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Submitted by: matt j t

Lay Down My Pride
Jeremy Camp

1st Verse:
B5 - E5 (8x)

F#5 - E5

B5 - G5 - E5 - D5
B5 - G5 - E5
B5 - G5 - E5 - D5
B5 - G5 - E5

2nd Verse:
B5 - E5 (2x)
B5 - G5 - E5 - D5 (5x)
B5 - G5 - E5

((((((((Repeat Chorus 2x))))))))

B5 - F#5 - G5 - D5 - A5
B5 - G5 - F#5 - A5 - B5 - F#5

((((((((Repeat Chorus 2x))))))))

B5 - E5 (8x)


I saw the other versions on this site
and decided to make one of my own.

One more thing, the outro gets very low 
towards the end, so you will have to blast the 
speakers to hear the whole thing.

Matthew Torres (matt j t) 

Comments about this tab

matt j t - 2005-04-11

Hey Guys, I forgot to put up a chord chart

So here it is:

B5 - x 2 4 4 x x

F#5 - 2 4 4 x x x

D5 - x 5 7 7 x x

A5 - 5 7 7 x x x

E5 - 0 2 2 x x x

G5 - 3 5 5 x x x

That's it.
I hope that clears thing up.

godsguitargrrl - 2005-06-17

Not bad. Can you send the chords w/ lyrics to me, please? I'd appreciate it greatly. You can send them to

matt j t - 2005-06-21

sure i'll send it but i'm on vacation right now.....i'll be back soon though
i won't forget....i promise :)

MTMK - 2005-06-27

Yo this tab is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shebz - 2005-07-06

either u checked out Jeremy's song book...or ur just a sensational tabber/ chord writerperson dude guy!
cuz this exacty what the book says! good job,dude!!! it's a totally awesome song too!

matt j t - 2005-07-08


matt j t - 2005-07-16

But why is this tab less than 5.0 if it's exacly like the book?!?

WhitMG06 - 2005-08-06

this looks really good! i saw that you agreed to send the chords+lyrics to someone... do you think that you may be able to send it to me, to? i would really appreciate it.
my email is,

matt j t - 2005-08-07

ok.....i'll send it.

janet_noble_01 - 2005-08-25

Good job woth the chords... looks good!!:D Can you also please send me the chords with lyrics too if you don't mind??

janet_noble_01 - 2005-08-25

Stupid me... forgot to give you my email haha:P

matt j t - 2005-08-29

well actually, I lost the file in which I had the lyrics and the chords.

So right now I'm in the middle of trying to get it back from one of the people that I sent it to.

Once I get it back, I'll send it to you.

Thanks for your patience!

matt j t - 2005-08-29

Oops!...I found the file.

I'll sent it now!

Mar-T - 2005-08-30

Hey, could you please send me the lyrics with the chords too, thanks.

matt j t - 2005-08-30

Haha!...I should've charged people for the chords with lyrics.

By now I could've made some decent $$$.

But whaterver, yeah I'll send it to you.

robinhood2535 - 2005-09-03

hi can you send me the lyrics with the chords please thanks alot

robinhood2535 - 2005-09-03

sorry forgot e-mail

matt j t - 2005-09-03

I sent it to you like 3 hours ago...hope you got it.

robinhood2535 - 2005-09-04

thanks a million you helped me so much

matt j t - 2005-09-05

No problem!!

datalcott - 2005-10-13

This is a good start, but I've got a few comments for ya. The song's in Drop D tuning. There's no way he plays the D chord in the chorus up on the fifth and seventh frets. He's got it drop D'd and he's hammering on and off from the 0-0-0 and 2-2-2 D and E power chords (listen at the end of each line of the chorus).

On the chorus, you need to Hammer onto or slide up to the B5, G5, and E5 chords. Something like this: A5//B5 F#5//G5 D5//E5. Or, A5HammerB5, F#5HammerG5, D5HammerE5.

Also, you don't have the intro and verse riff. Here is it:


Good start, though, man. Keep on Rockin for the Cross!

datalcott - 2005-10-13

Sorry that Riff came out so funky. Try this one:


matt j t - 2005-10-14

Thanks for the correction. The reason why I didn't pick that up is probably because when I tabbed this song, I was in my "I hate tuning down" mode. So it probably never occured to me to drop the D, thanks alot.

And about the riff, Awesome job! I never even tried to tab it, Thanks!

matt j t - 2005-10-14

so If you want the chords in dropped D version...her they are:

B5 - x 2 4 4 x x

F#5 - 4 4 4 x x x

D5 - 0 0 0 x x x

A5 - 7 7 7 x x x

E5 - 2 2 2 x x x

G5 - 5 5 5 x x x

skyline11 - 2005-10-18

Hey man, great job, will you please send me a copy of the words to my email Thanks

stratrockenmatt - 2006-01-16

hey man thax this is sweet ^_^rock on^_^

guitargurl728 - 2006-02-06

Hey man this is sweet! could you send me the lyrics with the chords?
my email is

matt j t - 2006-02-07

guitargurl728, i sent it about 10 min ago, thatnks for your request.

skyline11, i sent it to you too a while ago, i hope you got it.

stratrockenmatt, thanks for the comment!

i play in him - 2006-03-03

hey can you please send me the words with the chords attatched thanks you can email them to

in him forever

matt j t - 2006-03-05

Sure, i'll send it now...

FFenderboy08 - 2006-04-09

Hey, would you mind sending me the lyrics with the chords at I have tried to sing the song while playing, but I just can't get it with out being able to see it.

matt j t - 2006-04-19

yeah sure!

Darthtadar - 2006-04-22

Hey can you send me this song with chords and lyrics too?


matt j t - 2006-05-04

yeah sure i'll send it.

Sorry i didn't reply sooner, I was on a 2 week vacation.

matt j t - 2006-05-04

O, darthtater, I need your email address.

I can't send it via PM becasue it gets messed up, sorry.

candy101 - 2006-06-19

hey i ask can you send me the lyrics also Thanks

matt j t - 2006-06-21

Sure, I'll send it now.

dippydip - 2006-07-12

Your tabs are really accurate. Thanks a lot. i was hoping that you would be able to send me the lyrics with the chords. i'd greatly appreciate it. My email is Thanks.

forgivensinner - 2006-07-15

Awesome job. I, greatly, appreciate the gift that you guys have. My guitar skills aren't that good, but God gave me the ability to sing. Keep up the great work. Could you, please, send me lyrics with chords.

matt j t - 2006-09-16

sorry i havn't gotten to your requests, I haven't been on here for a few months.

But yeah sure i'll send them to you guys as soon as i can.

benjamin_9210 - 2006-10-17

hey can you email me the chords with the lyrics thanks it would be great

xtremebiker - 2006-11-20

Could you send my a copy of the lyrics and chords as well? :)
I know that you keep getting asked but.

jmurray - 2007-01-13

is there a website where you can get both the lyrics and the chords to songs at?

LivingSinner - 2007-04-05

hey, could you also send me the lyrics with the tabs?

thanks a bunch!

LivingSinner - 2007-04-05

ah, sorry, i meant chords.


matt j t - 2007-05-10

Sorry I haven't gotten to your guys' requests. I haven't been on here for a while.

If anyone else wants the lyrics and chords to this song, send me an email at:

I'll get to you guys quicker if you email me instead of commenting on here.


insane - 2008-03-24

I have the song book for this, but I can tell they play it different. I'll haft to try it in drop D.

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