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Submitted by: undone89

The Spy Hunter
Songs to Burn Your Bridges By
Project 86
Can Be played in Drop Db or Drop D 

(Parts of this song are copied from Joshs' Spy Hunter Tab and submitted 
corrections of everyone else out there) 

Since the original Spy Hunter tab had so many corrections and comments I 
Decided to go ahead and submit the finalized version of the song just so it's 
easier to print off and such. I just tabbed it as sections instead of the full song.

Intro (w/ flange):

Intro part 2 (distortion):

Verse (And yes, it's only on one string):

1st bridge:

2nd bridge:


Bridge (After 2nd Chrous)

Comments about this tab

church-clown40 - 2005-06-17

This is an awesome tab. Cool song. Don't really know what he's talking about though. If someone could explain the christian connection to this song please let me know. You could post your reply here but I might not check this. It would be awesome if you could email me about it at Thanx.

sXcountry - 2005-06-24

Awesome tab, dude, really, i just heard this song, and it is so sweet, ive listened to it over and over, and then i saw this tab. Dead on!!!

3rd Bassman - 2005-07-10

well, i dont know much but you could try emailing the band. I think it has sumthin to do with satan. This is hard like "My Girlfriend" by relient K (the figuring out, not the song)

Shebz - 2005-08-08

im pretty sure this song is from a book called "We Caught You Plotting Murder"....
...not sure tho! i think i got this idea form their website or, obviously, sum other place!

adhdrox - 2005-08-14

hey, nice job tabbing this one out. The song is about Andrew's (singer) old secular band. They were plotting to kill him or something like that. i dont remember exactly what happened. but i do remember that his old bandmates were planning on killing for some reason. some friends of mine saw him speak at Power Of One (GreenBay, WI) this past fall and i guess he talked about it there. And yes, the lyrics for this song are in one of Andrews poetry books. Great song, good tab.

110%panhead - 2005-08-16

ya, and that's how the music video for the song goes(

sk8androck - 2005-08-26

hey tab looks good but i have a question. in drop D do you tune the top string to higher pitched D or do you tune it lower pitched. also what is flange? thanks

jesuslova - 2005-09-06

very very VERY close to perfect

only thing that's wrong is the bridge:

d -0-----6-----3-----8-10-
a -0-5h6-6-5h6-3-5h6-8-10-
d -0-----6-----3-----8-10-

and finish with the octave on 11 x 13 to go back to the pre-chorus
other than that gr8 job bro

lespauly08 - 2005-09-23

looking good brother :D

Project TFK - 2005-11-02

Well done, I started to try to redo a bad tabbing of this song from another site, but this is way better. Nice job.

fading_away - 2005-12-30

Is it possible that the bridge goes:


Just listening to it, the 3h5 didn't sound right. And that 10 chords is definitely there. :)

fading_away - 2005-12-30

Oops sorry didn't see other guy's post up there. Doi. Feel stupid now.

hop_goblin - 2005-12-30

not saying you're wrong, but i was wondering what makes you so sure it's only one string on the verse

krazykrutchfan4 - 2006-01-23

i think the verse is all on one string i went to tab it and got that same thing. good tab


lance.kresky - 2006-02-01

I think the intro part II goes like this:
I'm pretty sure that's how it goes. Your intro part II didn't sound right.

Kondore - 2006-05-08

ok messin with the intro part 2...hes using harmonics I do beleive...I some how just natrualy did it with the song...weird...


The 3 is harmonics. I think the second time he does it...its different..but could be wrong.

Good tab.

Kondore - 2006-05-08

I ment 5th fret...not 3rd fret...sorry...

spy_hunter - 2006-06-21

This is a great tab, I play it all the time! lol...and an amazing song...Project 86 is incredible!

Ax - 2006-06-28

those aren't true harmonics, they are false harmonics created by feedback, distortion, and effects.. but this is a great tab...

hmdet - 2006-07-09

Two things... On the intro part two, there appears to be nothing after the

I think it is the base doing the rest that is in question. He immediately runs the pick down the strings after this short part. This is what he does in concert.

On the bridge parts, you can try it like this. Keep your index finger on the upper strings after the last 5 hit to minimize noise of moving around, and lower your pinky to the bottom two 9's. Only hit the two bottom strings for this cool chord. Then slide the 9's to 10's second time through. It gives you a cool sound and are the same chords as the single notes noted on the tabs. Kind of hard to get the pinky down there, but it sounds great if you can do it. I even throw the chorus pedal on for just the two little 9 and 10 parts and it sounds great with the heavy distortion.

------------9 -----------9-10
------------9 -----------9-10
------------- ---------------
0-2-3-6-5---- 0-2-3-6-5------
0-2-3-6-5---- 0-2-3-6-5------
0-2-3-6-5---- 0-2-3-6-5------

akaukal - 2006-08-06

Intro part 2: (*=harmonic)

And I think the verse might be on 2 strings

iisshowbread - 2006-12-22

im almost certain the song is based on how judas betrayed jesus.

SporkV - 2007-09-08

That makes sense, He did plot murder (sorta)

DeathIsLife - 2008-07-14

yea GREAT tab and yea i think that you're right about the Judas Ploting Murder on Jesus good job i would have never thought of that

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