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Submitted by: Runnef

This is a great song. I've been looking for it since before the Strong Tower CD 
came out. But couldn't find it anywhere. I'm so glad they put it on their CD.
Anyway this is what I think it is. This is my first tab so I could be off.

Verse- Pick these chords for the verse 
        C  G  A  F

For the Chorus just strum those same chords.

Well that's it. I hope it helps

Comments about this tab

tinberg30 - 2005-04-12


I think that the A should be a Am7

David wood - 2005-04-13

Can someone tab it

prsboy - 2005-04-15

The A should be an Am.

NewGuitarist125 - 2005-04-15

Hey ya'll, for this song, instead of a G, use a C/B... it's x22010. This song uses the same chords as Jars of Clay's "Valley Song", I noticed. It's a C C/B Am7 F/A (x03210). Really easy... I'll put up a tab for the intro/verse later.....

JasonD - 2005-05-06

the A should be Am ... not Am7 ... you gotta listen really close, but it definatly is NOT an Am7

saywht238 - 2005-05-19

this is the crapest tab i have ever seen you need to have the lyrics with the chords above the word they change on this must of been a young teen or a child who wrote this because it is very poorly done and my grandma could do better sorry but try again thanks lol

all4umalord - 2005-05-24

The above comment is why the many believe christians to be hypocritical...instead of lifting our brothers up, we smash them down and insult their works...if the tab was off, tell him how Jesus would have, if he played the guitar that is ;)

ak47 - 2005-05-30

yeah it really stinks when ppl act like their not saved by Jesus....they give us a bad name

GuitarDrumr4G - 2005-06-02

Plus, a lot of places like this forbid you to put the lyrics in the tab because of copyright laws. So he didn't exactly what he was suppose to without breaking the law. Good job!

GuitarDrumr4G - 2005-06-02

Oops...I mean't DID do exactly what he was suppose to. Sorry about that.

Runnef - 2005-06-13

Sorry the tab was so off. I hadn't played it in a while and was trying to remember the chords without my guitar. I was just trying to get something on there for the song just to get you guys started.

mike1127 - 2005-06-23

It's a scary thing to think that saywht238 may be a worship leader or in a praise team somewhere. His comments show a level of immaturity in Christ (if he is actually saved) that requires the rest of us to pray for him. I've seen some awful tabs in my day, but many serve as a foundation for discovering what's correct. So keep them coming.

IncuThrice07 - 2005-06-26

I tabbed the intro and it's up at

isaiah_six - 2005-07-13

I would love to know that little melody which is played with some sort of synthesizer (keyboard?) or perhaps guitar harmonics. It is played over the picking portion in the intro to the song and after the chorus. Does anyone know it?

KutlessBoarder - 2005-08-07

Just a little note to saywht238 and everyone else as well: it's best to not bash others if they're not as "amazing" as you. And if you think it's a little kid who tabbed it, that's ALL THE MORE reason to NOT discourage him/her from trying new worship songs cuz you could hinder further spiritual growth if you make 'em feel uncomfortable with their faith. So let's remember what sites like these are for 8-) >Peace dudes<

tranzfixt7 - 2005-11-13

Well I'm really glad to see that one little comment can turn everyone against each other. Do I disagree with saywht238..OF COURSE. But do you think Jesus would go and bash him down as well? Congrats Runnef on a great tab!

JustifiedbyHim - 2005-12-08

Let's forget above comments and move on. Great job on the tab. C, C/B, Am, F. The only thing that is missing is the bridge. Am, G, F. But you did an awesome job on the rest.

In Him,

^dying2live^ - 2006-09-03

Great Job on your first tab!

God Bless

Rockinthechurch - 2006-09-03

Even if it was a crappy tab you don't say things like that to people. God on you for making Tab, Rock 0n! :)

Rockinthechurch - 2006-09-03

oops i meant to say GOOD on you

MetalArk - 2007-01-21

The tab is good, apart from the fact that A major should be 'Am'. The Intro is pretty simple .... to get you'ol started try plucking C major. Then change the C note (on the 5th string -A) to B and then A (open). (don't pluck base string E)...this is just an elementary Intro... has 2 be perfected!

ekulboy - 2007-04-02

I agree with mike 1127.Any way I think it is Am instead of A.

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