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Submitted by: ryan_grooms22

Album:Strong Tower
Song:Take Me In
Tuning:Drop D

Hey guys this is my first tab, if there are any messís upís sorry, 
Iím tabbing this song because the others seem a little wrong but 
this one sound's like it 

Notation Guide:

^-strum down
v-strum up




       ^ ^ v  ^ v ^  v  and so onÖÖÖ...................................
strumming is the same throughout The verse



2nd verse the same 2x
But guitar 2 sounds like it's playing the intro
Chorus 2x
3rd  verse both guitars play intro
Chorus 4x

4th time of last chorus



Well thatís what I got I hope it helps
It sounds right to me if any mess up's please comment
please rate!!!!
God bless and keep on rockin for jesus


Comments about this tab

ryan_grooms22 - 2005-05-24

hey guys this song rocks
so i figured that i would tab it
the others sound right execpt their intros
where a little off
well god bless

ryan_grooms22 - 2005-05-25

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CRloveSkillet13 - 2005-05-26

PERFECT!Sweet tab,especially for your first!This is an example of
a 5 rating tab!!!

CRloveSkillet13 - 2005-05-26

By the way,I know how you feel about wanting comments.I did my first tab
and I am still waiting for my first comment ever!

Andy Miller - 2005-05-26

i found not one mistake in this tab. ryan_grooms, you did an awesome job with this tab. everything was right on. keep up the good work! God bless you!
-Andy Miller

jamforchrist123 - 2005-05-29

Ditt To CRloveSkillet13

jamforchrist123 - 2005-05-29

I Mean Ditto

CRloveSkillet13 - 2005-05-30

Hey jamforchrist123, what do you mean ditto?What do you
find wrong with the tab?

CRloveSkillet13 - 2005-05-30

Never mind!I mis-interpreted what ditto means!Sorry

Falcon-fever777 - 2005-06-09

Sweet tab man!
Falcon-fever777 ><>

kutless73 - 2005-09-03

Excellent job! This song rocks!!

mmggppmgp - 2005-12-06

it looks like the other one, im confused

bobbark - 2005-12-09

This totally rocks
rock on
God bless

Burrahobbit - 2006-01-03

great job! especially on the intro, it sounds really good.

iflysioux - 2006-02-03

Just to let everyone know, Guitar 2 plays the intro under the lead (which I think is an acoustic) during the verse. And plays the power chords with the acoustic during the chorus. THIS IS ONE AWESOME TAB AND AS EQUALLY AWESOME SONG ><>

hady - 2006-02-19

can any one tell me which chords are these

metropolis4 - 2006-02-20

pretty good! But you might want to check your intro tab, it's a little off. notice how it doesn't fit the chords you have written. The third chord should be an E, and the fourth chord shouldn't have the F# and C# notes in it.

SanctusReal - 2006-03-27

good tab man

skillet434 - 2006-04-12

UUMMMM kinda new at this can anyone tell me how to read and play tabs. plz and thank u.

Rockin Cruzader - 2006-04-24

Greqat tab I think the intro maybe slightly off but otherwise best tab for this song no doubt!

Rockin Cruzader - 2006-04-24


martys64 - 2006-06-24

seems to me every ones making this a complicated process. there all good tabs and chords. all i see is
verse1 n 2
Em Cmaj7
D Em

Em D
C D Em C
Em D
Am Bm Cmaj7(*2)Em ending

very basic. you could add a key change but like i said all good tabs and chords on this sight God bless and thanx for all you guys and gals do on this sight.
I played this at my bible study last night my self and a drummer and what a great song. i wish i would have had a bass and a lead. very powerful song

drumbum_nzbpt - 2006-07-19

basically the chords are:

F#m D

F#m E D E F#m D E (2X)

end chorus:
F#m E D E F#m D E
F#m E B C# D D E F#m

but if you want it to sound 100% correct, you should play it the way that this tab says. this is the same way i play it in my youth group and it sounds awesome. nice tab!

CrossbearerJDC9 - 2006-09-16

Great tab man, keep it up.
CrossbearerJDC - Pick Up Your Cross

Guitarboy3211 - 2007-01-03

hey man great tab. Ya did great.

God Bless,

pntbalnfreak - 2007-03-16

Best job tabbing i have ever seen!!!!!

Schecter_tabber - 2007-04-24

Alright With All you Great Tabbers Out there You need to put the piano part in there on the ending chorus i need it man for our schools band.....well anywho..peace bros

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