím never alone

Em C G D/F#
And though I can not see You
Em C G D/F#
And I canít explain why
Em C G D/F#
Such a deep, deep reassurance
Em C G D/F#
Youíve placed in my life

C D Em
We cannot separate Cause Youíre part of me
C G B7
And though Youíre invisible Iíll trust the unseen


Bridge (leave out ďCauseĒ)


jcluver92 - 2006-02-03

Hey everyone...
This is such an awesome song, i love it cuz i can sound just like them when i sing it...(i am a girl) LOL!
im just a pianist and a harmony singer,
but when i play the part on the piano, it goes like this...

(hold e in one octive lower) e b e

(hold d in one octive lower) f# g f# e

(hold e in one octive lower) e b e

(hold d in one octive lower) f# g a b g e

And repeat that until the pre-chorus...
You gotta get the right beat and do it pretty quickly though...
I think it still needs some tweaking...
Walk By Faith!
Jcluver = jesus christ luver!


If anyone knows...
can someone please help me by figuring out the guitar chords and piano notes for the song:

Psalm 73(My Gods Enough)
By BarlowGirl,
Track 7- Another Journal Entry

I want to sing it for my church youth group but i need the chords...
I will be so so so greatfull if you would please help me...

Isaiah 38:20
"The LORD will save me and we will sing with stringed instruments, all the days of our lives, in the temple of the LORD"

Walk By Faith! May you be blessed by the LORD

Krarwoodwatcher - 2006-02-18

KILL THE F#!!! It should be a B, or D/B, not F#. Look at the power chords and you'll see it.

GeorgiagurlB15 - 2006-04-22

Hey! I think some1 needs 2 dew "I Need U 2 Luv Me". I luv th@ song! It would b much apprieciated!

JCforme - 2006-06-04

correction on the b7 because it should be a Bm

The_Kyrinthian - 2006-07-18

hey everyone. i have the sheet music for piano, and i know everyone has been trying to figure out exactly how to play the intro for it. so just go to my tab and look at it. its 100 percent right seeing as how i have the sheet music.

acoustikhawk - 2006-10-14

the seriously correct chords, like that were written in the lyrics to "journal entry" are actually like this.

Em C G G/F#
pre-chrous and chorus:
Em C A2 G Bm

the fingering:
Em= 022000
C= 032010
G= 320033
G/F#= 200033
A2= 002200
Bm= 024400 or bar it on the second fret and do a Am which= 002210

now i know we are supposed to tab the chords from our own skill, but i am just giving you an idea of how accurate you are. i hope i helped! please try the chords out!

blazer - 2007-01-05

this is the lead guitar after the first chorus

a----------2----3----------- x2

roseguitar5 - 2007-08-29

thanks for the lyrics with the chords! really helped. now i can play it all the way thru without skipping parts i dont know! thanks again.

insane - 2007-12-07

is this for the regular version or the radio edit(rock version)?

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