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Submitted by: Andp_p

Heya heres the song with the intro keyboard part tabbed for you guys that play
this song without a keyboard player
G-4--------4------------4--------4------------------4-------46-4--  xhowever
D---------------------------------------------------4-------------    many

Lead gat 1            Lead gat 2  

e-------------------- -2h4p2p0-0h2-------0--2h4p2p0-0h2-----2p0--
B------9------9------ ------------0---0h2--------------0---0---0-
G----11--------11---- -------------------------------------------  
D--11-------11------- -------------------------------------------  
A-------------------- -------------------------------------------
E-------------------- -------------------------------------------

This plays for the intro and then comes in at different parts of the song
The chords are

Intro and verse
C#m E B/D# B

Pre Chorus
F#m F#m A A C#m E F# F#
Theres this crazy sound, heaps of delay in the pre chorus by the lead gat
G-----  x3

A A C#m A
A A C#m A
E E F# F#
In the build up 1st part of the chorus i like to play this on the electric gat
Then come in real big on the open E chord

Back to verse play verse chords to bridge play bridge chords

A A C#m B xheaps

F#m C#m B B

Final Chorus
A A C#m A
A A C#m A
E E F# F#
End on A for the high last note on Your looooooooove

This is how i play the chords
C#m   E           B/D#  B           F#m   A    F#
e-0- e-0-    e-0- e-0- e-0-    e-0- e-0- e-0- e-2- 
B-0- B-0-    B-0- B-0- B-0-    B-0- B-0- B-0- B-2- 
G-4- G-9- or G-1- G-8- G-8- or G-4- G-2- G-2- G-3- 
D-2- D-9-    D-2- D-9- D-9-    D-4- D-4- D-2- D-4- 
A-4- A-7-    A-2- A-6- A-6-    A-2- A-4- A-0- A-4- 
E-x- E-0-    E-0- E-X- E-7-    E-X- E-2- E-X- E-2- 

I do realise that the chords arn't properly named (e.g. A2 not just A)
But for anyone starting off, this is my way of playing it and I find it 
easiest this way. I like to keep the top 2 strings quite open during the 
song when i play it on the acoustic (play chords properly on electric or 
else it can sound muddy). It's a sick song have fun playing

Comments about this tab

alexander777 - 2005-09-11

all i can say is

Iam am Jeremy - 2005-09-13

yeah good job

keep those tabs coming

pinoygitara - 2005-10-03

You're good man keep it up for the Lord!

Andp_p - 2005-10-07

cheers guys much appreciated

pjohn - 2005-10-10

gooooooood tab dude!

Anberlin_Rocks - 2006-02-17


GuitarServant - 2006-03-30

Dude all I can say is that you are amazing! The song is flawless! Later!

JcRockstar11 - 2006-04-12

hey it all looks pretty good the first little riff thing is right the second one is to hard the way you play it and doesn't really fit right so i figured out how to play it a new way it's like this


macky3905 - 2006-09-18

can i have a ass tab for this one?

Ruined14 - 2006-09-27

i agree..i can't c anything wrong

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