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Submitted by: nick2282

"Love Song"
Jason Morant

listen and play with the cd to help with the strumming pattern. pay attention 
to how these chords are played. i dont know the exact names of these chords, 
just basing it off the root note. 

Chords Used:

       G   D   A   B   C   
       3   3   3   3   3  
       3   3   3   3   3
       0   2   0   0   0
       0   0   2   0   2
       2       0   2   3

Verse: G, D, A, B, D

 on the verses you hold the A and B half as long as the rest of the chords.
when you play the A on the verse you only want to hit the open A note 
on the first strum

Chorus: A, G, D 

Bridge: C, B, D

Solo: G    A
      x    x
      x    x
      x    x
      12   14
      x    x
      10   12
just slide from the G to the A and move around to some other places just 
listen for it. 

Comments about this tab

nick2282 - 2005-06-05

this is a little more detail about the solo of love song. play the following octaves. G, A, G, A, B, A, G, A, G, A, B, A, F#, D it might be a F instead of F#, i dont have my guitar here to check it.

this is how you play an octave. this is for G. hopefully everyone can figure out the rest from this example of the octave.

austinapalooza - 2005-07-15

Good tab, I think that it should be capo 3

austinapalooza - 2005-07-15

On your "Chords Used" thing your tabs do not match the corrct chord. Like a G is not
3 it is 3 Im not sure if you mean to play a real G or the one you put
3 0
0 0
0 0
2 2
3 3

nick2282 - 2005-07-23

yes technically your right. its not a real G, it has a slightly different name, G something. nobody plays the G that you showed, every song you listen to that they use an open G its played like the way i showed it, it just ads a little fuller of a sound and it works better when changing with other chords like from G to C or G to Em you always hold those bottom 2 notes, it blends better.

Doulos_Theou000 - 2005-07-27

*tisk tisk tisk... you guys, you guys, you guys... listen..

If you buy his cd and stick in your computer you will find he has HIS printable chords that you can.. well.. "print" out right there! Here they are from his cd:



Pre chorus: (you walk on waves... you run w/..)

G D A Em D A

Chorus: (and this is... a love song to you..)

Em D A (repeat over and over)

Ending (My life... a love song to you.. )

Em D A

Play around w/ it. You'll get it.
Buy the C.d... PLEASE.
It'll save you ALOT of confusion! Haha. :)
God Bless, guys.


nick2282 - 2005-07-30


did you bother to play what you just posted a long with the cd??? if you did you will realize its not correct. play the way i showed a long with the cd and you will hear that its the way they play it. What jason did was probably post the chords in a different Key to all of his songs so that people would have a way to play them, but that it wouldnt be exactly the same way that he plays it.

i cant believe you actually posted such a big correction without even checking it for accuracy.

nick2282 - 2005-07-30

Doulos, i played it a long with the cd with the chords you posted but held the chords how i was showing at the begining of this and it sounds better, but i think its not played like that, listen very closely and let me know if you think so. the first chord really gives it away i think, because it doesnt sound like a D, it sounds much fuller like hes hitting all the strings like playing a G. and if you listen to the 2nd guitar as it comes in, it sounds a lot like hes playing the verse progression in G.

nick2282 - 2005-07-30

when i say it sounds better, i mean its better than playing the chords the original way like you posted.

Doulos_Theou000 - 2005-08-03

ya, my bad nick - your right - he actually printed them out right. It was ME that made the wrong key change. :Z Sorry 'bout that. It is in G. Haha.. sorry.


tstre - 2005-08-11

hey for the A you have posted which is actually an Am7, try playing this...It's a great way to play an Am7...or at least I think so...and I agree with the other the CD! support Jason

nick2282 - 2005-11-01

how does this tab have a rating of 3.5 for accuracy? im pretty sure its exact

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