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Submitted by: Andy Miller

Name: Better Is One Day
Artist: Kutless
Album: Strong Tower
Capo on 2nd fret
*chords relative to capo

E Asus2 Bsus2

E Asus2 Bsus2
E Bsus2 

Asus2 Bsus2 4x

C#9 Bsus2 Asus2 4x


tabbed by Andy Miller

Comments about this tab

Falcon-fever777 - 2005-04-24

Dude. Good job tabbing, but sadly it is not right. Your tab sounds lower than how they are playing it. Please try and correct it. I will try too.
><>God bless,

Andy Miller - 2005-04-24

ok, i'll see what i can do

mickeysimpson - 2005-04-25

Sorry, but he is right. Use the capo on the 2nd fret and it is perfect. Does anyone have the solo between the first verse and second verse?

Falcon-fever777 - 2005-04-25

Okay mickeysimpson. If you listen really carefully you will find that it is lower. Or it could be the fact that i am wrong and it just sounds lower because i am using my accoustic and they are using an electric. I do not have an electric so i can not compare. Falcon-fever ><>

united_guitar - 2005-04-25

I personally don't hear the difference from the tab to the CD version. I think this tab was done very well!

Good Job! Now if only I could get the solo....


Falcon-fever777 - 2005-04-26

Okay. First and foremost i would like to apologize for being a menace. I did not relize until today that this tab was right. I am sorry for giving the guy who tabbed this a 3. If i could i would revise it to a 5. Today i blasted the song while playing and it was right. My guitar was out of tune before and my strum pattern was off. Sorry for the trouble i caused. Also on the bridge i need help. Can someone post the strum pattern for it on here. Tnank you!
><> Sorry,

Andy Miller - 2005-04-27

it's ok, man. i didn't even have the time to try and change it, but when everyone's like, no, it's right, i didn't know what to do. once again, it's ok.

Kutless Fan - 2005-05-25

how do you play C#9?

Andy Miller - 2005-05-25

C#9 is like this:
hope that helps!
-Andy Miller

Andy Miller - 2005-06-08

i made an error on the bridge. i think instead of C#9, it's C#m. i tried it again today, and it sounded better. God bless to everyone!
-Andy Miller

CAPfencer - 2005-06-29

hey i hate to be a noob but could you write all the chords out for me ive been playing for a while but dont know all these crazy chords if u dont have time dont worry about it
thanks peace out

Andy Miller - 2005-06-30

the only changes is that the C#9 should be a C#m. that's the only change.

chord: E-A-D-G-B-E
E 0-2-2-1-0-0
Asus2 x-0-2-2-0-0
Bsus2 x-2-4-4-2-2
C#m x-4-6-6-5-4

those are the chords for the song. hope that helps!
-Andy Miller

isaiah_six - 2005-07-13

hey guys. what do you think of that other dude's tab in drop c#. that seems like something Kutless would do (drop tunning). Your tab is nice to have in standard but I wonder what they really play. drop gives them some deeper rythm.

Andy Miller - 2005-07-17

you're probably right

praise_habit - 2005-07-25

Just a suggestion for those playing this as a live worship song: try playing the E chords as 079900 instead of 022100. I like it better.

d_777 - 2005-08-04

Aweson tab man but in case for those of u out ther if u listen to the song in the beginningright before they start singing the bass does plays a intro with the guitar and by the way im just learning and this is my first piece of chords ive actully done myself so any comments just let me know pls...the intro goes something like this F# F#-C#-B-A#-E-B C-C#...Slide from B to A# and than slide from C-C# for C-C# u can also slide from B-C-C#... pls correct if im wrong on the whole thing.but it sounds k to me and this is for the other dudes chords.

jonboytang - 2005-09-02

hey praise_habit could u check on E chord u sounds a little off

Jthreesixteen - 2005-09-08

Ok, it's been a while since I have played this song as it is tabbed for the cd, I usually play it in church and do it through straight E. However, I find it easier to with this album just using straight chords (no capo, but i'm pretty old fashioned on this lol So this if for anyone else out there who doesn't have a capo or just doesn't like to use them) The straight Chords would be F# B C# F# C# Chorus would be B C# And then the Bridge which is the tricky part because you have to get the timing right, and it sucks would be D#m C# B B C# D#m With the My Heart and Flesh it goes D#m C# B and then To you of living God It is B C# D#m. But that is the right tab. Sound great with Electric, and just as good on Accustic.

Jthreesixteen - 2005-09-08

Oh one more thing on if you want to add a little something to the song if you are playing it on Accoustic when you hit the C# chord strum it with like this

E---4 E---4
B---6 B---7
G---6 G---6
D---6 D---6
A---4 A---4
E---4 E---4 Strum it and you can figure it out.

RedSeraphim - 2005-10-26

*thumbs up* Good job man! Even little ignorant me can play this song now! Well, sans the bridge, still working on it. But yeah, even such a noob like me can play this. Awesome job!

redheadednerd - 2006-04-09

I like to play this either using a B* (don't know the technical name)instead of the Bsus. I play B* 0-2-4-4-0-0. It helps me sing it a little bit lower. But I think the Bsus sounds more like the Kutless version. God Bless.

guitarhero24/7 - 2007-01-07

The B* you mentioned is actually pretty much a Bsus anyway :)

KBGuitarist17 - 2007-05-16

Actually guys (or girls if any) this song is played in drop-B which is

I'll post the actual tab for it hopefully tommorrow. I have to go to bed right now. Adios,

KBGuitarist17 - 2007-05-16

My bad it's called drop Bb. You tune your guitar 2 steps down then you drop tune your 6th string one more step. NOW I'm going to bed. KBG17 out.

thebarrylegend - 2007-10-10

got it! you dont really need to drop it! the chords are G, C, D and E. G = E, C = A, D = B and E = C#m. try it. it sounds pretty good.

3rdCrossBand - 2008-05-14

Agreed, I play this in standard tuning. The way we play it sounds very similar with some subtle differences. We play the "Live from Portland" version of it.
In the Live version (Portland) the rhythm guitarist is playing in a drop tuning, but we keep it all standard. I will play distorted, open chords of the nut single strummed open/some palm muting, power chords on chorus (the Asus and Bsus), and of course the solo's. I use a digitech processor (STCLEAN setting for those that have one. Gotta tweak the delay and chorus a little) in line with a Behringer Ultra Metal pedal and can get almost an identical sound to his guitar.
I do have a question though, does anyone have the tab he uses the 2nd time? It's basically the intro to "We fall Down" but he plays it in another key. I have it really close but cant figure out the last couple measures.

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