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Submitted by: Nick=Guitarist

This is my first tab, but i figured it out so my band can play it, so it is correct:

DROP D !!!

All Chords play as power chords on top 3 Strings

Intro: B note with Phaser effect

verse 1: B B B B G-A-G-F#-G-F#  repeat


Pre Chorus: D-22-22-55-55-44

Chorus: D-999-12-12-12-777-444

Bridge: Guitar 1: D-22-22-55-55-44   (palm mute)

        Guitar 2:  E

Rest of the song is just repeating earlier progressions...any questions or comments? email me:
Thanks!  Hour Unknown Rocks!! Radio U Rocks!!

Comments about this tab

sixstringsamuri - 2005-07-02

hey bro, fly leaf for one has an awesome band name and two is the hottest rock band coming out today. nice job on the tab. God bless

sixstringsamuri - 2005-07-02

hey y'all, 6stng again. im looking for some good bands to cling to and good cds to jam to. i know swithfoot, audio a, pillar, delirious, 1000 ft krutch (you know theobvious) but im looking for some bands that need our support and that rock out loud like flyleaf. give me some advice my brothers and sisters. i love you all friends.

emeryemokid - 2005-07-04

yo check out a couple of these bands if you like fly leaf you might like some of these guys.
emery, norma jean, kids in the way, haste the day, training for utopia, demon hunter,12 stones..... theres more but you can find mor from there.
hope it helps in your search for good music.
peace easy.

ephesians5:14 - 2005-09-03

DUDE! check out everyday sunday. oh! oh! and further seems forever!! Oh oh!!! and falling up. yeah i pretty sure you'll like falling up.

Skilletfan424 - 2005-10-13

Hey dudes..
The Afters are really cool, and all of the others that have already been mentioned.. try SKILLET :-D they're TOTALLY AWESOME and I loooove the style. Kutless rocks too.. and Relient K is awesome, but they're more of a punk rock. But everything else I keep thinking of is something someone else already said. lol... so yeah

thunderdrums - 2005-11-01

two other bands very similar in sound are Gretchen and Inhabited. I am surprised no one has been posting their stuff. Both bands rock hard. Oh and another is called Eowyn, her stuff is real good too.

technometal - 2005-11-20

some other bands: Superchick (only Me Against the World, Stand Up, and Hero on their album Regeneration), Spoken, Justifide, Disciple, Andy Hunter, Stellar Kart, Tait; not all favorites but worth looking at; also try the X albums: x 2003, x 2004, etc.
Hero is an awesome song, a lot like Cassie
Also go to and search for music; punk, rap, hardcore, whatever you want, it's an awesome site
Back to Breathe Today, Flyleaf has two guitarists; you did a pretty good job but there is still a lot missing. I'll try and post some of it soon.

technometal - 2005-11-20

I noticed someone recommended Demon Hunter. Be careful; even Christian music can have a bad spirit to it. Not only is Demon Hunter's theology all twisted, but their music also has a bad spirit. The same goes for many other "Christian" bands.

ShawnTheNoob - 2005-12-01

Demon Hunter may have a low spirit to their music but they have uplifting lyrics as well..Listen to Demon Hunter - Deteriorate..Very uplifting.

Linduff7 - 2006-01-28

Or you could Try the Band "Staple" They're nice guys, Have their heads on right, and Rock loud, Or "Project 86" They're good too. Um, "Underoath", "Number One Gun" is ok too. "Haste the Day" They all have great music, and good lyrics. Also try "As I Lay Dying"

T.A.I - 2006-03-19

If your looking for a lot of good rock bands you might wanna check out it has a great webradio and it's really worth checking out.

JCrawks547 - 2006-05-05

I think the chorus is actually:

D 999-555-777-4-22
A 999-555-777-4-22
D 999-555-777-4-22

Everything else is great though! :-)

Dani_Boy - 2006-08-09


Other things in this tab needs corrections as well, but here's the chorus anyway. Keep on tabbin'!

Dani_Boy - 2006-08-09



Good job on the verse! After each B chord they play harmonics on the 9th fret of the high D string.

acoustikhawk - 2007-02-11

hey, i hope you are still checking this for good bands. or anyone who checks this, a REALLY good band now is RED. my friend denies that they are any but of rock, but they are like emotional hard rock with orchestra, and VERY good messages that won't bring your spirit down. not one of their songs is negative or makes you feel depressed or anything... well... unless you are easily depressed by any emotional and heavy music. they are really good, though. and if you wanna check on the oldies (lol) DC TALK ROCKS!!!

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