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Submitted by: Cheese_Monkey

Song: the wait is over

ok guys this song is played in drop C, so tune your guitar into drop D, then 
tune every string down a whole tone.  its a pain, yes, but that's the only
way to get the low C power chord.

it starts like this, and this is the riff through the verse:


G----5-3-0-------5-3-0-------5-3-0----------------- repeat once then-(0)(0)(0)

Pre Chorus:

G--0-----5----9--7--5-----10-  then you play the chorus

That thing near the end, dunno what to call it

G-00----00----00  pretty simple huh?

well i hope you liked this tab, personally, i'm gonna forget about playing it 
drop C and play it in drop D, its a little higher, but it still sounds alright,
as long as you dont try to play it with the song! i hope this helps you,
God bless

Tim Lahn (AKA Cheese_Monkey)

Comments about this tab

church-clown40 - 2006-01-21

great tab man. the thing at the end of the song is called an outro. and one thing, u missed part of the song. after the picking part on the intro theres more to the intro. theres a strumming part. i think it goes somethin like this

c(d)-00-0---00-0---00-0---333333388-8-878(let ring)--------------
g(a)-00-0---00-0---00-0---333333388-8-878(let ring)--------------
c(E)-00-0---00-0---00-0---333333388-8-878(let ring)--------------

other than that sick tab man.

cloudstepper1 - 2006-02-14

Nice tab man. Just saw these guys this weekend. They played a small private show for the Chi Alpha and other Christian groups on Radford University campus. They ROCKED MAN! They are a class act. They have so much to offer to any audience, not to mention they exude the Holy Spirit like it's cool. I was seriously impressed. Even more impressed when they all just stuck around and hung out with us afterward. Got to hang out with Kevin and Tim, and talked to Brad for a just a couple of minutes. Didn't get to talk with the bass man much, but they all signed my picture, and Kevin took a pic with us(me and the worship band I play with). Classy guys man. That's all I gotta say. So, needless to say, I'm hooked on their music now. I'm probably driving my wife crazy. :) Oh well. You guys like the new Scott Stapp stuff? Great Divide? Later taters. cloudstepper

Cheese_Monkey - 2006-03-23

awsome clown thanks, that stuff's flawless! together, we will rule the tabbing galaxy . . lol

i haven't had the opportunity to hear them live unfortunately. actually that's a lie, i HEARD them live, but that was from the other end of the park while they were performing at six flags darien lake, but i never actually saw their show (which i regret now) oh well there will be other times!

jusPLAYINguitar - 2006-03-25

i just love this site ..ive been playin guitar for 3 years now ..ever since i was 13... and Disciple is my favorite band and really good friends of mine...
and i always wanted to play their songs and i thank those who made this website... i called Kevin Young,Tim,Joey, and Brad and asked them if it was right and it yall are really good...well thanx for lettin me get the music...god bless

Rita Mayers

matix1993 - 2006-04-01

i think for drop C and B or maybe even C# you should have thicker strings
because thiner strings would hit against the fret board and pickups and break
easier when you tighten back to standard or drop d, so you shoud have thicker strings when you tune low.

anyway, nice tab, and can someone submit the chords or tabs to backstabber, im having trouble figuring it out

crazyheadbanger - 2006-04-14

if u want the backstabber tabs just go to disciples website. but i have the link 2 their tab section here it is...
i found that out a while ago. ive been trying 2 figure out all their songs 4 a long time but now i can play them. there, they have, The Wait Is Over (but this 1 is already up), Rise Up, Worth It All, Backstabber, Stripped Away, and i think thats it im not sure but i know they have all of those songs up there. just go there and there they have some really cool songs there. once u get there though just click on the Announcement: Tabs From: Disciple
then there is where they all are at. just scroll down and u'll find them. and they are pretty acurate 2! well yeah just thought id drop bye and say that.

guitar player,

Disciple Freak - 2006-05-05

crazyheadbanger, i've been there before and have gotten some tabs and chords.
well, a little bit of that song was off, in the chorus. this is what it should


but u did a realy good job. keep puting tabs on the internet! :)

Disciple Freak - 2006-05-05

cheese monkey, i've been to one of there shows, u should go to one sometime
because it was realy cool

Disciple Freak - 2006-05-05

i've submitted some but they never went up. why aren't they putting them
on the internet?

Cheese_Monkey - 2006-06-14

sometimes it just takes them a while to get them up, if it's really been takign a long time (like months) you should ask a mod about it.

darkturd - 2006-09-04

Radical song with radical tabs!

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