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Submitted by: Jahzgirl

Great Big Mystery - Bethany Dillon

This song goes pretty fast so you got to take it slow when learning each 
chord to get it doesn't take too long to learn this one, 
but practise makes perfect and will help you go faster! 
Play it with the cd helps best!

us = upstrum
ds = downstrum
ns = normal strum
p  = power chord
order of strings ---> EADGBE

(now for this part I'm not sure what the names of these four chords are )
intro/ (8 counts)
Verse (16 counts):

007700 ds
007600 us
007700 ds
007600 us
007700 ds
007600 us
007900 ns

007700 ds
007600 us
007700 ds
007600 us
007700 ds
007600 us
007x00 ns
(repeat 2X)

pre-chorus ( 8 counts):
Fp 133xxx
Gp 355xxx (after "yeah" go back into verse)

Chorus ( 28 counts):
Ap 577xxx (or you can play the muted strings (x) open)
CP 0355xx
GP 355xxx
FP 133xxx (repeat)

(back to verse and prechorus for 8 counts each and then chorus 28 counts)

Bridge: (inthe bridge you have to mute (x)the strings 
and p=power chord for 32 counts)
Gp ds
Ap ds
Gp ds
Ap ns

(this part is different so here's how you play it)

?p  - 033xxx ds
fp  - 133xxx ds
?p  - 033xxx ds
fp  - 133xxx ns

(repeat the bridge 4x then straight into chorus and the chorus 
a few times then end with intro/verse about 8 times and fading 
at same time if you wish) 
I'll post just the Lyrics after this.

I hope this is correct since I spent a long time writing this all out...
knowing how to play it then writing it 
out is a completely different story lol!
Anyways, anyway questions email me at 
or I'm completely open for suggestions and 
corrections, you have to be on this site. 
Blessings in the LORD, and Peace to you always;

and it says in the WORD that
you must pray for your leaders if you want peace. 
Read 1 Peter and 2 Peter...and it's cross
what a study...that's the study we're doing in church for a few weeks. 
WOW! And I've only read the 1st half of 1 peter. Blessings ;) JG

Comments about this tab

GuitarGirl4ever - 2005-12-28

it would be alot easier to read if you just put the chords ☺

benomck89 - 2006-05-05

To be brutally honest that is one of the worst tabs I have ever seen.
For starters, playing powerchords in a song that has acoustic guitar in it is totally wrong even though there is electric guitar in it too!
Secondly, there is no clear direction of where the song is going and thirdly, please fix it up!

jerrycochrane - 2006-09-03

I have to be honest and say that is a pretty terrible tab! Not only is it extremely hard to read, but it's incorrect! First, from seeing her perform this song live, I know that it is played capoed, which you mention nowhere! Mainly though, your chords that you're trying to write out are way off. You really need to look at the way you're playing it and clean it up!

kendawha - 2007-08-22

So, does anyone have a the correct chords for this? I'd really like to know how to play it. I haven't been able to find any good videos of her playing this song.

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