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Submitted by: Xaer_Ona

Title: Some will seek forgiveness, others escape
Artist: Underoath 

You've GOT to love this song! It ROCKS! Ohhh yeah.
Thanks alot to the guys who have tabbed this thing out allready,
I believe this is the most accurate tab out there, at the moment.
(oh, and a special "thank you" to Camilla, who helped me out! Thank you=)

Tuning: EADGBe ('though it'd probably be easier to play in drop-d tuning...)
Timing: 3/4 (1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3)
Listen to the song for strumming and picking patterns=)

p = pull-off
h = hammer-on
/ = slide

Guitar 1				Guitar 2
Intro					Verse1
00:00					00:09
e|-------2|				e|0---2---|
B|----5---|				B|3---3---|
G|2h4-----|				G|2---0---|
00:10	00:11	    	         	Pre-Chorus1
e|2---|	|----2---|	        	00:30	00:31
B|---5|	|-------5|	        	e|----|	|--7--7--7--2/7|
G|----|	|4p2-----|	        	B|--4-|	|-5--5--5--5---|
					G|7---|	|7--6--4-------|
Chorus1			         	D|----|	|---------7----|
e|5---5---5---0---0---2---|      	Chorus1
B|--3---3---3---3---3---3-|      	00:52
Verse2					B|33332222|
01:19	01:20				G|00002222|
e|2---|	|----2---|       		D|00000000|
B|---5|	|-------5|
G|----|	|4p2-----|	        	Verse2
					01:16    	01:19
Chorus2				        e|02----|	|0---2---|
02:02					B|--3---|	|3---3---|
e|5---5---5---0---0---2---|     	G|------|	|2---0---|
B|--3---3---3---3---3---3-|     	D|---4--|	|0---0---|
Pre-Bridge				E|-----2|
e|7x6 9x6 10x6 12x6 14x25|		Pre-Chorus2
(let the last 14 ring out)		01:40
Bridge					B|-5--5--5--5---|
02:45					G|7--6--4-------|
e|5-5-5-5-5-5-0-0-0-2-2-2-|     	D|---------7----|

Breakdown				Chorus2
02:55					02:02
e|555555555555000000222222|     	e|22220000|
Outro					G|00002222|
03:43					D|00000000|
					02:23	        02:34
					G|7-7-7-7-|	|77777777|
					D|7-7-7-7-|	|77777777|
					A|5-5-5-5-|	|55555555|
					E|5-5-5-5-|	|55555555|

					D|4      5      9      7    |
					A|4 x12  5 x12  9 x12  7 x12|
					E|2      3      7      5    |
					(end with a "442")


Comments about this tab

tennisguy224 - 2005-05-09

nice, i love the layout

God Bless

Jesus-Freak - 2005-08-10

and i hate it ;)
nice tab dude

underoathrocks - 2005-09-16

that layout rocks man great job!

guitarequalsjoy - 2005-12-01

sweet tab man. Like the layout. Makes it easier to read. Thanks man! =)

Cody Baldwin - 2006-02-05

I Think the bridge that's right before you breakdown is
same for when you breakdown it's just faster. Otherwise great tab my band/group of friends and I are going to cover it at our school talent show so thankyou for a great tab.

the question - 2006-08-20

dude. this tab is beyond going to cover it sometime...ive looked at amillion tabs...and ive never seen this layout...its SO helps i havent played it yet...but it looks like it will be ok...but i think this is better for the intro deal

i think....i cant remember off the top of my head...something like this though.

collegerocker17 - 2007-05-27

i like the layout, but it'd be better if you lined up the stuff, for instance:

Verse 1 Verse 1
Verse 1
Chorus Chorus

instead of

verse1 verse 1
chorus verse 1
blah chorus

itd be easier to read

StellarFreak - 2008-08-17

hmm...its off...really dang close but its off
I'll post my version maybe so yu can look at it

PS...The layout messes me up like crazy

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